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Room mate wanted Part 4After meeting and having sex with both Ted and Jill i knew that there would be more three sums in the works but never did i figure on this happening. It was early morning and i was just laying around the house when the phone rang it was Jill she asked if Ted was around i told her no he had gone to work and wouldn’t be back for at least eight hours if not more. Jill said wonderful it was time that we girl’s get together and have some fun. I was not sure what that meant but i figured i would be finding out soon enough.Jill instructed me to use the bath beads Ted had bought for me as it would make my body smell incredible just like a girl should. After bathing i was to put on the short skirt and see through top that Ted purchased for me and the matching bra and pantie set as well . Jill said that i was not to tell Ted anything or leave him any type of note. I told Jill she was in charge and i would do as she wished. A half hour later Jill pulled up and said are you ready ? I just nodded Jill told me every thing would be alright . Ted would find out soon enough just how sexy i could be . As i got in the car Jill told me too slide over closer to her . While Jill was driving she was constantly running her hand up my leg starting kurtköy escort at my calf all the way up to my inner thigh. My little clit was now as erect as it had ever been Jill just smiled and started stroking it under my skirt my panties pulled off to the side. Jill just smiled and said you really like that all i could do is mumble yes as i was close to cumming in my panties . Then Jill suddenly pulled her hand away and smiled see what a prick tease a girl can be you will learn to use this to get what you want from Ted. We arrived at a business called Rhonda’s Boutique i looked puzzled Jill just said do you trust me Jamie? I nodded Jill said every thing will be fine you will find out how girls look so sexy for their man. With that i was ushered inside by Jill to meet Rhonda she was one of Jill’s closest friends. Rhonda just looked at me and said girl you are right we can definitely do some thing with this one. Jill and Rhonda brought me back to another room where i was told to take off all my clothes and put on a satin robe . The door opened it was Rhonda accompanied by two other ladies Rhonda introduced them as Samantha and Peggy now Samantha was a knock out blonde she was at least five foot ten inches without any maltepe escort heels on very long legs and a nice tight ass to match. Peggy on the other hand was short about five foot two inches but had a rack that wouldn’t quit at least a forty four DD if not more What i didn’t know is that both of these ladies had been brought to Rhonda by Jill and they were both transexual but very passable. Rhonda said that these ladies would assist her with the feminization process and when i was done with this process i would never have to shave any area but my bikini area. The electrolysis was painful but before i knew it was done . Samantha just smiled at me and before i could blink Peggy had Samantha’s skirt up around her waist and her thong moved off to the side freeing a now hardening little clit Rhonda just looked at me and with that i was on my knees sucking Samantha’s little clit. I took Samantha’s little clit in my mouth with ease as i was now used to sucking Ted’s monster cock. Peggy came up behind me and started lubing up my gurl pussy and then i could feel Peggy enter me with her small thin five inch clit and start fucking me . Rhonda left the room but when she came back she had not only Jill with her but an incredibly kartal escort sexy black male named Marcus. Jill asked Samantha to pull her little clit out of my mouth so that it could be replaced by Jill’s ten inch dildo . Marcus now took Peggy’s place and my now well lubed pussy was being invaded by what felt like a telephone pole it had to be at least eleven inches long but not as thick as Ted’s . I loved being fucked by Marcus and wished Ted was there to see it’ as he would really be jealous. It seemed like forever when Marcus finally groaned and i could feel him shooting spurt after spurt into my pussy i was in seventh heaven. Jill had me dressed and on the way back to the house she told me she would get me the estrogen i needed to grow the rack i always wanted . Once at the house Jill had me naked and it wasn’t long before i was between her spread legs licking on her throbbing clit also placing my tongue in Jill’s pussy i was loving it soon my face was being flooded with Jill’s pussy juice Jill had at least two orgasms and then she asked me would you like to fuck me I replied Yes mistress and with that i put Jill’s legs on my shoulders and entered Jill’s moist pussy i was so aroused by every thing that had gone on during the day i did not last very long before i came in Jill’s pussy . Jill said you know when Ted gets home he is going to fuck you like there is no tomorrow I just smiled knowing that i had been fucked by some one who was bigger than Ted and surely would at some point fuck me in Ted’s presence.

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