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pssst…..wake up !When you told me you woke up on the verge of orgasm……really really close is how you put it…….it excited me really really a lot.I can only think of being there with you as you whisper in my ear to arouse me from my sleep that you just had the most awesome dream of us together and you were about to cum but needed a little assistance. It’d not take long for me to come to my senses and assist you in every way possible for you to complete the journey of that wonderful dream. My first touch would of course be to kiss your soft lips, and at the same time I’d reach with my other pendik escort hand for your always welcoming breasts and those spectacular nipples that seems to harden to my every touch. This morning however, they’d already be stiff anticipating my fingertips’ stroke. You tongue would be reaching for mine and suddenly your hands are down my pj bottoms and you have my stiff cock in your soft hands and my free hand quickly finds the wet nest between your soft thighs. I know this is not going to take long from your moans and the wetness I find with my lurking kartal escort hand. Our tongues keep blending and you offer yours out to me as you know I love to suck on it and take every drop of you in to my mouth, all the while you are rubbing my cock which by now is swollen with my pre-cum and your fingers are rubbing in my slippery cum all over my cock head. Your moistness does not subside one bit as we caresses one another and I am so tempted to slip down there for a taste, but I continue on with my finger on your hardened clit and the warm maltepe escort wet sides of your insides. Ok , I just couldn’t take it any longer, so I’m down on your hot spot with my mouth in the next instant and the second my tongue hits your playful clit, and I’m taking in that wonderful sweet pussy smell you have, your first wave of orgasm hits and your liquid cum erupts all over me and I opened my mouth wide so as to get a drink of it… is delicious to the taste, but my cock is now shivering and wanting to explode as well…..quickly, I’m inside you thrusting with my hard cock deeper and deeper with each pulse it seems and your orgasms are still relinquishing that sweet love juice and then I blast my cum deep inside you….pulsing with each spurt and feeling your legs wrapped around me tightly and pulling me closer with each jolt.Good morning to you as well baby.I love you,

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