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My New GirlFriend PT5We were laying in bed one night and my GirlFriend told me it had been a while since she had seen me suck a cock. I didn’t say much. We had gone to a glory hole a few weeks back and found out they wouldn’t let women in the back so we had not gone in. She was frustrated and looking for another solution.”I want you to put an ad on craigslist.” She commanded. “Similar to the ones in the past. Tell them I want to watch you suck lots of cocks. And this time, I want you to respond to anyone who answers and forward every response to me.”I gulped. “What if lots of guys answer?””Then you will be sucking lots of cock.” she said, grinning. “What are you?””I’m your cocksucking bitch.””That’s right, and cocksucking bitches, suck cock. Lots of cock. What is our goal for the year cocksucker?””100 cocks.””That’s right, and how many cocks have you sucked for me so far?””30.””There you go, 70 more to go. This will give you a chance to catch up.””What if I can’t take them all?” “What if I gag and puke, and can’t do all of them?””Oh, don’t worry. I’ll make sure you take all of them. I hope you do gag and puke, it will make it so much more fun.” She said laughing.I felt a tingle of fear in my belly as she reached down and grabbed my cock, stroking me. I was hard as a rock and she rolled over on top of me and started riding my cock. She looked me in the eye and said, “Now cum for me cocksucker.”I gasped, as I filled her hot pussy with cum.”Hmm, Now make me cum.” She demanded, as she pulled off my cock and crawled up to my face. I found myself staring at her cum filled pussy as she lowered herself onto my face.I licked her, tasting the thick mix of our juices and the slightly salty taste I was getting to know so well. She squirmed and started fucking my face hard. I did my best to breath and keep my tongue out as she rode my face. She worked her clit on the bridge of my nose fucking my whole face, her pubic hair scr****g my cheeks. She growled as she reached her orgasm and I felt a flood of her juices over my face and down my throat as I tried to swallow fast enough to keep up.She crawled off and looked down at my cum covered face, laughing. “OMG, that was great. Good job cumsucker. I love to see you covered in cum.”I put the ad in the next day on Craigslist. It read as follows.Title:(casual encounters) GirlFriend Wants To Watch Me Suck – mw4mMy GirlFriend loves to watch me suck cock. She makes me suck them to completion and swallow. The more they degrade me, the more she loves it. We will be at a St. Petersburg hotel on Tuesday. Early in the day is best. I am a clean, disease free, man in good physical condition. My GirlFriend is petite and sexy. There will be no sex with her, only me. Satisfaction guaranteed.I forwarded a copy of the ad to my GirlFriend and got a quick reply. “Good job cocksucker. Are you nervous?””I’m shitting bricks.” I replied”Good, you should be. Now remember, answer every response and send them all to me.”I posted the ad and anxiously awaited responses. How many would there be? I felt completely out of control. I imagined myself surrounded by cocks having to service them. I imagined myself covered in cum and wanting the whole process to end, but not being able too. It was exciting and scary at the same time.I had to work that day so I tried to take my mind off the posting but it was difficult. I checked my email in a few hours and I had already gotten a response shown below.Hello,I have to say your Craigslist ad sounds very exciting indeed! I live near downtown St. Pete and will have most of this Tuesday off from work. My stats are 44, 6-2 175 and nicely endowed. I am very safe, clean, masculine, and respectful. I play no games and ask for none in return. Would love to hear from the two of you, let’s have some adult fun this Tuesday!Thanks!RobertI responded immediately as requested and forwarded a copy to my GirlFriend.By the end of the day, I had gotten 5 responses and was starting to get worried. How many cocks would I have to suck? I told my GirlFriend I was concerned.The following is an excerpt from our text conversationme: I got tons of responses from ad in Craigslist I can’t believe how fast that worksHer: I’m telling you cl to get laidme: I see that. Not sure how you want me to respond to them regarding timing. I know you wanted to do early in the day but might have an issue with early check in at hotelHer: Let’s say around noonme: I think noon works. How many do you want me to set up? I have 9 responses so farHer: Tell them you will email room number. Schedule for all 9 at the same time. Some may have to wait in line is all. We will see. I know your hard lol Schedule allme: omg, ok Her: I think only half will showme: That is probably rightHer: Or we can have all at onceme: I’m going to end up covered in cum.Her: Are you nervousme: yes, I’m nervous as hellHer: Goodme: just seeing all the cocks and knowing I have to suck them, much less a lot at once.Her: I’m going to show you the power of a new GirlFriendme: I hope I please you Her: We will see tomorrow. BTW, I want to fuck your assme: omg. while I’m sucking?Her: Maybe but b4 as wellme: yes . Of course, my body is yours to use as you want and when you wantI just got a 10th response. It could be crazy.Her: I love it I’m very excitedme: Already responded to them and got lots of responses back already.It’s going to be a busy day. My jaw will be sore and I will be gagging and covered in cumHer: Mmmmm I’m wet. Thinking about itme: I’m glad it pleases you. My total for you might get up over 40Her: What is our number that we are going for?me: 100 – That’s a lot of cockHer: Yepme: I guess I’m going to need at least 10 to stay on trackHer: You’re a Cocksuckerme: Your cocksucker and only yours at your commandHer: Yes my cocksucker for my pleasure. I’m feeling a lot betterme: Good, Seems like you always feel better when I am nervous and scared lolHer: Of course, It’s the way to please your GirlFriendme: I see that, lolHer: Good, No complaintsme: No complaints , I don’t think complaints would be well received either lolHer: Try it,And you’ll find outme: I know better, gulpHer: Your listeningme: trying tooHer: I’m proud of you slaveme: I’m glad baby. These guys keep coming on line. The count is up to 21 total so far. I’m going to quit looking nowHer: Omg, Lol, Rofl. Keep it going cocksucker. I didn’t tell you that you could OMG, You are going to have a true cum slut on Tuesday. I won’t be able to eat the rest of the dayHer: Oh yes you will. Maybe we will bottle some cum to rub on you once we get home. Or make you drink. Are you scared?me: Yes, I’m scared.Her: Yes , Is the correct responseme: Yes Her: Good job cocksuckerme: Thank You . You know what it does to me, when you call me names like that. I am scared shitless about Tuesday. I hope I can take them allHer: You won’t have a choice cum fagme: omg So if I am wiped out, and they keep coming? If I puke from all the cum? or from having a cock shoved down my throat I am going to have to continue?Her: Yes of course. Until I say enoughme: We will need to bring a bowl in case I get sickHer: Yes, or a trash canme: omg The lack of control is both scary and exciting but then you know that. Does it turn you on to know I’m scared?Her: Oh yes I love knowing you are scared and you are going to be defenselessme: This will be the nastiest thing I have ever done if only half the people show up.Her: We’re just getting warmed up cocksuckerIn the end, I got 27 total responses. I had said yes to each one and told them we would send a hotel room number when we got checked in.That morning, my GirlFriend was in a wonderful mood while I was nervous and anxious. She made me lick her to 3-4 orgasms as she mused about me sucking cock for her. Afterwards, we swung by the hotel to check in and then went out for breakfast. As we checked in, my knees and hands were shaking. She was calm at breakfast, while I was a nervous wreck. My GirlFriend decided we would only do it for 3 hours so I at least knew there was a time limit to my humiliation and pain.We went back home after breakfast for her to get ready and she had me start messaging our hotel room out to participants. I sat down at the couch with my stomach in knots as I sent out email after email with the hotel room number and the time frame. I knew I was committing myself at that point. It was actually going to happen. I was so nervous and anxious.The responses started coming in immediately. Within a few minutes, I had 9 confirmed cocks to suck. My previous record at a glory hole was 4 cocks in a row. 9 was unbelievable. What if they all showed up at once?My GirlFriend came out of the backroom with her makeup on and her tote bag over her hand. She had on a simple flannel shirt open low to show off her cleavage and long shorts that went down just below her knees. She looked casual and sexy at the same time. She was staying casual to keep things under control and had no plans to get undressed. She was taking along a sheer black blouse, some long black leggings, and short boots I had seen her in before in case she wanted to change. As usual, she looked ravishing. I thought about her watching me degrade myself, and a thrill of excitement washed through me. She smiled and I knew I was committed as we headed out toward the hotel.We got to the hotel and went up to the room. We walked in the door and she handed me a piece of plastic out of her bag. “Put this down on the ground.” She said. “We don’t want cum all over the hotel room. Plus, I don’t want any of it to go to waste.” She said with a smile. I shuddered at the implications as I spread the plastic out on the floor.I just got the plastic spread out when I heard a knock on the door. She looked anadolu yakası escort at me and smiled. “Looks like you’ve got your first cock of the day. They sure are anxious. Are you ready for this cocksucker?””As ready as I’ll ever be” I replied nervously.She went over to answer the door and opened it up. Jim was standing there and it shocked her for a second. We had played with Jim before. He had a very large cock and she liked fucking him in front of me. He had responded to my ad and I hadn’t told her. She welcomed him in and hugged him in front of me. He was greeting me as someone else knocked on the door.She walked over to the door and opened it up. The guy outside, said, “I’m Tony, I answered an ad. “”Come on in Tony.” “You’ve come to the right place.”As Tony walked inside, she looked over at me. “What are you waiting for cocksucker? Strip and get on your knees. You’ve got some cocks to satisfy.”Tony started laughing as I stripped down and got down on my knees. “Wow, how many is he sucking today?””I don’t know. He invited 27. He loves to suck cock. Don’t you cocksucker?” She responded with a smile and a little hint of a sneer.I got down on my knees on the plastic, naked and feeling vulnerable as Tony got undressed. He had a large, dark collared cock. He walked over and shoved his cock in my face. I could smell the faint male musk that always turned my stomach before I sucked cock. I was getting pretty familiar with that smell. I took his cock into my mouth and started sucking. I tasted the slight saltiness of his sweat as his cock filled my mouth.”Make sure you satisfy him slut.” I heard her command. “Give him a real slutty blowjob.”I started working his cock as slutty as I could for her amusement. Jim appeared beside me naked and I had another cock beside me. Jim had a very large cock, both long and thick.I heard my GirlFriend in the background. “Work both of them for me baby. Go back and forth between them.”I pulled off from Tony and faced Jim’s cock. He shoved it deep into my mouth and I gagged as I tried to take it. “That’s it, fuck his face like a pussy.” I heard my GirlFriend say. Jim grabbed my head and started shoving his cock in and out of my mouth. I used my hands on his cock to keep him from going too deep and tried to accommodate his thrusts.”Put your hands behind your back slut.” my GirlFriend commanded. “I want him to fuck your throat.” I did as she asked and Jim thrust deep again. I choked and gagged, almost retching as my spit spilled out of my mouth all over the plastic. I heard my GirlFriend laughing. “That’s it. I love it when he gags and chokes.” I couldn’t believe she was being so rough with me so early.She got down beside us and looked me in the eye while I sucked Jim’s cock. Her eyes grew distant and foggy as she grabbed the back of my head with one hand and Jim’s ass with the other. “I said go deep slut.” She said as she pulled my head down hard onto his cock and held it there. “Now that’s more like it.” She said as my gag reflex took over and my stomach heaved. She held me there for a long minute and then released. I pulled off, gagging and choking.I heard another knock on the door. “Oh, it looks like you have another customer faggot. Don’t stop sucking, I’ll get the door.” She laughed. I heard the door open and her greeting another guy. “Come on in and join the party. “I heard the new guy introduce himself as Mike while Jim was thrusting in and out of my mouth with my hands still behind my head. He was a little more careful not to go as deep so I was keeping up. The next thing I knew, there was a 3rd cock lined up in front of me.”Make our new guest feel welcome cocksucker.” My GirlFriend commanded and I shifted my attention to the new cock in front of me. Mike was a bit smaller than the other two and still soft so I could accommodate his whole cock in my mouth. I worked him back and forth to trying to get him hard.”I want you to use your hands and mouth and go back and forth between them all.” I heard her say.I did as she asked, moving back and forth between the cocks trying to keep each of them hard. My world was full of cock, but I saw my GirlFriend smiling as she watched between two of the guys. She had the camera out and was taking pictures. “Oh God yes.” She said. “I love this. Satisfy them slut.”I kept going back and forth between them. My neck and jaw were getting sore from the constant bobbing. I was desperate to get them off to put an end to the process but she made me keep moving between them, not giving me enough time to get any of them off. They were all shoving in and out of my mouth. My eyes were watering and drool was dripping down on the plastic as I went from cock to cock. I heard the constant click of the camera.”Make him suck your balls.” I heard her say. “He loves that.” She knew how much I hated sucking balls. They are always nasty, hairy, and sweaty. I find it more demeaning than sucking cock. Plus I knew it would prolong the process and I had so many more cocks to suck.Tony lifted his cock up and offered his balls to me. I looked over at my GirlFriend.She smiled, knowing I didn’t want to do this. “Better start licking bitch.” She said, with her eyebrow arched. I knew better than to argue, so I bent to my task. Tony groaned as I licked his sweaty balls, obviously enjoying himself.”Get your head up in there bitch. Lick him between his leg and balls.” She certainly knew the nastiest things to have me do. I did as I was told tasting the nasty sweat. “That’s a good little cocksucking bitch. Give his balls a tongue bath.”I was so humiliated, particularly doing it in front of the other men. They were all starting to get into it and laughing together.”Now suck his balls slut.” She commanded. I opened my mouth and took his ball completely in my mouth and started sucking.”Does that feel good?” She asked Tony.”Oh yes.” Tony groaned. “I like that.””He’s a good ball sucker isn’t he?” She said laughing.”Oh yes, he is a good ball sucker.” Tony grunted.”Now suck the other one.” she commanded. I switched balls and started sucking the other one.”Suck it hard bitch. Get your face up in there and do it right.” She said again. I did as she asked and heard the other guys laughing.”Ok, that’s good, now back to his cock.” I slid his cock back in my mouth and bobbed up and down.”Get it all the way in, down your throat.” I pushed my head as far down as it would go and tried to control my gag. “Go deeper cocksucker.” She commanded. I pushed deeper and almost retched. I pulled out and spit all over the plastic which was already starting to get nasty and slimy.”You need to pay more attention to your other friends, cocksucker.” She told me. I obeyed going back and forth between them. She walked around behind me and got down on the ground grabbing my cock as I sucked. She started moaning and jerking my cock with one hand while she held my head with her other hand and pushed it down on the cock in front of me.I felt myself getting hard and my GirlFriend started laughing. “Check it out guys, The faggot is getting hard with a cock in his mouth. I told you he liked it, she said laughing.”Then she pulled my arms back behind my head and held them there. “Now fuck his mouth for me. Fuck it like a pussy.” One at a time, they shoved their cocks deep in my mouth. I choked and sputtered, but she kept pulling my hair back and pushing me back down on the next cock.”Please feel free to come in his mouth boys. He loves to swallow cum. Don’t you slut?” I moaned with the cock in my mouth. She repeated it loudly “I said, you love to swallow cum, don’t you slut?”I pulled my mouth off his cock. “Yes ” I replied as the rest of the guys snickered.”Beg them slut. Beg them for their cum.””Please give me your cum.” I begged, totally humiliated.”You heard him guys.” She said laughing. “He’s such a cum slut. Cum all over him for me. Cover him with cum. Slut, satisfy all of them. Make sure you have a hand on any cock you’re not sucking and make them cum for me.””Do any of you guys need any lube?” She asked them. Mike asked for some and lubed up his cock while I sucked on Tony.Soon, I was sucking on Jim and jacking off Tony and Mike at the same time. I felt Mike’s cock getting long and hard and he gasped suddenly. “I’m going to cum.””Better catch it slut.” my GirlFriend called out and I shifted to sucking his cock. He quickly shot a huge load in my mouth. I pulled back, gagged and sputtered and it started to leak out of my mouth.”Don’t you dare spit it out. Swallow it all cum slut.” She commanded. I held his cum in my mouth on my knees trying not to wretch. Mike must not have cum for a while. His cum was thick and even a little chunky. I forced it down my throat and gasped for air.”Ooh, he didn’t like the taste of that.” Mike said laughing.”What’s the matter cum slut? That was just the first one. Just think how many more loads you’re going to swallow today. You’re belly is going to be full of cum.” she said laughing.I looked over at her and she smiled. “Well, get back to work cocksucker. You’ve got two more cocks to take care of. “I turned and the other cocks moved in to me.”Suck my balls.” tony ordered and I started licking and sucking his balls again while I jacked off Jim. Suddenly, Jim pulled away and started jacking off on my head. I felt his hot cum spurting all over my forehead while I sucked on Tony’s balls.Mike started laughing. “OMG, he just came all over that fucker’s head.””I know, I caught the shot with a picture.” My GirlFriend replied. “That was fantastic.”Soon, all of them were laughing and my GirlFriend was almost rolling on the floor. I felt the cum dripping down my forehead into my eyes while I sucked on ataşehir escort Tony’s balls.”Step back and let me get a picture.” My GirlFriend said.Tony stepped back and she snapped a picture of me covered in cum on my knees, totally exhausted and humiliated. “Ooh, you do look like quite the cum slut.” My GirlFriend said laughing.Then I heard another knock on the door. Oh no, I thought, I don’t know if I can do another one right now.The next guy came in and didn’t even introduce himself. He took in the situation at a glance and walked over to me, dropped his pants, and shoved his cock in my mouth.He was humping my face and asked my GirlFriend “Where do you want me to cum?””Cum all over his face.” She answered laughing.In just a few strokes, he pulled out and started to jack himself off on my face.”Open your mouth, slut.” My GirlFriend commanded.The new guy quickly jerked a big load all over my face and mouth while everyone laughed. My GirlFriend snapped a few pictures and told me to lick my lips which I did, tasting more of the nasty cum dripping down my face.My GirlFriend came over to me and looked me right in the face, laughing. She took her hand and smeared it in the cum on my face wiping it all over my face and hair. “Stick out your tongue slut.” I did, and she wiped her cum covered hand on my tongue, laughing.Tony still had not cum, and my GirlFriend made me go back to sucking on his cock. As I sucked, I heard her say. “Would you like him to lick your ass? He’s a good little ass licker.”I felt my knees go week. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more humiliating, she turned up the heat yet again.”Oh yes, I’d love for him to lick my ass.” Tony replied, laughing.”Turn around then.” She said.I looked up at her, with a pleading look in my eyes. She knew how much I hated the thought of this. I had licked her ass before, but never another man’s. She looked down at me with an expectant and slightly angry look.”Please.” I begged.”Don’t please get your tongue up his ass. What are you waiting for ass wipe? Get your tongue in there and start licking his ass.”Tony bent over and spread his ass in front of me. It was a dark hairy ass and I gulped as I moved forward and buried my face in is hairy crack. I tentatively stuck out my tongue and it touched his rosebud. I could taste the nasty flavor and I started gently licking.”Get in there good ass licker. Stick your tongue way up his ass.” OMG, how bad could this get, I thought as I stuck my tongue in his ass.”Is it up there?” she asked Tony”Yes.” He replied, gasping. “It feels good.”My GirlFriend got down on her knees in front of him and looked between his legs. “I want to see that tongue working that asshole bitch.” She said to me.I started licking harder per her command.”Damn, I wish I would have brought my strapon.” She said. “I would have loved to fuck you with your face in his ass. “After a while, she brought me back to the main event and had me suck on him some more. My neck was screaming from all the crazy angles and my knees were killing me. My face was still covered with cum, and the plastic mat below me was sticky and gooey with cum and spit. I felt like a total whore servicing him.I heard my GirlFriend moaning and I looked over at her lying on the bed. Somehow she had changed into her shear black top and no pants. She was lying on her belly and Jim was behind her obviously fingering her pussy. I could see her beautiful ass and legs and she squirmed on his hand watching me suck cock for her. She looked so beautiful and desirable with her olive colored smooth skin and her perfect legs and feet pointed up behind her.It took my humiliation up to a whole new level. Here I was sucking cocks while another man fingered my wife on the bed. I was aching and in pain for her pleasure. I kept sucking while I watched her have orgasm after orgasm.Eventually Tony stepped back and said he just couldn’t cum. He had jacked off in the morning and apologized. My told GirlFriend him no problem and hopped up off the bed to give him a hug. She thanked Mike as well and led them to the door while I sat on my knees. They both told her to call them any time she wanted to do this again.”Oh, I will.” She said. “We will be doing this again for sure.”She walked them to the door and told me to wash the cum off my face. I went in the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I looked like a total mess. I was covered in cum. My eyes were bloodshot from the cum running in them and I was sweaty and messy. I did my best to wash my face clean.When I went back into the room, I found Jim fondling my wife and fingering her. She was moaning and she looked over at me. She motioned for me to join them and they lay down on the bed. He spread her legs and entered her from the side. I could see his large cock sliding into her and she gasped with pleasure and pulled my face down to her pussy. “Lick.” was all she said.I started licking her pussy as he fucked her. She grabbed the back of my head and squirmed to at least two orgasms drenching my face with her cum as I licked her pussy and his cock sliding in and out of her.Then he pulled out and swung her on top of him in a reverse cowgirl position and entered her again. I was absorbed by the incredible site of his cock splitting her tight pussy and her long slender legs spread out to the side.She looked at me with lust hooded eyes. “Lick his balls while he fucks me.” She commanded.I started licking his balls as she rode him to yet another orgasm. While she was screaming in pleasure, she grabbed my hair and pulled me to her clit. I gave it butterfly licks while she squirted again and again. Finally, her orgasms subsided and he pulled out with a plop. She made me lick him clean while he kissed her above me.Jim got up and got dressed. He hugged and kissed my wife and told her to let him know when we wanted to party again.After he left, my GirlFriend looked over at me. “Well cocksucker. I don’t know who else is going to show up, but you have another hour and a half. Why don’t you get cleaned up and we will see what happens.”I hopped in the shower and washed up, thankful for the reprieve. Hopefully I was done for the day. I was totally exhausted. Little did I know, there were many more in store for me.I had just gotten out of the shower, when I heard another knock on the door. My GirlFriend had me answer the door and there was an older man there with a drink in his hand. He asked if this was the place, and I let him in the door.”Ooh, check it out cocksucker. You’ve got another customer. Assume the position.” My GirlFriend commanded.I went over to the nasty slimy piece of plastic and dropped back down on my knees for the next cock. The guy came over and dropped his pants. He had a short fat uncut cock and a roll of fat hanging down over it. I almost threw up when I saw him, but I reached out and started stroking his cock.”Get to it cocksucker.” I heard her say, and I leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth. He must have been a heavy smoker. I could smell and taste the nicotine oozing from his pores and his cock tasted like old cigarettes. I started sucking that cock hard. I wanted to finish him fast and get beyond this, but my GirlFriend wouldn’t let me.”Suck his balls bitch.” She demanded.OMG, not again, I thought as I started sucking on his balls. He obviously enjoyed it.”That’s it faggot, suck them hard for me.” He said grunting.I jerked his cock while I sucked on his balls. He smelled sour and bad and I felt like a complete whore on my knees in front of him.”Get your face up in there slut. Swallow those balls.” She commanded. I took his ball completely in my mouth and almost retched. I had to hold work hard to hold it down.”Now suck his dick for me.” I went back to sucking on his short nasty cock. I pumped him hard bobbing my mouth back and forth trying to get him off. I was tired from all the activity earlier, but I bobbed back and forth for at least 10 minutes while she laughed at me. Finally, he stepped back and apologized for not cumming.”That’s ok, I’ll take it out on his ass later.” she laughed. “I’m planning to fuck his ass with my biggest dildo for every cock he can’t make cum.””Oh please don’t. I’ll finish him for you.” I pleaded, reaching for his dick again.”No cocksucker. You’ve had your chance. I’d focus on making the rest cum if I were you.” She said, obviously enjoying my anxiety.I settled back on my haunches in defeat as he pulled on his clothes and headed for the door. Right as he was getting ready to leave, there was another knock came on the door.She looked over at me arching her eyebrows in a smile. “You’re not done yet, cocksucker. Better work harder on this one if you value your ass.”The next guy bounded into the room. He was younger, with longer blonde hair and a blue shirt. He laughed when he saw me sitting there. “I hope I’m not too late.” He said.”Not at all.” My GirlFriend replied laughing. “My slut is still hungry for cock. He’s only had 5 so far so he certainly needs more. Why don’t you go ahead and get undressed.””Wow”, the guy exclaimed. “Did he do more than one at a time?””The first three came together.” she said laughing. “He had to work real hard to satisfy them all at once. The last one didn’t cum though and he’s hungry for more, aren’t you slut?”I burned with humiliation. “Yes, ” I replied, feeling anything but ready for another load of cum.He stripped down while I waited on the slimy plastic and then he walked over to me with his dick bobbing in my face. I was getting pretty used to strange cocks by now and I reached out to stroke him.”Not with your hands, bitch.” My GirlFriend commanded harshly. “Put your hands behind your back and reach for it with your ümraniye escort mouth.”This was even more humiliating. I had to stretch out my neck and grab his cock with my mouth. I felt totally degraded because I knew how slutty it must look. I caught his cock with my mouth and sucked it inside, feeling it grow to fill my mouth. I felt humiliated with my hands behind my back bobbing up and down on my cock.”Feel free to fuck his face. He really likes that.” I heard her say.The guy laughed, grabbed my head and started sawing in and out of my mouth. As he shoved it in deep, I gagged and choked pulling back as more spit and drool fell down on the plastic. I pulled my hands up in front of me.”Oh no you don’t.” She said, coming around behind me again. She pulled my arms behind me and held them there while he started fucking my face again.”That’s it, fuck his face like a pussy.” She said. “Better milk that cock slut, if you value your ass.” She reminded me and a thrill of fear shot through my belly.”Oh yes, that’s it.” He said as he started to breath faster. I could feel his cock swell in my mouth and knew he was going to cum. I was scared he would choke me with a flood of cum.”Where do you want my cum?” He asked her.”Cum all over his face. I want him covered with it.” She replied.He kept grunting and I felt the first shot of hot salty cum in my mouth as he pulled out and jerked the rest of his load all over my face.My GirlFriend started laughing. “Good job cumslut. You saved your ass, for now.”After he finished, they sat and talked while I knelt there on the nasty plastic with my face covered in cum. My GirlFriend took another few pictures of me and then let me sit back and relax but did not let me wash off the cum. After a while he got up and left.I looked over at her. “I hope we are done.” I said. “I don’t know how many more I can take.””I know.” She said laughing. “You’ve done a great job. I’m proud of you. Maybe that will be the end”Then someone knocked on the door and the process started over again. This guy came into the room and saw me sitting there on the plastic covered in cum.”Oh wow.” He said, “I hope I didn’t miss all the fun.””Come on in.” My GirlFriend responded, “The slut can always use another cock to suck.”He started laughing and dropped his pants but didn’t take off his shirt. He immediately got into the spirit of things and started degrading me. He started slapping my face with his cock.”Open your mouth and stick out your tongue slut. Show him how much you want his cum.” I heard my GirlFriend order.I did as she commanded and he started slapping my tongue and face with his cock, smearing it in the cum already on my face. Then he grabbed my head and shoved his cum covered cock into my mouth.”Let’s see how deep you get cocksucker.” He said as he slowly pulled my head down on his cock. I took it as far as I could trying not to gag, but eventually the reflex took over and I fought to get loose. He backed off a little, but held my head and then pushed it back in as I relaxed. When I gagged again, he pulled back and started jacking off.”Beg him for his cum slut.” My GirlFriend commanded . “Then open your mouth and catch it all.””Please give me your cum sir.” I told him.”Oh, I will you fucking bitch. Take my cum now.” He grunted and shot a huge load all over my face and tongue. I tried to catch it as my GirlFriend had commanded but a lot missed and landed on my cheek and face. He stepped back laughing.”Do you guys do this often?” He asked my GirlFriend.”We’ve done it before.” She said, but he’s never had this many. “I can guarantee we’ll be doing it again.””Well, make sure you invite me. I’ll be up for it.” He said.While he was getting dressed, another knock came on the door and the process started over again.It was beginning to become a blur as I took yet another cock for my GirlFriend and swallowed yet another load. When the guy left, I was covered in cum and sliding around on the slimy plastic beneath me. I was a sweaty and sticky mess again.My GirlFriend let me get up and go wash off my face. By this time, we were both ready for it to be over and get out of there, but there was another knock on the door.My GirlFriend smiled at me and told me. “You have to take care of your fans cocksucker. You’re the one that invited all of them.” She said chuckling.I was still naked but opened the door and peered out. There was a guy in a hotel uniform outside in the hall.”Can I help you?” I asked, nervous that our antics had drawn attention from the hotel staff.”You called me.” He said.”No, we didn’t call for anyone.” I said confused.”I’m Scott.” He said. “I answered an ad. Am I in the right place?””Oh yes.” I answered, laughing. “I thought you were hotel security or something. Come on in.”He smiled and came in. He was a little shy and tentative but warmed up when he saw my GirlFriend.”Come on in.” She said. “Make yourself comfortable. I’ll have my cocksucker take care of you.”He came in and stripped down as I knelt on the sticky plastic once again.He pulled out the desk chair and sat down in front of me. This was a new position for the day and I had to kneel in front of him and bend down to satisfy him. He had a medium size dark colored cock. I opened up and sucked him into my mouth, tasting his musky flavor.”Just lick it for a while slut.” My GirlFriend commanded. “Show me how slutty you can be.”I knelt in front of him and started licking his cock like a lollipop. She had me look at her while I licked it so she could take more pictures of me. I did my best to look slutty. I licked the sensitive underside of his cock and heard him moan and twitch.”Now lick his balls for me slut.” She told me.Since he was seated, I had to really work to get down to his balls. I pulled his cock up and squeezed my face down into his crotch to reach his balls. I started licking them as he relaxed in the chair. I had to stick my tongue out as far as possible to reach them.”Would you like him to lick your ass? He’s real good at that.” She said turning up the heat.”Oh yes.” He said. “I’d like that a lot.”A wave of revulsion swept through me. I couldn’t believe it. She was going to make me lick another asshole. But I knew better than to argue with her again.”Sweet, go to it ass licker.” She commanded.I pulled his cock up further and stretched out my tongue to reach his asshole. He slid down in the chair further allowing me better access and I tentatively licked up into his crack.”Get your tongue up in there faggot. Lick his ass good for me or I’ll break out the big strapon tonight.”I stuck my tongue in as far as it would go. It tasted gross and nasty and I started to wretch.”Don’t you dare stop, ass licker.” She commanded and I went back to licking.”Now suck his cock. Finish him off for me cocksucker.” She directed me.I opened my mouth and took him in. I started bobbing my head and using my hand in conjunction with my mouth to give him plenty of friction. I heard him start to moan and felt his cock swell in my mouth.”I want you to swallow this one slut. No facials, no spitting. Just swallow every drop for me. It’s coming now. Just relax and get ready to swallow.”I felt a wave of fear and revulsion. I am totally grossed out by swallowing cum and struggle to do it for her. I can usually get away with having them cum in my mouth and it leaking out. To swallow it all as it comes out, would be really hard. I could feel him swelling and he grabbed the back of my head and thrust deep. The hot salty, slimy cum shot into my mouth. I swallowed the first wave and then I gagged as he continued to pump his cum into my mouth. He held my head down as I choked and cum came running out my nose and mouth all over his balls. I tried to pull away, but he held me there until he finished and all his cum was drained. He released my head and I pulled away with my eyes watering and cum dripping out of my nose and mouth onto his limp cock.”Good try, but you’re not done yet slut. There’s quite a bit of cum there you didn’t swallow. Now get down there and lap it up like a good little cum slut.” She commanded.Totally disgusted and grossed out, I looked at the limp cock in front of me. It was covered in cum and drool. It was all over his dick and balls, mingled in the hair. I couldn’t believe she was making me lick it all up. I looked up at her with a pleading look. Surely I had done enough.I saw the expectant look on her face and she laughed. “What are you waiting for cumslut. Finish your meal. Clean your plate so to speak.”I reluctantly leaned forward and started licking the cum off his cock. I licked up a big hunk of slime on the underside of his cock and forced it down. In a few more licks, I had most of his cock clean.”Good job cum slut. Now don’t forget to clean his balls. He’s got a nice big hunk of splooge down there.”I looked down and saw it. The cum was mixed into his hair, and there were tiny white chunks where it had balled up. I knew I would have to lick it out of his hair, and I bent down to my disgusting task.”That’s such a good cocksucking cum slut. I’m so proud of you. 9 cocks in 2 hours. Now tell me what you are.””I’m your cock sucking bitch.” I replied, knowing what she wanted.”That’s right, you’re my cock sucking bitch, and you sure proved it today slut. How many cocks are you committed to suck for me this year?””100 .” I replied”That’s right, 100. And how many have you sucked after today?” She asked”40 .” I replied”Good boy, so at this rate, we could have 6 more of these sessions and you would be almost done.”I realized the ramifications. 6 more times of going through this. 6 more times on my knees in front of rooms full of men facing all those cocks. Swallowing all those loads of nasty cum. The prospect seemed daunting.Then she added in a zinger. “Next time, I want to see you fucked at the same time.”OMG, she kept turning up the heat. I was struck dumb and didn’t respond.She smiled. “What do you say, cocksucker?””Thank you.” I replied.”Good, now clean up. You’ve done a great job today. I’m really proud of you. I love my cocksucker very much.”I love my New GirlFriend

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