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Pinky Promise Secret Fuck With Not My SisterMy hand slid up and down my slick erection inside my PJs, safely hidden under the covers of my cousin’s bed. My sister slept quietly beside me as I laid facing away from her, silently masturbating and fantasizing about what her body looked like underneath her nightshirt and sleeping shorts. I didn’t really have a thing for her, she drove me crazy most of the time. But, I did love her, and look up to her. And lately, I’d found her body more and more distracting. We have our own rooms at home. But, when we stay with my uncle we have to share a bed since all my cousins are guys. And laying here, all I could think about was her nipples, how dark or light they might be, whether she shaved her pussy or not, what her body tasted like. The longer I stroked my stiff cock, the further hte fantasy and curiousity went in my mind.I realized I was shaking the bed and I froze. Listening, listening. She didn’t move. I started to rub myself again, my eyes closing to imagine her legs open in front of me, letting me explore her body, almost like a teacher showing me how to do it. The hotness of the fantasy grew as it played out in my mind.Suddenly I felt her hand coming around my waist. Before I could react she was inside my pajama pants, feeling the gooey wetness around my erection.I flinched.”Shhh, relax dipshit,” she whispered in my ear. “You were shaking the bed. Let me show you how to do it.” Her fingers pushed underneath mine and closed around my hard dick. No one had ever touched me before. Her touch was unexpected, her fingertips started on the head of my penis, then traced down the shaft, cupping over my balls, then dragging back up. It made me shudder. She closed her palm around the head of my cock, collecting the slippery drippings from it and smoothing them around, sliding softly back down to the hilt, then back up.My breathing began to come up, I couldn’t help it. A low moan came out.”Like it, don’t you…?” She said softly. I felt her inch closer, her body pressing against the back of my legs. I nodded, gasping as she tickled the head of my cock with her fingernails, then spreading her fingers around my pole like a starfish until her palm nestled around the tip. She rotated to one side, then the other. It was unbelievable. I’d never thought to touch myself this way.”Oh god….” istanbul escort I mumbled. “Shhh dummy, uncle’s in the next room,” she whispered.My cock was so wet her hand slid easily up and down, emphasizing the front beneath the tip, just where I liked it. It was like she knew.”Mmmm, unnghhhh,” I bit my lip, the pleasure was so intense.”Tell me before you cum…” she said in my ear. Even her using the words was hot. She was gonna make me cum. I wanted to spray the inside of my PJs with it, feel her shooting me like a hose until the orgasm was spent. I didn’t even care.She was rubbing gently and quickly now, whacking at my slippery dick until the bed was shivering beneath us, perspiration coming out everywhere as I rose, rose closer and closer to a climax. Her mouth was so close to my ear I could hear her breathing. She was into it.”I’m gonna cum…” I whispered, feeling the point of no return almost upon me, like a dam about to burst in my body.To my surprise, she pulled her hand out of my pants. My body cried out against it, so close to satisfaction.”What’re you doing?” “Shut up, don’t think about it. You’ll like it,” she said. I felt the covers come off. She tugged at my PJs and pulled them off with my undies. My dick popped out, snapping against my skin. I looked down. She crouched on my legs with her face close to my dick, took me in one had and pointed it towards her mouth. Her eyes came up to mine. “You ready for this?”My heart was in my mouth. Was she about to suck my dick? I think I must have nodded, but I can’t be sure. “You can’t tell anyone, ever. Promise?””Yeah!” I said, more enthusiastically then I meant to.She smirked at me, that snarky smirk that had made me laugh so many times. “Perv…” she quipped, opened her mouth and took the tip of my throbbing hard-on between her soft lips. Her tongue dragged down the shaft as my cock disappeared into her mouth. My body felt like butter, all my senses focusing on the feeling of her warm wet touch on my dick. Her hand played with my balls as she went up and down on me, licking and massaging me. Her tongue curled around my balls and licked underneath them while her hand caressed my shaft. I watched with wonder, too cum drunk to react any other way. But, it was a little shocking to be getting avcılar escort a blowjob from my sister. Shocking and super erotic.Then she came off me again. I looked at her suddenly, and she made a “shushing” sign with her finger against the mouth. She sat up on top of me and pulled her t shirt up and over her head. Her breasts bounced out into the open air, shadowy and sexy in the low light of the bedroom. I was mesmerized by her toplessness. But, didn’t have long to focus on it as she pulled her shorts off too. In only panties, she straddled me, her hands on my chest for balance. The warmth and softness inside her thighs enveloped my pelvis, the soft cotton of her panties sliding over the length of my dick. She looked down at me from above, beginning to grind forward and back over my penis, driving the V between her legs down against me. It felt amazing.In a minute, her eyes began to get heavy, her breasts moving up and down with deeper breathing as she pleasured herself against my body. She humped against me with deep back and forth strokes. A sexy aroma rose up to my nose from where our bodies drove against each other. My hands felt awkward against the sheets. I didn’t know where to put them.”You can touch me if you want to…” she whispered. Her head falling forward, chin to chest as she continued to grind. I put my hands on her hips, feeling the shape of them, then felt down her thighs, then back up, my fingers inside the elastic of her panties on the sides. Her body felt so soft, the lines of it erotically fascinating. Then I massaged up her ribs and felt her boobs for the first time, fingering her nipples curiously. Her head came up, then fell back, her hair messily dr****g across her open mouth. I’ve never thought she looked so sexy.She began to make soft moaning sounds, almost like a sigh as her accelerated breaths left her lungs. They fell in time with her pelvis driving forward against my penis. I felt the slit between her legs sliding up and down on either side of my cock through her panties. They became slippery as my drippy dick coated them, darkening the spot where our bodies touched.Suddenly, she pulled her panties to one side and slipped my dick underneath them. I instantly felt the warm wet folds of her pussy sliding along my hard shaft. “I want to feel you, just on şirinevler escort the outside…” she said. I did not argue. Her body felt amazing. I could see a few little curls of pubic hair poking out around the edge of her panties where my dick now vanished from view. She rotated her hips up and back, coating my skin with so much wet slippery wonderful that it accelerated my own pleasure and I fond myself humping against her to increase the feeling.”Oh god…oh fukkk…” she whispered, as if the sexual feelings were taking control of her. I drove harder into her, digging deeper into the soft crevice between the petals of skin that now sucked at my cock as she slide back and forth. “Ohhh, ohhmygod yesyes…” her brow furrowed and she showed her teeth as she humped faster and faster.”Fuck it, I want you inside me. You can’t cum though, ok?” Without stopping for an answer, her fingers appeared on my cock and pointed me strait up inside her and I felt my sister’s body take my cock into the hot opening inside her panties, penetrating her easily with all the slippery wetness. Suddenly it hit me, we were fucking. She was my first time. It was perfect.”Ohhhh, fukkkkkkkk…” she said, looking down at me and beginning to slide up and down on my dick. The feeling was unbelievable, being inside her like that. I felt her insides moving back and forth against my skin, her muscles contracting and pulling at me. In her face I could see she was loving it. The more I pumped up with my hips, the more she responded. Seen I was driving hard into her and she was pounding down against me.”Ohfukohfuk I’m gonna cumm, don’t stop…” I drilled into her, watching her body fold down as she fell off one hand and onto her elbow, the orgasm making her shudder. She fought to stay quiet, but it took effort. I felt my own orgasm about to break and remembered her words “don’t cum in me”.I pulled out just as my white jizz shot out everywhere, sliding against the outside of her vagina as pools of cum formed on my chest. She continued to pulse with the tail end of her orgasm as we came together, the waves of it sweeping over us. Then she fell against me and rolled off panting. She started laughing.”Can’t lie, that was hot.” She smiled at me, held out her hand, pinky extended. “Good job little brother. Our secret, right?””Our secret,” I said, taking her pinky with mine, then picking up my underwear and wiping the cum off myself. She snatched them from my hands and wiped herself off first. Then she tossed them back at me playfully.”Go to sleep,” and she turned over, still naked. And, I have to admit, I fell asleep staring at her naked butt, wondering if she knew.

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