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Patient K.This is a free translation of a famous short story published at the beginning of the decade on a well-known American site of erotic tales.—Apart from the fact that I am a psychologist and that I really participated in the treatment of a patient with the psychological disorder known as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), the rest, all: names, dates, places, facts are all fictitious just tô preserve the identity of the patient and also mine, since what happened involved me in a completely unexpected and inappropriate way.In fact, if I revealed myself, the Psychology Council would prevent me from continuing tô practice psychoanalysis. I am a follower of the Lacanian line, I have also deepened over the years with works linked tô therapy under hypnosis in order tô help patients tô free themselves from their deepest, deepest and most intense fears.As was the case with what I will call patient K here, let’s say my name is Jill Philips. At the time, about 8 years ago, I was 35 years old, I was already married with no c***dren.. I lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and a colleague referred me tô one of his patients, just the K. For professional reasons the patient was forced tô move tô another city and the treatment needed tô continue.K had already been treated in Albuquerque for more than 3 years, with this disorder known as DID, more common than most people can imagine, but which affects more women than men. K, however, is a completely cured man now living in Colorado, even married.Usually Dissociative Identity Disorder is related tô problems of abuse on the part of one or more relatives in c***dhood, but that can also occur in adolescence, was the case of my new patient.To escape the stress caused by extremely conflicting situations, a person like this develops the ability tô assume a new identity and live that situation as if the other did not even exist, until a fact or a speech leads him tô change his identity. Unlike most people who know who they are all the time, those who suffer from this type of disorder develop several different identities, the best known case, not least because it became a book and a film is the case Sybill’s, (fictional name Shirley Ardell Manson) a woman who had 16 different personalities, living in the same body and without any of them knowing the others.K didn’t reach sómany variants, my colleague and I discovered that he developed 8 different personalities, spent 4 years in treatment, many times under hypnosis sóthat little by little it was possible that he was healed. The eighth personality or identity appeared only when K was already under my care. And it’s about the facts that happened with this last of K identity that I’m going tô report the following.My colleague and I even published an article in the American Journal of Psychology about the treatment given tô our patient, citing all the personalities of K, including the last one. Without, however, revealing the details of what happened during many sessions… When K introduced me tô this strange identity. I, I could keep in secret as I have been keeping for years the events that happened then, but something in me, especially after I started tô read and participate in this kind of erotic reading gave me courage tô expose this my secret. It’s my first text here, and maybe my last. It’s a form of psychoanalysis, although many of my colleagues may be laughing now when reading what I write, but it must be taken into consideration that our society would not admit half of what happened in those sessions. It was a mistake, my… I know, but it was also an extraordinary, revealing experience of someone else that I, I had tô admit that I was, that I am….Anyway, let’s get tô the facts, the best I can tell you….A few sessions had already taken place, and K had revealed her last identity tô me, the eighth one. In it he was Jeff – the stripper. A professional stripper, but the facts he told me were still from his adolescence, K must then be 17 or 18 years old. And he was the stripper for the women in his family, some at least. Later he would become a professional stripper. However, his artistic name and personality emerged at that time.K was very easy tô put in a hypnotic state, even because his treatment since Albuquerque was already under the use of hypnosis and medicines, easy tô enter even easier tô leave. When he revealed tô me the figure of Jeff, it was clear that he loved tô be that character. He loved tô massage himself, touch, show… Never before had I had a patient like that, never before had anyone sólewd, sólibidinous.Nothing more distant from the figure of K than Jeff’s identity. K was a sloppy, badly dressed, istanbul escort who hated physical exercise and loved a burger. Nice, gentle and very, very shy. He wasn’t fat, but he was certainly overweight. The fact that the figure of Jeff appeared and was presented under hypnosis for K, as always happened, was leading tô changes in the patient’s behavior. Over the course of almost 2 months K was becoming a more sensual man, more concerned about the body, he was incorporating traits that only existed when he was Jeff.And K became Jeff every week in my office, tô make things less embarrassing for K we changed the weekly schedule of his appointment, tô the end of expedient on Wednesdays. Which allowed us more privacy sóthat he could let this strange personality emerge… And I confess, exciting. My secretary left early that day, which made things easier.K became slimmer, more athletic, I began tô notice the changes. It was in the penúltimate session that what I expected tô happen happened. Jeff did, as a professional in the business, finally he showed, let myself see his penis. That was revealing, but it was also exciting. I confess, seeing a patient’s member is not something that makes a professional in my business get excited, but the physical changes in K along with my personal problems . At the time my husband and I were experiencing a marital crisis. Everything came together at that moment, in those weeks, months.I know, it doesn’t justify it, but that’s what happened. Undeniably, seeing my patient’s penis, a surprising penis that he indecent touched, caressed and more than anything else watered with exciting stories that sometimes involved the aunt, the cousin, the sister and even the mother herself. That was taking over my being, my body without me noticing. I started tô touch myself more often thinking about them (Jeff and K), body and soul together in an intense desire, but without knowing each other.It was a martyrdom tô see Jeff masturbating in front of me, telling that his aunt, was handjob him under the shower, soaping his penis until she took him tô a strident orgasm that he reproduced again at that moment.- AAAaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!! Aauunnnt!!!!! Uuuuunnhhhh!!!!I crossed my legs trying tô control myself, unbearable see the gush that came out in white jets, wetting your fingers, the big hand of the hypnotized man in front of me. I bit my lips and groaned contained, afraid tô make K wake up.We both cumming. I laughed, laughed without guilt… Satisfied.He did not even notice, I just counted….- One, two, three, four… Jeff! Wake up, K.He woke up, I approached and handed him 3 wet wipes. It was nice tô see the way K was embarrassed when he noticed himself all molasses with his own semen.- Sorry Jill, sorry… My God!!!- Cleans and dresses.He wouldn’t even look at me, I stared at him thinking, if he knew how I looked. But I knew how tô make a professional face, a grown-up face, serious, cold and distant. Everything that patients expect.- Don’t worry, it’s normal. That’s what you have tô experience tô heal yourself, okay?- But doing this, Jill, in front of you… Acting like a boy. Besides, you’re married.- Forget it… No one will know. Think of me as if I were a priest, okay? It’s a secret, everything’s a secret, a secret of ours. I’ll wait for you next week.He’s gone, shy and embarrassed, and I’ve gone tô the bathroom tô relieve myself, tô satisfy myself in a sinful, indecent, sordid way… A way that no professional had the right tô do… But I did, I jerked off there, I enjoyed thinking of K’s dick or would it be Jeff’s?Who cares, I dreamt of both, counting the days, the hours. Until Wednesday, how crazy would it be, what would it be like? I was also in a dilemma, we both were. I as a professional and a wife and he as their identities, which they hardly knew each other. However, there was no excuse for me, no forgiveness. With him there was the justification was a patient in search of a solution, a cure. But the patient had a lovely giant penis, that was my weak point.That was impressive, I never imagined K with a stick like that, and his was bigger than I expected….- Come in.- I’m late, sorry.- We’ll make it up tô him.- Really? You guys are sóinflexible about the schedule.- What matters is your healing. Come… Fast.It was the first time I saw K with a clothes like that, a tight pants, showing the volume between the legs, the thighs more prominent than I would imagine. All dressed in black, and the social shirt, always buttoned up tô the neck now became more open revealing a hairier chest than you would imagine.As always avcılar escort he entered quickly into the altered state of consciousness, did not even need tô call by the figure who emerged was soon was the identity of Jeff.- And then Jeff, how are you? – Beemmm… Beemmm… Tasty.- É? Is there someone with you, there?- She, aaaahhhhh nooooooo, not here Pris, please, not here.- Who’s Pris?- My sister… She wants…. She wants me tô take it off, show it… On her face.That came faster than I expected, it came like a slap in the face. It caught me by surprise, I crossed my legs and rubbed me as Jeff smoothed himself, smoothing the side of his body until the hand came up in the middle of his pants. AAahhh!!! He did it in such a masculine way, sóindecent, raw. Even in the dim light I saw his penis grow up trapped inside tight pants. The hand rubbed making the limb grow, swell. Jeff moaned, contorted. All of that glazed me, my heart beat like a drum.- Then Jeff does… Show her, show. Let her see.- Can? Here!- Yah, can. Let her see… Take it off.- Wants tô see her brother’s little cock, doesn’t? Huh, bitch, do you? It’s no good, huh? You want it thick, do you? Is that what you want? Sensual as a snake, the gestures followed the speech, slow and lewd Jeff unbuttoned his pants, came down the zipper and let the volume appear, go up. I imagined that he would show me the underpants… It was a surprise, a delightful surprise, K came with nothing, his cock gradually appeared, growing, swelling up in the middle of the pants that were bending. A beautiful mast, a long beam in the backlight.I kept my mouth open, admired, magnetized watching my patient leave his virility, masculinity emerge as a pointed, thick, fulfilled, toned mast… A member of a naughty man… Voluptuous.- Makes me grow, more, more. Grow more!He moved his waist, going up and down. I imagined an oral, but the speech made clear that was on Pris’ breasts.- Come on… Squeeze, it’s not good? Squeeze harder, squeeze… Please aaaahhh!!!!My mouth dried up, I got frozen, hard, watching that libidinous, licentious… i****tuous scene. My pussy got wet, that’s what woke me up, I felt a cold thread flowing through my tight lips. The heat suddenly exploded, my vagina caught fire, I contorted trying, trying tô keep control of the situation.It was impossible.Next thing I knew, I was kneeling before the K, anesthetized, dominated, fissured by that madness, that insanity which only happens in intimacy….. It had been sólong, my God! I thought about Tom for a moment, my husband, then I was no longer myself.- Jeff, Jeff, calm down, sweetheart. Calm down, wait.- Then take it off, set me free.- I’ll take it, I’ll take it.I left K just with socks, ridiculous brown socks. But the point is, I unbuttoned his shirt, it didn’t even look like the same man from a few weeks ago, there was almost no belly, hairy. I bit my lip admiring everything, walk my hands through his thigh, thigh and hairy chest. I felt a soft of guilt… There wasn’t even time tô regret it. That man’s big hand wrapped my breast, squeezed my breaassst… Until, until….. Jeff knew… He unbuttoned my blouse like a specialist, put out a breast and turned his finger tô harden my beak.- Touch, touch for me.- I….. Honey… You know. Like this? Like that? All right?I wrapped my client’s penis in the middle of his breasts, squeezed it and rubbed it. Feeling the warmth, the texture, the firmness of that fleshy, masculine rod. I had never done it for anyone, not even for Tom, but I was doing it for Jeff, kneeling and naughty, acting like I was K’s whore sister. I made my patient wet my breast… I was proud tô see the translucent goo tô stain my breast. I brushed, spread until the cock touched my beak.- Feel it, huh? It’s Pris’s beak… Look how tasty, a masturbing, a handjob with the little beak on my chest… Makes him hard, it does! Go…. Harden my beak.The big, hot stalk was walking among his breasts. I’d stretch my body and wet my pussy…. The beak in my chest was throbbing, a strange thing. I was delirious… I was in loved… Loved.- Cum Jeff in Pris’ little tits, cum, cummm… Look how tasty this little tits is, hard the beak, the little beak…. Wet, wet my beak. Give me your milk, give it, give tô Pris. Come Jeff, come on… Let me suck.I just talked, I didn’t even need tô shake, the first jet wet my neck, I fell the strong smell, the dick pulsed stuck in my fingers. It was delicious! Spit, threw morsels of that white, glossy fucking thing. I directed the just tip tô the beak, the white cream covered my dark nipple. There was a big drop hanging from my beak, beautiful şirinevler escort and more than anything else… Calling me tô be tasted.Jeff gasped, exhausted, but for me it was only the beginning. I needed it, I wanted tô know what the fucking taste of that man was, I managed tô stretch my tongue and I licked my chest, my beak. I felt the thickness of my own beak, I was surprised by the sweetness of that white cream… Tasty, hoteee…- That’s crazy, Jeff! Madness, madness.- What? Mother, mom!!! You, here… No!!!! Not that, no!- What is it, Jeff?- A kiss… There?! Now?- What does she want, Jeff, what?- Swear, swear it will be good, swear!- Tell Jeff, what?- Then kiss, I leave… Leave everything. Do it, mom, do it the way you want.I didn’t… I didn’t understand, because he knelt down and lay down against the back of the couch and showed me his naked white ass….. Smooth.- Jeff, no. No, Jeff, no… No!- I want to, do it…. Show me, prove tô me… Prove that you like me. Lick and puncture.- Not the ass, no, no… It’s very Jeff, very much.- Please, do it, do, mom, I’ll let it, let it go.Jeff started rubbing against the satin fabric of my couch, dissolute, languid, in a intense voluptuousness, rubbing that penis, staining the couch. The stick was growing, thickening.I became bewitched, in love, trapped. I grabbed his stalk again, shook and felt the blood rise, filling the beautiful limb. I masturbate my patient with will, imagining all I would do.I stuck my face in at once, there wasn’t even time tô feel guilty. The boy held back, froze completely, feeling my tongue shake at the entrance of that hole. The used ass, already abused, which made the movements easier. I licked inside, which was crazy, I stuck the tip of my tongue and felt the inside of a man’s ass. I felt his lust rise, dominate his reason.Jeff groaned in a scream, the cream wet my nails, I squeezed harder. The warmth of the cock warmed my fingers…. I vibrated inside, trembled… And got wet, yes I did wet my panties, I felt my sweat run down my thighs.I didn’t care.Lost and hooker….. I loved it, vibrated and spit it out, wet K’s ass.- What a delicious ass! Little ass like that it can’t be wasted! It has tô be well treated, well eaten, right? Huh?- Go, mom eat, eat me.- Mommy, go, eat well. My boy’s ass… My Jeff’s sweet ass…. See, you want to?- Fuck me mom, fuck me.- Three little fingers, right in the bottom, right in your ass.- Stick it in, stick it in!- I lied, I lied…. Whoever said that I held on, I put four on my boy, on my Jeff? That’s good, ok? Scratching like this, ooohhhh!!! Lift up, let me handjob you? For you cum tasty… Very tasty, cum, cumming it for mommy tô see.- I want tô eat you, let me eat you.I was on his side, masturbing ready tô feel the milk K coming, when we crossed our eyes…. That’s when I realized, only there I realized.- K!!! It’s you, you… No!!- Leave Jill, let… Come on, stay in dogstyle.- K, Jeff, no, it wasn’t…- Sssshh! My dick wants… Let. Let me fuck you! Let me… Let me know your pussy- Jeff! No, I am, I am the mother!- Turn Jill over and lie down.That was impressive, wonderful… Special.I got rid of the bra, the blouse and lay down… I lifted a greedy ass, I showed a wet, sweaty pussy. K went up my skirt and tore my panties, I was anxious… Like a virgin ready tô be deflowered, dishonored. K walked the mast between my lips, massaged my clit, stirred me with two fingers. It made me wet my thighs even more.I bit the lip and felt… I felt the rod ripping, shaving my lips. Slowly and constantly it opened me up, pierced me. K kept coming in, piercing… Until I could feel his pubes meeting up my ass. – AAaaaahhhhhh!!!!! KKKKmmmmmm!!!!- What pussy…. What a delight!The bodies began tô beat, tremble, crash… A wet sound was taking over the environment, mixed with the groans, the murmurs…. Aaaiiiiii, both. The addictive smell of sex took over, just tô drive me crazy, tô creep me out. I closed my eyes and rubbed my fingers, felt the moment, the second…- KKKKeee, KKKKmmm…. I, I uuuuuuuuu!!!!- Come, cum for me. Cumming….. Let me feel this pussy blinking; it’s sótasty, sówarm in here… And u’re hiding it from me.- Oh, don’t talk like that, don’t talk like that…. KKKKeee ooooohhhhI blinked, I blinked tasty, I blinked without fear, shame… I loved it, I loved it… Of four there lay with my patient fucking me with taste in a beautiful bitching. There I healed the guy, with that insane sex.My God, this is crazy!…Of course K still needed other sessions for us tô say finally that he was definitely cured, I just can’t say how many were really therapy sessions, after all they all ended up with the two naked, lying on the couch. We even had tô increase the number of sessions tô three per week.Too bad it was all over, but it was worth it for the memories, for all the dirty stuff.That’s it, kisses tô everyone. I hope you like it.If you liked it, please enjoy it, give it your grade, leave your comment.

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