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Picnic In The ParkPicnic in the ParkLinda had her eye on Frank for awhile now. He was a great coworker and they got along well. One day Frank asked if he could take her out for lunch. Linda happily accepted. So at noon hour they went off to lunch. Linda was surprised as Frank had pre-orderd there lunch and he had planned to have a picnic in the park. So they arived at the park and Frank carried the food and a blanket. He placed the blanket along the shores of the lake. It was a small park but very beautiful and cosy.After lunch they relaxed out on the blanket and Linda layed down on her tummy and Frank asked her if she wanted a massage. Linda said sure. Linda loved to feel his warm bakırköy escort strong hands on her back. She moaned in pleasure and Frank said,’Mmmm you sound like you’re enjoying this’ and to that Linda replied ‘Yes, I wished I was nude to get the full effect’ With that Frank slide his hands slowly under her top and Linda sat up for a second and pulled her top off and unfastened her bra. Frank was getting aroused but he continued to massge Linda’s back.Linda was moaning more and really enjoying his massage. Frank asked ” I wonder how you sound when making love” Linda said. ” You want to find out?’ with that, Frank leaned in to kiss Linda. Their beşiktaş escort tongues intertwined. Linda reached down to feel his hardness and she unzipped his pants and reached in to take out his massive hard on. Frank layed on his back and Linda started to kiss and lick his cock. She loved his cock. She loved sucking on the head of his cock and this was driving him wild. Frank lifted up her skirt and slid his finger into her already wet pussy. He started to finger fuck her. Linda said” Do you want to massage my pussy with your cock?’ YES Frank said.Linda layed down an spread her legs wide open to welcome him inside her. Linda felt him beylikdüzü escort enter and she felt herpussy being filled up by his cock. She moaned out and Frank said “That’s what I love to hear”. Frank slowly stared to fuck her pussy and gradually he started to fuck her faster and harder. His breathing increased and Linda was moaning and then she started to yell out. She clamped down on his cock as to keep him inside of her. Linda said “I want you to cum in my mouth and I want to taste my pussy juices” Frank got up and placed his cock inside of her mouth deeply. He started to mouth fuck her rapidly and he couldn’t hold back from cumming. He let out a loud moans of pleasure and with that Linda could feel his hot cum coating the back of her mouth. Linda swallowed his sweet cum and licked his wet cock. Frank and Linda got dressed and went back to the office. Frank said as they were heading up in the elevator. “Do you want to have lunch in the park tomorrow?” and she smiled and nodded yes.

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