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One of the filthiest sluts that I ever metI met this girl online – ‘Kels’ she called herself. Fuck know if that is her real name but she shared a lot of photos with me, and if they were really of her then, I tell you, she was really fucking hot – long hard, cute face, banging body and what appeared to be a warm welcoming pussy.I needed to see so offered her some cash. Not a lot but enough to get her interested. She was happy with that, a natural born whore.We agreed to meet at Coggeshall, one of the best dogging sites in the country and easy for us both to get to. Just two hours from getting her online I perked up. There were a couple of other cars there but no obvious action going on. Then a white Fiat Punto arrived – I knew it was her, even before she switched an interior light on. I sauntered over, my cock pulsing and growing, it was clear from a distance that the photos she had sent me earlier were a true reflection of her. In the flesh she was even hotter. She had done a good job on her heavy makeup – slutty red lips and loads of mascara. The black dress she was wearing barely contained her beautiful heavy globes, and I could immediately see that she was wearing stockings. She looked like perfect fuck meat.I opened her car door ‘Evening Kels, you ready to get ruined?’ ’Too fucking right I am’ she said in a chirpy Essex twang. Cheap, chavvy slut, so fucking perfect for my needs.She turned to face me, opening her legs allowing me to catch a glimpse of the white flesh above her stocking tops and see her panties. My cock was bakırköy escort aching to be released, so I took it out and immediately her hungry mouth enveloped it. The wet warmth of her red-lipped mouth felt so fucking good. I grabbed Kels head and forced my throbbing cock all the way to the back of her throat. She moaned and took it like the slutty champ that I had hoped she would be. By now we had an audience. Three guys were behind me, all murmuring their approval and stroking their cocks. ‘Finger your cunt Kels whilst you suck me off’ I instructed and, of course the willing slut obeyed immediately. She slid her panties to one side and started playing with her young, eager hole. She scooped up some of her juices and covered my cock with them before plunging me back in her mouth.I could sense the guys behind me were getting impatient so turned around to invite them to play. Before I could say anything though I was transfixed by the size of one of the cocks. A guy, maybe in his thirties, had the most enormous cock I had ever seen in real life – long, fat and really fucking hard. As I pulled my cock out of Kels’ mouth and moved to the side she saw it for the first time.‘Fuck me. Look at the fucking size of that monster.’ she said‘You want that up you, don’t you?’’Too fucking right, I need to be stretched by it. Now.’Keys got out of the car and moved round to the bonnet. I wasn’t about to deny her that massive cock that had turned her on even more. I stood against the bonnet, and told the guy beşiktaş escort that he was going to fuck her first from behind.I took both of Kels hands and looked her in the eye. She was grinning ‘I have never had a cock that size inside me. I am so fucking excited.’ She bent over and the guy started to feed his monster into her sopping wet gash. Her eyes widened and she let out a little whimper. I grabbed her by her throat and told her that she was going to have the fuck of her life. She just nodded.I could tell that he was now all the way inside Kels as her knees buckled a bit and she squeezed my hand hard. My other hand slapped her face. She looked a bit shocked but more than anything her face was a picture of slutty satisfaction. As her pussy was being pounded the two other guys were at a bit of a loss. ‘Pull her tits out of her dress and grope them’ I told them.‘Never fucking knew a white cock could be this big. He’s stretching me. I ff-f-ff-uuu-cking love it’The naughty slut now had a cock up her, four hands pulling on her tits, and me slapping her cheek alternately with my cock and a hand. I knew she was in slut heaven. But I wanted to give her more. I told the guy with the huge cock to lie on the ground. The disappointment on Kels face was very apparent. She needn’t have worried.I instructed her to mount him reverse cowgirl but to lie back on his chest. I then positioned myself on my knees in front of her. ‘You are going to get two cocks up your filthy, soaking cunt now’“Oh fuck me, you beylikdüzü escort are going to split me in half but I fucking want it. I’m a cheap whore whose cunt needs filling. Give it to me.’I’ll be honest, it wasn’t easy to get myself in her with the huge cock already in place but after a short while Kels had what she wanted – two cocks stretching her pussy. I began to rhythmically fuck her, feeling my own cock also rubbing up against the other cock inside her.Keys was in a right state; panting, moaning, screaming and talking utter filth.‘Fuck me boys. Fucking fuck me. Blow your loads right up me, I want your spunk so badly.’My pace increased and I could feel my balls tighten and my cum start rising up my shaft. Soon my spunk was filling her wanton fuck hole. Happily, joyfully for Kels the other cock inside her began creaming her at the same time. She was overflowing as another orgasm ripped through her. All the juices mingling and dripping out of her used snatch.I withdrew and Kels rolled off onto the ground. She was a mess. Dishevelled hair, smeared makeup, ripped dress and stockings. As she lay on the ground whimpering and catching her breath the two guys who had been watching this stood over her and started to wank. She looked up and pleaded, begged them to cover her. It didn’t take long. Spurt after spurt of cream went on her face, in her hair, over her tits. The filthy slut smeared it all in and put as much as she could in her mouth to swallow it like a good girl.She crawled on her hands and knees back to her car. She was spent. Fuck knows how she was able to drive home and I really hope that she didn’t get pulled over by the police…Never knew what happened to Kels after that until last night when she messaged by here – I wonder if she will come on here and own up to being the total slut that she is?

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