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One Night in ChicagoWeekend in Chicago! My delicious secret!Not too long ago, one of my sexy friends asked me if I had a sexual experience that stood out in my mind; one that I’ve never really told anyone. Well…the answer to that is yes! I do, it’s been my little delicious secret for quite a while. Today, I am finally going to share it.My stepdaughter, Jessie – who is a real cutie – played on the tennis team in college. She told me about all the players on the team but the conversation kept coming back to her roommate, Maria. They hit it off quickly becoming friends from the moment they met. It seemed like they really enjoyed each other’s company and had a blast playing tennis. The team was really good too! When the two girls went out together, Jessie (my stepdaughter’s name) would tell me that there would be a steady stream of guys hitting on them. Who could blame them, slender athletic bodies, and I never remember seeing them with as much as a hair out of place. They were inseparable, did almost everything together. I actually thought to myself that they HAD to be lovers – at least experimented, but to my surprise, I found out later that they never did! But that is another story for another time! I can tell you, every time I saw the two of them together, my dirty mind ALWAYS thought of how hot it would be to watch – or better yet, join in… One time that stuck out in my mind was when Jessie brought Maria home with her for the weekend. They seemed to have a lot of fun. My wife, Amy loved having them around too. Seems like she might have been thinking similar thoughts that I was having when I saw the two college anadolu yakası escort girls together. Not to divert from the scenario, but when you see mother and daughter together, it’s the most amazing thing you ever saw! Maria and Amy almost look like twins, mom has a few more curves, and fuller tits, but they are both stunning! Not to brag further, but sometimes when people see us walking around in New York, they stop because they say we look famous. After picking the girls up from college, they hopped out of the car before it fully stopped, and before I knew they were out of their street clothes and in smoking hot looking bikinis! I collected my composure changed into my trunks and joined them out at our pool. Jen called me inside to help with the food, then she ran out to join the girls for a quick splash in the pool too. I brought out the food and decided to spend a little time splashing around in the pool with the three angels before eating. Jen and I got out of the pool first, and she was drying off, she bent down to dry her long hair. Suddenly, I walked up behind her and swatted her wet bottom as hard as I could!!! She was wearing a little bikini and she turned around rubbing her bottom and said… “Ronnie!…OMG what was that for”? I winked at He winked at Maria and said, “her butt was just too damn cute and it looked like it needed to be swatted”. The slap was so hard that it left a handprint on her wet bikini bottom – so just imagine what her ass must have looked like! Jen raised her eyebrows at me and said, “Honey, we have company, remember”? ataşehir escort I smirked, and looked again at J, she was blushing and squirming – I knew that she seeing me slap my wife’s ass had really turned her on. I saw Maria staring at my wife rubbing her sore ass. Then I saw her eyes go right to my bulge, which was starting to grow a bit. I hopped back in the pool, hoping to let the cold water shrink my bulge a bit; it didn’t work. When I got out, my trunks were pasted to my body. I had been working out again, so I was getting nice shape to my form. But the trunks were tighter than I thought when I put them on, you could actually see the outline of my cock as clear as if I had on nothing. I’m pretty big “down there”, and I could tell that my wife, my stepdaughter, and her friend all took the time to steal a glance. I wasn’t hard, but the water did nothing except make the outline more noticeable. I wasn’t ashamed, but I definitely didn’t plan to show off my dick at dinner!Dinner was amazing. Wall all talked and laughed, shared stories and a few bottles of wine. It was getting late, and it had been a fun but very long day. So, the girls went downstairs to Jessie’s room to watch a movie and crash for the night. The wine had gone to our heads and we were already horny, so I made a fire in our pit on the patio and started to romantically enjoy each other by the light of the moon and the fire pit. Didn’t take long for us to get naked, and very very hot. I don’t know how long we had been going at it when I thought I saw a shadow from the kitchen. I was pounded ümraniye escort Amy pretty fucking hard, and she was screaming, “fuck me deep, give me all that fucking cock, baby” loud enough that I’m sure the girls could hear us from the house if they were awake. I was slapping her ass so hard that the sound was echoing in the night air, and deep stroking, giving my wife every inch of my cock. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Maria, sort of peeking out onto the patio. At first, I continued to go at it, fucking like a****ls, in the open late summer air. I tried to act casually, pretending that Maria couldn’t see me, but I caught her eye, and we stared at each other for a few moments. I flashed a smile to let her know that I was ok with her watching. She smiled but moved into a spot where it was harder to see what she was doing. But I could tell that she had slipped her hand inside her panties, and was rubbing her pussy as she watched us. That turned on so fucking much that I went from nice hard, aggressive sex, to just all out earth shaking, fucking. I looked up every now and then, watching Maria pussy play and started to fuck Amy so hard that at one point she said “not so deep baby”. After a while, I felt to surge, and knew I was about to cum. I looked up one more time, this time I nodded at Maria and she moved into a position where I could actually see her sliding her fingers in and out of her tight, young pussy. She had stepped out of her panties, leaning on the counter I saw her begin to convulse, and that was all I needed to put me over the top as well. I wanted to give Maria a show, let her know that a guy old enough to be her father still had skills. I pulled my cock out of Amy, and showered her with my cum! That made Maria’s knees buckle; she got herself together and ran back downstairs. In the meantime, I took the blindfold off Amy, loosened the restraints, she came again from the force of my cum shower, and wanted more. “Let’s go to the

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