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My White RoseI was on my way home from the grocery store one dark and rainy night. My visibility was terrible, as I could barely see five feet in front of my car as I rounded the corner into my apartment complex. I felt extremely lucky to have managed to park my car. I was awkwardly attempting to maneuver several plastic bags of groceries, on one arm, as I clumsily tried retrieving my keys from my obnoxiously big purse, one-handed, I might add, in the pouring rain.I finally managed to find my keys at the bottom of my bag, and ran like hell to the kadıköy escort awning of my building to escape the downpour. I was drenched from head to toe, and I was scantily dressed, to say the least. I was in a green camo-green mini skirt, tan heels, and a light green camisole, with no bra, unfortunately, because in the wet cold, my nipples were sticking strait out, as if in revolt of the temperature. My long brown hair had taken the worst of the wet onslaught, üsküdar escort it was soaked, and dripping and I could barely keep it out of my face, making it difficult to see in the dark, as I stumbled to my apartment door, encumbered my the heavy bags, and my high heels, another piece of wardrobe I was now regretting.As I finally made it to my door, fumbled with the keys, and suddenly felt a strong, meaty hand cover my mouth roughly, and shove me face first into my closed door, pushing his bulk against tuzla escort me. I was helpless, and I didn’t even get a change to scream. I tried to struggle, but I heard his deep husky voice breathing heavily in my ear. “Make a sound bitch, and I’ll cut you. It was then that I felt something sharp in my ribs. Being face-planted into a door at the present moment I would barely manage a whimper as he moved his hand from my mouth and started groping my petite body with intensity, all the while breathing heavily in my ear. I tried to struggle but his strength was too much for me.His hand were up my skirt now as he roughly kicked my legs apart, and I felt those cold strong fingers groping me, and moving inside me, none too gently. ……… To Read the full story and many more of my experiences visit my website and read this and many others under Sophie Members page

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