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Real First DateFirst Real Date:One day Mom said one of her boyfriend’s nephew who was 17 (a couple years older than I was) was openly gay.. She told me she set up a date for us. My heart pounded being asked out as a girl. She said I she would take me to meet him when the time came. Well, a few days later she told me the boy would meet me and wanted to take me out to the movies. He had a driver’s license and could use his brother’s car. On that Saturday, she picked out my outfit a cute black pleased skirt, black seamed stockings, pink satin lace trim garter-belt, black lace panties with white ruffles on the back, pink satin lace trim bra, tight red sweater and cute pink pumps. She did my makeup- pink eye shadow, eye liner, foundation, blush, etc. pink lip liner and of course my shoulder length black wig that outlined my face. I was a real girl felt so natural dressed like this and going on my first real date.She drove me to meet him in a bowling alley parking lot. He was waiting. He walked over to the car and opened the door, introducing himself (Frank), he put out his hand to help me out. He looked at me and said WOW. We walked hand-in-hand to his car as I looked pendik escort back at mom and she was smiling. He took me to a drive-in food place and we sat in the car and talked kissed a few times between eating. Then we went to the movies a few towns away. We walked in again holding hands and sat in the balcony with the other teen couples. I got many looks by other boys and men and heard them mutter WOW she’s is a real doll, or, mmmmmm cute. We did what all couples do at the movies. Hugged and made out. Yes making out lots of making out. First time someone wanted to please me. All I ever did was please others. Men Cumming in my mouth or inside me, on me and leaving, calling me a slut, boys pounding their cocks in my mouth for a few seconds then dropping a load and laughing as they walked away. Now kissing a boy who likes me for who and what I am. Treating me like a real girl kind, gentle and wanting to please me. We were making out tongue sucking hands moving over each other’s body. His hand rubbing my leg then moving up under my skirt, his hand hit my bare thighs above the tops of my stockings and I moaned and leaned back in kartal escort the seat. He looked at me and smiled as I did. His hand moved up higher and he ran it across my hard clitty cock pushing out my satin panties. He started jerking me and I came so dam fast gushing cum all over my panties and in his hand. The couple a few seats over thought he was finger fucking me. He pulled his cum covered hand from under my skirt and put it to his lips and licked it clean. Then he bent over kissed me and shared it with me. I was still leaking. I whispered to him “I’m all yours” We walked out after the show holding hands and my head on his chest with cum running down my leg over my stockings from my soaked panties.As soon as we got in the car I slide over the bench seat and kissed him His tongue darted in my mouth and I flicked mine over his, our lips met tight and our tongues met each others like they were in a sword fight.As he drove away I unzipped his pants and gave him a blow job till we got to the local”make-out” parking place. He laid me down on the seat and lifted my skirt, pulled off my panties and took my shaved smooth clitty maltepe escort cock in his mouth started sucking me as his fingered my girly hole. I was moaning and humping his mouth grinding my little clitlit to his lips. He pulled up and over me leaning down pressing his wet cum coated lips to mine. I felt his hand on my hips lifting then up a little then his rock hard cock meet my waiting gurl pussy. I muttered “yessss” and hunched upward as he pushed and his cock slide in me. I felt more like a girl at that moment then I ever did before.We were in perfect rhythm as we made love for the first time. It only lasted a few minutes before he unloaded his hot cum deep inside me. I lifted upward when I felt the first flood of cum and held him tight wishing I could get pregnant. He squirted over and over as his cock pulsated in me. He pulled out with a stream of cum following running down my ass and pooling on my skirt. He leaned back and I lay there both of us panting for a few minutes. Afterwards we talked for a long time with my head on his shoulder like two lovers would do.He drove me to meet mom walked me to her car and we kissed goodbye.At home mom and talked about my real first date she was so happy for me and wanted to know every little detail which I was more then egger to share with her.Frank and I continued to date as boyfriend and girlfriend when we could all through school until he went to college. I can say he was the only male I truly loved.

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