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Samantha’s Psychedelic FuckSamantha was 19 years old when her and her family went on a beach vacation to Florida. She was big on smoking marijuana, vaping, and drinking and was known by her peers to be a cheap fuck and horny whore. Her body was luscious with a juicy ass and full D cup breasts that bounced when she walked, straight dirty blonde hair, firm thick legs, and green eyes that shone like jewels. One night after a heavy smoking and masturbation session, she snuck out of the beach house to go and chill in the salty waters. Her mind was spinning and she couldn’t focus on a single star when she looked into the midnight sky. As she began to drift further into the cold water, she slowly descended underneath. Just as her head was completely submerged, something grabbed her ankle. Something extremely powerful. As she was pulled further into the the depths of the sea her clothes began to rip off from the high velocity. She screamed and inhaled the salty water and it stung her insides. As the black depths turned to light, she found herself in a kind of cell. It was hot, dim, the air was thick. A large and muscular figure approached her as she laid on the floor bakırköy escort gasping and spitting up water. The figure had red skin, veiny arm and leg muscles, and deep yellow eyes. As Shyla gazed in awe upon the Demon getting closer to her, he began to speak to her. “You are in a multidimensional world. Here, time is stopped. Everything on Earth stands still. Beings from hundreds of galaxies meet here. I can make a deal with you Samantha” Sami sat up in curiosity and replied in her gentle voice “Tell me please…” The Demon said back to her “I can grant any wish you may want only under the terms that you be my sexual servant and agree to do anything I desire. If you do not comply, you will be returned to the deepest floors of the ocean on Earth and left to drown. Nobody will ever know what happened of you.” Sami’s heart raced and her thoughts scrambled “I, have no wishes at this moment…” “Then in the meantime, you will serve me” 10 Days Later (Interdimensional Time)The Demon ravaged Sami’s now gaped asshole. Puddles of cum surrounded the two. Her arms chained behind her back and her legs bound to the legs of the table she beşiktaş escort is bent over. She screams and cries in a combination of pain and pleasure. She has grown 1 foot taller, her breasts now triple D’s, her ass still firm but bigger in diameter. She no longer has a vagina, it has since been replaced by a 5 foot long cock that is 20 inches in diameter. As her gaped asshole is destroyed even further, her erect cock hangs from the table. The Demon angrily in bounds Sami and stands her up. Heavy amounts of cum drop from her ass hole which is then filled again by the Demon’s cock, which is just as large as hers. The Demon forces Sami’s Head to look down at her cock’s tip. She instinctively knows to begin to suck it. The Demon has enhanced her body and made an uncountable amount of changes. She is completely flexible now. She pushes her own cock completely into her throat. She grunts as she forces the meat further into her worthless cum whore body. Once it is all down her throat and into her stomach, the Demon Begins fucking her again. He pounds out at least 10 thrusts every 5 seconds. He pulls Sami’s hair and grips her hips beylikdüzü escort tightly. As he feels her tending up to cum, he pumps her deeper and harder. The claps of his balls against hers rings throughout the dimension for all to hear. As she orgasms, Sami pumps herself with gallons of cum from her hugs cock and balls. It pulsates inside of her and forcefully expands her stretchy stomach. She uncontrollably twitches and seized up. Her cock flinging out of her body and shooting gallons of cum everywhere. She grips is and guides it back into her mouth which is now overflowing with her load. The Demon yells and grunts as he releases his 50th load into Sami’s asshole. The burning hot load shoots deep into her before overflowing and leaking out notice the floor. The Demon pulls out and throws her into the slippery cum flooded floor. As she still twitches and moans and screams from her raging climax, the Demon kisses her deeply. He sucks her cum out of her mouth and throat. But most importantly, he is sucking her will and her soul out of her. As he walks away from her limp body, her inhumanly huge cock recedes, and her juicy vagina returns. But this isn’t the end. Her wish will definitely come true. She will stay here for the rest of eternity. In fact, after what felt like a few short minutes, the Demon is already returning with two other clients beside him. Two aliens from faraway galaxies that are traveling and need a satisfying fuck. TO BE CONTINUED

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