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Parental Guidanceby williacjI was walking down the street and saw a blonde haired girl sitting on a lawn chair in the front yard. her dad was working in the front yard he waved to me and I said hi. he asked me if i wanted to hang out with them. I didn’t know if I should say yes or keep walking, I just said sure and I came over to them.I sat on the patio in their backyard and he went into the house and then came back outside with a few beers, he gave me one and we sat on the patio.he asked me if I were checking her out I told him no, i saw her for a brief moment I told him that sometimes when I see girls playing in the sprinkler or in the front yard I don’t look their way because I don’t want them to feel uncomfortable.”honestly dude, I’ve seen my daughter’s butt jiggle when she walked and I’ve gotten a hard on a few times” he revealed”dude as long as you’re with me, it’s good.” then his daughter came over to us as we were talking.”dad who is the black guy you’re talking to?” she asked.”just a buddy of mine” he tells her. she smiled at me”hi” she says”what’s your name?”I asked.”tessa” she replied. i took her hand and kissed it.”you’re cute”she said to me.her istanbul escort father nudged me.”I have no problem with it man” he said shrugging his shoulders, I reached out and took her hand and kissed it. she looked over at her dad and then she came over to me and I got up from my chair and she leaned up and we kissed,I wrapped my arms around her waist and pressed my lips against hers and we kissed for about 3 minutes.I asked him if we could finish this in the house and we went inside the house and she held my hand the entire time we got into the house and he grabbed his handheld camcorder as she led me into the bedroom.soon as her father closed the bedroom door she leaned up and pressed her lips against mine,we were feeling all over each other then i picked her off her feet and lay her on the bed”take your panties off” i told her.she pulled down her shorts and pulled her shirt over her head and I began licking on her nipples I was hard as fuck, I pulled my shirt off tossed my underwear on the floor and kicked my shorts aside she lay back on the bed naked she reached over got on her hands and knees avcılar escort and started sucking my dick!”damn it urghhhh your daughter is giving me a fucking-“i said to him. Her dad held the camcorder and began filming her sucking me off, after she slobbered on my dick i sat in a chair in the corner of the room and she hopped in my lap. I reached down and took my dick and she lowered herself on my hard cock”ohhhhhhh ” i exclaimed i gripped her waist as she began slowly rocking back and forth on my dick.”oh right there goodness you know how ride stick shift i’m fucking speechless”I said to her,he moves closer to us then i pick her up off the chair and he brings the camera closer and i smack his daughter on the butt. i start power lifting her on my dick.”wow holy shit man fuckin her standing up, all in her look at that!”he says happily.she starts tongue kissing me”bend it over tessa, gone fuck your pussy doggy style” i told her as i sat her down.she got on all fours on the bed and i spit on my dickhead and pressed it gently against her pussy lips she reached back and fingered her pussy.”all the way in” she demanded “Ooohhhhh” şirinevler escort she moaned as I took her from behind”takin it takin it” i whispered in her ear”mmm daddy he’s-” she stammered i smacked her on the ass and grabbed her waist and pumped myself into her”c’mon tessa” i grunted as i fucked her”uhhhhhhhh ownin that pussy aren’t I?” tessa looked back at me”godddddd” she mumbled she pounded on the bed”fuckin dick is in meeeee!” she said as she buried her face in the pillow”gettin all that dick aren’t you?” i asked her”god fucking feels incredible i feel the entire dick” she grumbled her tight ass slapped against my legs as I worked myself into her.”damn it tessa you gonna make me bust this load” i exclaimed.i couldn’t take it and i pulled out and splattered cum all over her butt cheeks. her dad started laughing”hahaha wow did you see his face dad?”she chuckled”he was like”uhhhhhhuhhhhhurrrhhh,that was funny I’ve never seen that before!” i looked over at her”that’s how it feels when you don’t cum over a long period I usually bob my head up and down and shake my head side to side it felt so good i did both!” her dad looked at me” you let off a nice one on her behind!” “i saved the best for last”i told him his daughter looked over at me and started bobbing her head up and down and started laughing”i couldn’t help it you felt so fucking good” i told her.her dad rubs her on the shoulder”did you have fun sweetie?”she nodded”oh my god he was awesome, thanks dad” she tells him

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