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Sexy StoryHey, I’m new to this site. I’d like to share one of my stories with you.I met this 22 year old beautiful woman and I invited her to a hotel room as she told me she thought I was very sexy. I said I would like to have sex with her and she agreed, on the condition that she could play out a fantasy she had. I agreed.It was a beautiful room. She told me she wanted me to take off all my clothes and sit down on a chair and that she didn’t want me to touch my cock at all, if I did she would stop and we would not have sex. I undressed and sat down on a chair in the middle of the room. She put on some music and started stripping while moving seductively. She unhooked her black lacy bra revealing her stunning tits, her nipples hardening as she stroked over them, pinching them with her fingers. I gripped the sides of the chair resisting the incredible urge to start jacking my cock. She took off her lacy panties next, her pussy was clean shaven. She kept on dancing stroking her naked body sexily with her hands. I moaned as I felt my cock rising on it’s own. “Oh please, can I start jerking now?” I pleaded. She smiled and shook her head. “I sarıyer escort want to see that big boy of yours stand up all on it’s own without your help” she replied. “Oh my God you are so sexy” I breathed. “So are you, I know you will fuck me so good” she smiled. She stepped closer to me, my hands were numb from gripping onto the chair to keep my hands from my rock hard dick. She loved it when my dick moved on its own because of my breathing that started to race. She came to stand over me, her hands on my shoulders, she squatted down slightly and sat down on my cock, her pussy lips curling around my shaft. And then she started moving slowly forward and backwards with her pussy over my shaft. My hands left the sides of the chair. I put my hands on the sides of her body. Her skin felt like velvet. She started slipping more easily as her pussy wet itself for intercourse. My hands stroked down gripping her tight ass, my head bending down, my lips locking on her erected nipple sucking, I heard her moan, I lifted my head and saw her throwing her head back. My cock was throbbing, esenyurt escort pulsing. When her pussy lips moved over the part of my cock just there before the head starts it felt like it would explode. “Oh please, can I please fuck you now” I pleaded, my voice husky. She stopped moving and got up to lay down on her back on the silk sheets of the bed. “Mmmmmm, please fuck my pussy” she moaned. I stood up from the chair, my legs feeling like jelly, my cocker so hard. “And don’t touch your cock with your hands” she warned me. I walked over to her laying on the bed, my dick so hard for her it stood straight up in the air. When I reached her she spread her legs, God I couldn’t believe I was about to fuck this beautiful woman. I stood on my knees between her legs, I put my hands on her legs(to keep from taking my cock in my hand to put it inside her). I rubbed my cock over her pussy to get the wetness on my cock to make it more slick. She put her hands to the sides of her cunt and stretched it open and I slid inside of her, it felt cool and slippery as I heard her scream in my ears. My body started avrupa yakası escort moving frantically needing to rub my deprived penis, needing to feel good, Oh God it felt heavenly being able to thrust in and out of her.My hands stroked over her flat belly, playing with her belly ring, up and cupping her titties, pinching her nipples between my fingers. I saw her hand coming down and I knew she needed her clit rubbed, but I caught her wrist before she could touch it. “Oh no you don’t, now it’s your turn, no touching yourself baby, I’ll do the touching now” I teased. She moaned and pleaded and then I put my fingers on her swollen clit rubbing it making her moan even more. I extracted, but kept the head of my penis inside her, thrusting forward hard making her moan as I crash up in against her pelvic wall, extract, thrust in, I kept doing that pinning her hands to the bed. I started moving faster again, feeling that I’m about to blow, rubbing her clit hard with my fingers, making her scream. “My pussy’s made for your cock!” she yelled. “Ah yes baby for my cock alone” I replied. Not being able to hold it any longer I blew a nut deep inside her and I felt the wetness as she squirted at the same time, when I extracted I spilled some more cum on her pussy and spurt spurt she left little squirts on my cock. I lay down on top of her and french kissed her, liking playing with her tongue. She rubbed my semen I spilled on her pussy over her belly and we cuddled and curled up together.

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