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My Kind of NightI knew from the moment I saw him that he was ideal for my purposes. I suppose that, when you have a mind like mine, you get to know these things almost on instinct. He just looked like he could give me a good fuck in the way I needed it.I was hot that night. I hadn’t fucked for over a week and I knew it. I needed to feel cock thrusting deep inside me. More than this; I wanted something extra. After all, I could get cock any night of the week. I wanted to direct the action in a cock-fest for a night. Three would be good – I had enough homes for three but I ought to start realistically with two. Besides, three blokes might be difficult to control and I was damned sure I was going to be in control tonight!After all, what is the point of having some sweaty bloke fucking my cunt for two minutes before filling me with cum and then falling asleep on top of me? If a man was going to get into my knickers (I’m speaking metaphorically because I never wear them) them he was going to have to earn the privilege by being nice to me and putting on a complete display. I am a hard person to please and, when I know what I want, I’m pretty determined to get it.So here I was, in a cocktail bar off the Kings Road. I’d been here a couple of times before with a girlfriend and both times we’d ended up pulling. I knew that the place would be crowded with a mixture of couples and singles…..I had dressed to impress and didn’t look out of place sitting by the bar. I was wearing a short (and I mean short) black pvc miniskirt. Above the waist I wore a tight black lace top with long sleeves. This was see-through and the pink of my nipples was clearly visible through the filmy material. The top really did nothing other than emphasise my tits.I knew my apparel had the desired effect anyway, judging by the way half the blokes in the place looked round as I walked from the door to the bar. I smiled inwardly; not bad for a ‘girl’ of forty seven. I was also conscious of a slight trickle of juice coming from my crack and running down the inside of my thigh. Fuck me, I was hot!I ordered a Tom Collins at the bar and sat on the high stool to survey the scene. There were maybe fifty men in the place and I had to pick the right one.Twenty minutes later, and after another Tom Collins, I had had to tell a couple of lecherous guys to take a hike. They had sidled up to my bar stool and produced corny one liners by way of introduction. After a moment of social engagement (toujours la politesse), I had told them I wasn’t interested and to fuck off. This raised some eyebrows on the people nearby who had heard our exchange but had the desired effect. They had slunk back into the remoter reaches of the room and gave me occasional baleful glances.And then he walked in. I don’t know why I knew he was the one but as I saw him approach the bar I engaged in a deep and lustful gaze. He returned my look unblinkingly with half a smile on his face and stood next to me at the bar.”Would you like a drink?” he asked in an uncomplicated accent.Fifteen minutes later we were still talking. I’d established that his name was Nick and he was a final year law student. Whatever else he was, he was certainly bold and had established that I didn’t complain about his hand first brushing ‘accidentally’ against my thigh and then being placed on my thigh.I was aware that his hand was steadily rising higher on my leg, had in fact risen beyond the hem line of my very short skirt and was moving stealthily towards the bulls-eye. He was probably encouraged by the way I had uncrossed my legs on the stool to allow him unfettered access. His hand closed on my pussy, as we talked about nothing in particular. His face registered some surprise when he evidently appreciated I wasn’t wearing panties. He smiled, continued his explanation of how expensive it was to go through Law College in London (or whatever it was he was saying) and moved closer to me.He turned his hand round within the tight confines pendik escort of my skirt and, palm upwards he started to caress my naked, shaved pussy. First cupping it with all his fingers and rubbing lightly around the outside and then very delicately probing with one finger around and within my cunt lips. I knew I was already sopping wet and he proceeded to stick one, then two, fingers up inside me.The fact that we were surrounded by people made no difference. It was evident that a few of the people in our immediate vicinity were aware of our activities and were either pointedly ignoring Nick’s wandering hand or were blatantly watching.I quite enjoy a bit of exhibitionism – I wouldn’t dress like I do if I didn’t want people to look at me – but I had other plans for Nick.”Shall we go somewhere else?” I murmured to him, conscious that my orgasm hadn’t been that far away.”Fine, yeah!” he responded, pulling his fingers out and ostentatiously licking them clean in view of the audience.As we walked out of the doors I was conscious of a number of eyes boring into my back. It’s always good to leave in style.*****En route to my place, I had to fight to keep Nick from fucking me there and then in the cab. His hands were all over me so I had to get stern with him and insist we called a truce. I reassured him that he’d get all he wanted when we got to my flat.I explained that there would be another man at the flat, that I wasn’t in a relationship with him, but that we shared some fun together. This was the acid test for Nick. He would either bale out now or my night of enjoyment would be secure. You can only guess at my relief when Nick laughed and said “So you are after a threesome are you? That’s fine by me, the more the merrier!”He explained that he had already participated in similar activities and told of one particular scene that culminated in Nick coming inside a girl and having his cock licked clean by a gay friend who was simply interested to know what the combination of spunk and cunt juice tasted like.Five minutes later we were unlocking my flat and I called to Andrew to come through. Andrew is forty one, tall muscular and bisexual. I use him to house sit whilst I am away on business and occasionally as a plaything. He is naturally submissive and we have spent many hours indulging in dirty play.This tends to culminate in Andrew trussed up in some form of mild bondage licking out my sopping pussy. Only after he has finished pleasuring me (and this can take some time) and he has been excused and untied is he allowed to wank himself to oblivion while I watch.Anyway, I introduced Andrew to Nick. They seemed to hit it off right away and the three of us talked easily for a few minutes. I was conscious that Andrew was casting furtive (and some not so furtive) glances in the direction of Nick’s crotch; at least I knew that one of my boys was up for some same-sex fun.I needn’t have worried about Nick though. He may not have been looking too hard but he was gradually decreasing the distance between the two of them on the couch and increasing the time his hand rested on Andrew’s thigh for emphasis while making some point or other.None of us, I am sure, was in any doubt about the reason we were all sitting there, apparently so calmly and relaxed. There was an almost palpable feeling of sexual tension in the atmosphere. Unsurprisingly, the topic of conversation had turned to sexual experiences and preferences. We considered the relative merits of bondage, fellatio, anal sex and rimming and our experiences in practising these activities. We were all getting hot by now; the two boys made no attempt to hide the bulge evident in their trousers and I could feel that my cunt was really wet and dripping.Time, I thought, to catalyse the action.”Tell me Nick”, I smiled at him, “what would you give to suck and lick this?”I lifted my ass from the seat, pulled my skirt up and used both hands to frame my gleaming wet kartal escort cunt. I used both index fingers to pull the lips apart and moved closer to where he was sitting.”Do you like it?”, I teased.”You bet!”, he replied, licking his lips in anticipation.”First you have to earn it though. I need to watch you and Andrew getting hot together to allow you access to it. I’m sorry but these are my rules and we play by them”.”No problem!” he replied “I think Andrew and I could give you a show to make you beg to have as stiff cock inside you”.Saying this he reached across to Andrew’s lap, rubbed the bulge in his trousers and then proceeded to unzip his flies. He moved in front of Andrew, dropped to his knees and continued to unfasten his trousers.Andrew gave me a look which indicated that he couldn’t believe his luck and shifted his weight to allow Nick to continue. In ten seconds the trousers were flung on the floor and Nick was rubbing Andrew’s cock through the black material of his briefs. His cock was so stiff that the sheer material did little to contain it and the outline of his glans was clearly visible.I watched enraptured as Nick pulled the cock clear of its constraint and it bobbed free. Andrew’s cock is completely shaved, is uncircumcised and is only about five inches long. Nick pulled at it for a few seconds, encouraged by a tiny bead of precum that burst from its head. He loosed his balls from their hiding place within the material too and stroked them lightly too. He was fascinated by the smooth texture of Andrew’s shaven balls and cock and moved his hands all over them.Nick looked up at me, as if for encouragement, and then his head descended towards Andrew’s swollen knob. He started gently, dabbing his tongue on the drop of liquid on the tip, tasting that special salty treat. His head ran the length of his stiff prick, kissing and nibbling as he went, seemingly loving the feel of my friend’s hairless rod. He licked round his balls for a while, lapping at them like a cat, coating them in saliva before opening his mouth to pull one and then both of them inside.He made a humming noise in the back of his throat, vibrating the balls that were stuffed into his mouth. This certainly seemed to appeal to Andrew who lay legs wide apart on the sofa, lost in a world of sensuous pleasure. Every so often he would open his eyes and look down as if to remind himself that he was getting his cock sucked by a handsome twenty year old he hadn’t met until an hour ago.The balls were withdrawn from Nick’s mouth as he placed his lips round the solid shaft, pumping his head up and down desperately trying to force Andrew’s semen out. He was able to take nearly all of Andrew’s length in his mouth and looked up at me while his head danced over Andrew’s crotch. With his mouth stuffed full of cock I couldn’t be sure, but I’m sure he was grinning at me, enjoying putting on his sexy show.He pulled his mouth off Andrew’s prick but returned to suck at it like a lollipop, sensing he was close to getting his desired result. His hand returned to the base and urgently pulled at it too, its touch softened and lubricated by the coating of saliva.After half a minute of intense wanking and sucking round Andrew’s cock head, he finally submitted to his desires. A cry started to well up at the base of his throat and his cock started to jerk. His hips thrust up and down, joining his cock in a demented dance. As he felt the first spurt, Nick removed his mouth, continuing to pump hard with his hand. I’m sure this was purely for my benefit and I’m not complaining since it gave me the opportunity to watch the little eruptions of cum that shot from Andrew’s pulsating rod onto Nick’s face. Three or four gobs of spunk shot out over his nose, cheeks and in to the fringe of his dark hair.Andrew’s hips continued pumping and Nick’s hand continued its frenzied milking until they subsided. Nick withdrew his hand, examining it before maltepe escort licking a few traces of cum from his fingers. Again I detected the showman in him, as he exaggeratedly sucked each finger clean in turn, his head held up as if savouring a glass of fine wine.”That’s the first time I’ve tasted spunk!” he suddenly declared, “and I think I’ve got a taste for it.”Saying this, his head descended to Andrew’s prostrate body and he licked his now flaccid cock clean of the dribbles of sperm that were oozing from it. Andrew moaned softly and opened his eyes slightly, lost in a post-orgasmic oblivion.Time for me to act. Whilst watching the show I had been sitting with one finger slowly playing with my clit. I stopped, stood up and went to a drawer in a sideboard. I pulled out my strap-on dildo. This is a leather harness with chromed rivets securing a six inch long flesh coloured phallus, realistic down to the throbbing veins and purple head. In fact it is so realistic that sometimes I just like to suck it after I’ve been wanking using it, imagining it is a real cock.When Nick saw me strapping it on he looked game for it but I had to disappoint him. “Sorry Nick, but this is going up Andrew’s arse but don’t worry, I have plans for you.”When the harness was secure I told Andrew to get in position and he meekly complied. On his hands and knees, with his shaven arse thrusting into the air, he was definitely inviting attention.”You can watch for five minutes, Nick, then make use of either of my holes please.” I looked at him sweetly, as if butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth.Then I took some KY jelly from the same drawer and squeezed a good few dollops over the plastic cock. This was followed by a liberal squirt around and onto Andrew’s arsehole. The jelly was evidently cold because he inadvertently twitched when I applied it. For this insolence I rewarded him with a hard slap on his arse cheek which left a large red mark. This only served to make his previously soft cock twitch slightly with renewed interest so I slapped his other cheek harder.Once he had settled down, I placed a couple of cushions on the floor between his lower legs and knelt down on them – after all there’s no reason why I should be uncomfortable!I slowly moved closer to his arse and pressed the purple plastic head on his shining, puckered hole. It took only minimal pressure to force the head in an inch against the resistance of his sphincter. I had trained him well and he was used to relaxing in these circumstances.Nick was entranced. He stood watching and bent lower to watch the plastic cock move in deeper, shedding its layer of lubricant as it slid in about four inches. I looked across at him and thought his cock was fit to burst. I could see it twitch with every pump of his heart. “You’ll have to wait big boy,” I thought as I concentrated on thrusting more vigorously into Andrew, “I’ve got to give this arse a good seeing to first.”For three of four minutes I pounded into Andrew. As hard as I could go. Not able to see the dildo fucking his hole, but aware, from the slurping noises and his gasps of pleasure/pain, that he was really getting a good ass-fuck. I was sweating by now and out of breath I had to slow down.Nick took this as his signal and kneeling behind me he pulled open the leather harness to reveal my gaping cunt and arse hole. Spoilt for choice he opted, like any gentleman, for my cunt and kneeling behind me pushed deep inside me with one concerted effort. I gasped at the realisation that I had fulfilled one of my fantasies. To fuck a man’s ass at the same time as another man is deep inside my pussy. It doesn’t get any better than that!We moved together, rather clumsily, but effectively considering the height difference and the need to coordinate thrusts to avoid pulling clear of our respective holes. After only a couple of minutes I could feel Nick’s thrusting lose control and he came, filling my cunt with his cum. This was enough to take me over the edge and I climaxed loudly, pushing one last time into Andrew’s ass before we all tumbled to the floor and lay still panting.Andrew was the first to stir, not having exerted himself over the past few minutes. He got up, felt his asshole and winced then said “who fancies another drink before we reconvene!”

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