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SOLUTION AT Academic Writers Bay Please answer the following questions. Appropriate answers should be approximately 1-2 pages in length (double spaced). 1) Discuss the social and economic changes that led to the adoption of Jim Crow laws and segregation. How did some African-Americans resist these laws? 2) Many of the characteristics of modern Georgia can be traced to changes that occurred during the Great Depression and World War II. What changes during those times have had an impact on Georgia in the late-20th to early 21stcenturies? 3) Choose two leaders from the Civil Rights Movement in Georgia, and describe their impact on the movement and on subsequent events in the state. 4) In your opinion, what are 2-3 of the most important characteristics of modern Georgia (since around 1980)? Be sure to support your answer with material from the readings. Bonus: Briefly (1-2 pages) discuss how immigration has shaped Georgia from the founding of the state up until the present day.   CLICK HERE TO GET A PROFESSIONAL WRITER TO WORK ON THIS PAPER AND OTHER SIMILAR PAPERS

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