SEX VIDS AND THE PETITE MAFIAIn my younger, dumber, and more sought-after days, I sometimes made money by getting paid to have sex in front of the cameras. The Memphis gentlemen (and I use the term loosely) who produced these little triple X videos were a little syndicate (or sin-de-dick) of tough guy wannabes. Two of them were pretty nice, tried to produce a quality product, and could even laugh at themselves. Three others seemed to be humorless pod people who, while not Sicilian, admired the organized side of crime and the cold enforcement of agreements. I leaned a little about video production and sometimes had behind-the-camera jobs such as holding a reflector screen, operating a 2nd cam, helping arrange the set, or getting utilized as a gopher. Typically, I insisted on the same two guys for my sex scenes because I did not want to expose myself to microbes that their other studs might have and some of the guys were only dicks without attractive faces so I was not attracted to them. I did not want to get banged by some tattooed thug-looking muscle man if I felt he was not a Greek God from Mount Olympus. If he were not great, he might have some sort of bacteria or viruses that mortals could have. I’m not much of an actress so I need to be attracted to the guy to pretend I really want him. I would even reject some females as lovers if they were into heavy “partying” or into activities that were unhealthy and i*****l. With a stud I trusted, sex vids seemed pretty close to making my vacation my vocation. I was making money doing what I like to do. Mike and Jay were good-looking, friendly, and well-muscled guys. One scene I did with them involved being invited into their apartment. We were supposed to be young singles that had just met and they were going to put the moves on me once they had me at their place. I shunned their initial advances but did not leave. On the couch, I was between these two studs and the cameras shot every angle of the three of us as we talked, laughed, and the guys coyly put their hands on my legs and I, with good humor would remove their hands. Their hands kept return to my legs and each time a little higher under the edge of my semi-short skirt. I laughed as they got their hands to the top of my thigh high hose and caressed the bare skin on my upper thighs. But I would still remove the hands when they would venture closer to my crotch. The script then had the guys distract me looking one way while Jay would get one blouse button unbuttoned and then I would look the other way and Mike would get another blouse button unbuttoned. Then I expressed shock to see that my blouse was open and my skimpy and sheer demi bra was on full display. istanbul escort But instead of closing my blouse the guys got me talking about my bra and mode of dress. The cameras focused in on extreme close ups of my cleavage and pink see-through cups. Mike and Jay little by little removed my blouse and closely examined the uplift bra and had me explain the dynamics of the underwired support, the cleavage, the lace pattern, the straps, and finally the hooks as they were unhooked. The close-up lens allowed my nipple and areola to fill the screen as the discussion shifted to my large breasts. The coyness was soon dropped and the three of us got into some serious making out. My skirt was first raised up and later pulled off. Soon, as scripted, we had two nude fellas and one nude girl, except for my thigh highs. I got down to sucking Jay’s dick and balls while Mike was busy fingering and spreading my pussy. The camera lingered at my pussy as Mike manipulated and spread me open for the camera’s eye. There were breaks as always as the two cameras changed angles. But even with the pauses, it was fun. How could it not be with such attractive “actors”. The script called for a double penetration with one dick in my pussy and the other in my ass but I vetoed that in favor of both dicks in my pussy. It was just what I felt like at the time. So there we were fucking on the couch with the crew up close all around and two large dicks in my vagina. Doubles are not my favorite thing but this day everything was going right and I got into being over-filled by these two well-hung studs. It was a fun day and I even enjoyed watching the post production vid editing. But, things were not always so rosy at the studio. I was often being pressured to do scenes I did not want to do. I could and did say “no” to a lot but this was not pleasant as the mafia wannabees did not like an actress having it her way. “No, I will not do that gang bang vid with those thugs.” “No, I am not going to make it with that Chesapeake Bay retriever.” “No, I’m not going to act in a vid where I’m sacrificed to Satan.” However, there was a time, where I did finally agree to one of these due to economic pressure and front office persuasion, and then decided to back out. So, the little syndicate flexed their muscles. After meeting my co-star and telling them okay for the pile of money mentioned I went home and changed my mind. I did not want to be humped by a canine. Yes, the Chesapeake Bay retriever was nice. Yes, the retriever was smart (smarter than some guys). Yes, the b**st would not have avcılar escort anything done to him he did not want as I was to be in a recipient role with no acts I was to perform on him. I was not worried about the actor on four legs. I was only worried about maybe maintaining my last shred of human dignity. They threw a fit and implied that something bad could happen to me if I backed out. I told them I was not scared of them and they had better be scared of me, “My redneck friends have all sorts of guns and they kill all sorts of game and they certainly could take this studio apart. Some have degrees from Ole Miss and could hunt down anyone who threatens me.” My tirade worked, and the pod people backed down and tried to make nice. There were some sore feelings for a while but later I was called back in for more “work”. About two months after playing the redneck friends card, I was asked to be on the set for some more behind-the-camera duties. My friend, Sheila, was a sweet carefree red-haired buxom 5’3” cutie. She was the actress and star of the vid. I did not know who else would be involved. In was no accident that I was called to be on the set for this particular vid because Sheila’s costar was Dempsey, the same Chesapeake Bay retriever I had met briefly. Sheila was in her usual good mood. I know she was not into d**gs, prescription d**gs, or even drinking. But I was surprised to see her so carefree for such a way out genre as this vid.The first scenes involved her walking around in the kitchen and stopping occasionally to pet Dempsey. She had the scent of cooked chicken on her so Dempsey was following her closely everywhere. Then followed a bathtub scene where Sheila’s nude curves are first seen. Coming out of the bathroom in a robe she sat on the couch and began to read. Her robe opens a bit and with some more scent prompting, Dempsey licked her crack below her red pubic hair. Sheila smiled like it was mildly humorous and no big deal. They wanted a longer licking scene but were having some trouble getting shots that were more than five seconds or so. The script had it that the initial licks of Dempsey would turn her on and that she would play with herself and get even more turned on. Sheila played with her pussy, spread her pussy when Dempsey’s snout came close and masturbated. They finally got the shots they needed for this first part.The next sequence involved Sheila on the floor on her hands and knees. She was bottomless and her night shirt was hiked up in front to show her hanging jugs but pulled down in the back to protect her from the paw nails. Dempsey was supposed to hop up on her and get into some real şirinevler escort doggie position sex. But now he seemed suddenly more interested in licking her crack and ass hole. He was much more interested in licking now than when they wanted licking. He would hop up on her but would then back off. He had something of an erection before Sheila manipulated his balls and dick. Sheila briefly playing with them brought forth a larger erection. After an hour of failure and discussions, there were some moments when Dempsey mounted and started humping but not with an insertion. Another hour of frustration passed and it was decided to break and try again tomorrow after lunch. The next afternoon was a surprise. Within five minutes Dempsey mounted the playful Sheila and went at it. Suddenly, the two camera guys and a girl holding a remote light were busy because they did not know how long this would last or if they would ever get another chance to capture this scene. I was told to pick up a third camera and get faces shots and oblique angles that the other cams were not capturing. Sheila, was no longer easy-going and smiling. Instead, she looked like a girl being taken by a b**st. The fears of Dempsey backing out too soon were unfounded. His dick was way up in Sheila and he was rabidly fucking her. Dempsey was humping and in motion but his dick was barely moving in relation to the vagina. His dick was locking itself inside her. His humping motion died away and he just stayed there on her back with the genitalia locked together. Sheila looked distressed. Dempsey seemed calmed down but insistent on staying inside Sheila. I guess he really liked her in his own way. The number one camera guy was also the director (this was a relatively low-budget operation) and he said that they were “knotted”. The bulge at the base of the dick was not balls but a thick dick portion that stretched Sheila to the max. Now, we were worried about him being in there too long. As I was observing this knotty phenomenon, Dempsey thrusted a couple more times and backed out. His dick was shockingly large, and a flood of thin cum came out of Sheila’s vagina after his dick was out. The cameras stayed focused on her pussy as even more cum came out and ran down her thighs and poured on the carpet. I thought Sheila might have been traumatized by this experience but two weeks later she was busy making another pile of money by doing scenes with Dempsey and Gordy (a mixed breed). She was her carefree self again.If Sheila was not upset with getting into this activity, I was kind of peeved they got me to be on the set for this. But the tough guys wanted to show me that they still had some ways and means. They wanted to show that somebody else could make the best pay they had ever offered. But even though Dempsey was not negatively impacted as far as I know, we watchers were guilty of something. It is just not kosher to watch certain things. As for the syndicate, they were too busy counting their profits and were no more worried about higher ethical considerations than Dempsey.

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