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Seduced by our friends daughterThis all started about 3 years ago while waiting to pick up my lad from school. I was busy playing a game on my phone when there was a knock on the window. Looking up I saw our close friends Daughter Chloe waving to me and on opening the window asked how she was doing. “Are you coming to our house on new years eve again”. I had not given it much thought as I had not seen or spoken to her mum really much since last new years eve but said yes and looking forward to the night. She gave me a cute smile and walked off home and nothing else much happened to think there could be any other hidden agenda on the horizon. Chloe was only a baby when i married my c***dhood sweetheart and that was 15 years ago and I had not really noticed her in any other way except that she was our friends daughter. Skip to 3 weeks later and Christmas had come and gone and it was new years eve once again. Over the last 3 weeks I had noticed that Chloe had started to comment on my facebook posts and message me something that she had never done in the past and again thinking nothing of it we used to have a old natter on messanger for a good half hour or so each time.Anyway we set off and arrived shortly later at our friend Paula’s house where upon we were greeted and a beer was thrust into my hand and off i went into the living room and made myself comfy. It was 6pm and the night was going to be a long one so I got in the best seat I could find. I was in there by myself as the others were in the kitchen talking when Chloe walked in wearing just a knee length nightshirt which again I though nothing of it as in the past it was a tradition I suppose you could say for all of them to have a shower before the party started. However looking up at her as she past me and sat down she jumped on the couch which let her legs fly up in the air and that was it I saw everything. She had no knickers on and I got a good look at her sweet pussy which looked amazing but what got me was that her legs remained wide open for what seemed and eternity. My cock was rock hard and straining under my jeans and when she finally closed her legs I looked up to see her staring directly at me with a wicked halkalı escort smile. I felt myself go red and took a big swig of beer whereupon the others arrived in the room. The festivities went on as usual through the evening but I could not get the sight of Chloe out of my head. This young girl had now developed into a beautiful young woman and now I was seeing her in a totally new light. After nipping to the loo for a pee for the upteenth time I popped into the kitchen for another beer and I was in the fridge when Chloe walked in went to the freezer to get some ice and on closing the door her nipples were sticking out like little jelly tots sweets and I could not take my eyes off her breasts again noticing for the first time that she indeed have a great pair of breasts and again making eye contact she was smiling back at me and turned to walk away however she stopped moving away and bent down as if to touch her toes and on doing so the nightdress rode up at the back and she pulled it higher to reveal her ass which she then stepped backwards so her arse was against my groin and started to wiggle it in a teasing motion. I looked up to make sure nobody was coming which with the layout of the kitchen you were well hidden and could see if anyone was coming well in advance but the view was empty so I asked Chloe what she was doing and that she will get me into so much trouble. She said ” Dont you like what im doing” I replied that I did very much but this was an avenue we could not venture down and that I was flattered that she felt that way. I could feel the heat from her pussy on my groin and she put her hand behind herself and grabbed my cock through my trousers and said ” looks like you are enjoying it Mr C” and stood up and went off into mingle with the crowd. It was closing in on Midnight and I found myself once again visiting the loo. Now Paula’s house is huge and she has an abundance of loos and on finding the main one in use I nipped to the other side of the house to relieve myself. I was in the process of peeing when Chloe suddenly appeared through the door and closed it behind her and locked it. “What are nişantaşı escort you playing at young lady we are going to get crucified if we get caught”. “They are all too far drunk to notice who is there and who is not so just relax”. My cock was still out and she went and grabbed it and the moment her hand touched it it was rockhard and she started to rub it up and down. “you have done this before havent you” I said looking at her standing there.”nope, just watched porn” she said giggling “You have such lovely toes” I stated . “Do you like toes then Mr C”. “Oh yes Im a definate foot worshiper” I said taking a good look at her feet. With that she repositioned herself and she sat on the sink unit and took her nightdress off and was there in front of me completely naked. “Strip for me Mr C” she said. This I did in a split second and then took one of her feet and started to suck on her toes oh my god the felt so soft and were yummy and sucked each toe with a****l passion and could not stop. She started to rub my cock with her other foot and oh my it was amazing. I swapped feet and continued this for what seemed like ages until she said she wanted to try and suck my cock. Who was I to stop this young woman exploring her sexuality. I got on the floor and she positioned herself over me. I instructed her to get into the 69 position so I could please her at the same time. She go ontop of me and there I saw my prize. Her fanny was there an inch from my face and as I stuck out my tongue I felt her mouth go over my cock and she started to suck and lick. I savoured the moment before licking that beautiful pussy and she was so wet and the moan she let out from my tongue gave me more confident and made me start to buck and fuck her mouth. My wife’s pussy was never as wet as this and did not taste anywhere as nice and I kept lapping it up. Her body went rigid and she cried out and shuddered in a huge climax with a couple of huge squirts I was drenched. She stopped licking and rolled off me and layed on the floor motionless.”Are you okay” I said rubbing her bum cheek. “God Mr C that was amazing, I feel like im on fire. I want you şişli escort to fuck me. Fuck me like they do in the porn movies”. I positioned myself between her legs which she spread them wide my cock was at the entrance to her pussy and I said “I havent got a jonny”. “Dont worry about that Im on the pill just be careful”I eased forward and the noise her pussy was making was amazing the squelching just made me more horny and after a little restraint I felt a pop and i was in balls deep. Chloe made a little squeal then purred out a low moan which I new she was enjoying this. I began to thrust slowly into her and took again her foot and sucked on her toes while fucking her. She started to moan louder and louder as time went on and at that point I was no longer bothered I fucked her for all I was worth and sooner than I hoped I started to feel the build up in my groin and said I was going to come. ” Fuck me harder” she moaned which i did and then I exploded into her and I kept going filling her up more and more. I cried out and the final thrusts emptied my balls and then I felt her shuddering under me and she climaxed too. I leaned forward and she looked into my eyes and said ” thankyou” and kissed me very passionately on the lips, tongue darting in my mouth flung her arms over me and kissed me harder. When we seperated my cock had shrunk but was coated in our juices. Chloe got on her knees and started to suck my cock and she did a great job of cleaning it. “My god Mr C that was amazing and you have just made me want more”. “You have all the time in the world to get as much as you want but for now clean up and lets get back to the crowd. But before you go I want one more taste of your pussy”. She bent over and I sucked and licked like it was my last night I ate her out good and proper and started to give her a sample of her ass by licking her hole and probe it gently before leaving her hanging. “You cant leave me like this” she moaned. “I am to keep you keen”. “Ive always been keen MR C . Our late chats on messanger used to get me horny and I used to finger myself while we spoke and it was then I decided that I want you to be my first”. I got dressed and went back to the party and Im sure I stank of sex but my wife was there talking to Paula and seeing me gave me a right long kiss on the lip[s as did Paula if only they knew where my mouth had been… Me and Chloe had many more adventures and even now are still meeting up but these are other stories and if you want to know about them message me and we will see

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