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Play Party TimeI have not written anything for sometime as all 3 of us has been very busy with our nilla life & our D/s lifestyle. Since my last post, all is going very well.diana has been away with her daughter for 2 weeks, they went off to Phuket, Thailand. Which was very good for both of them. alice & I had a great night at a play party which is not advertised, to attend you must get an invite, we had not been to this party for sometime, for us, heavy play is open to one & all, in the lead up to this night, we regularly keep in contact with sandra, who now lives in Sydney & is in the Sydney scene, I invited her to come along with us to this party, which she was very happy to do. I had alice dress in a short Red & Black dress (with nothing under it) with a Black leather bra with Black stockings & of course the Black leather Collar. sandra asked what she should wear, some months back she had bought a very sexy Black latex skirt with a thin Red strip down both sides, the top was a light black almost see through which looked wonderful. As well as my protection Collar.Sam and cindy were also at the Party, all 5 of us met up in the lounge upstairs for a chat & catch up. cindy had a 1 piece Black latex outfit on that ended 3″s above istanbul escort the knee’s with black heels & a very nice Collar from a leather shop at Newtown.After we all chatted I took both girls into a play room near the stairs, we watched a Mistress caning her boy, he took around 50 strokes & was in sub-space. After their play ended I had both girls strip naked, then placed alice on the X with sandra at the back of the X, that way sandra is able to run her fingers over alice’s body & provide soft kisses, all while alice is flogged & canned.alice was in sub-space very quickly & by the time I landed the 40th stroke she let out a smallish gush, which sandra let out a “Oh No I missed it ?” At that I took hold of alice’s long hair & pulled her head back & kissed her hard, biting her on the upper lip, which set her off again, this time sandra was in position & caught most of alice’s cum following that up with giving alice’s pussy a very good suck & clean. I followed this with a good spanking for around 10 minutes, it was then that I noticed there was about 15 to 20 people squashed into the rear of the room watching our avcılar escort play.I took alice down, placing her on a wooden bench, giving her a drink of water, then replaced her on the X with sandra, she still had alice’s cum on parts of her face & over one breast, I started flogging her & pulling her hair & kissing her (and tasting my slaves cum, which I find HOT) this followed by a good paddling & pin wheeling. sandra was also into sub-space, she is very different to my 2 slaves, once she is in sub-space, she can’t talk & her eyes roll. She does gush but not as much as my 2 slaves.I packed my toy bag up, placed both sets of clothes on top of my bag & we returned to the lounge room, it was here that alice begged me to take her, I looked at sandra & she too had that look on her face of needing to be taken. Out came 2 sets of rope, I tied both arms behind their backs & then their hair knotting it onto both their wrists laying them over an arm of the lounge. Off came my boots leathers & I took both there & then. alice came within 5 or 6 strokes & went out to it again. Walking around to sandra, her legs were wide open, pussy lips were swollen & open, I entering her she let out a huge groan, which şirinevler escort had everyone in the room grin, apart from one girl (don’t know if she is a sub or slave) who was directed by her Mistress not to watch.sandra started begging me to fuck her harder, which I did, I could tell she wasn’t far from cuming, neither was I. A short time later, I filled her little body full of my sperm.I left both tied up over the lounge for some 20 minutes, while recovering. After this I had both girls dress & walk downstairs, where we chatted with many others that we knew, it was here that we watched Sam spanking cindy over his lap, her butt was red !!! she was deep in sub-space & Sam had a huge smile on his face.It was then that I looked at my watch, it was 2-45am !!I told my slave to get ready to leave, alice asked me if sandra could come home with us, I told her yes if she wanted to, so on being asked by alice, all 3 of us walked down the stairs towards the car.About 35 minutes later we arrived home, we got into the large shower down stairs, followed by hitting the bed sheets, but not before cuffing alice’s left ankle with the chain & lock. I don’t do that with another girl in my bed as the 2nd chain cuff belongs to diana.This was the ending of a great night.Before we got home, we were stopped by Police for an RBT, which wasn’t an issue, lucky the girls were still dressed in the back seat.The next morning both girls spent many minutes in the hallway checking their butts out in the mirror, so much so I had to Order them both to get my breakfast going !!diana I know you have read this & yes you’re turn has arrived.

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