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She didn’t know it was me or did sheWhen I walked in the living room and saw her bent over the couch with her robe rode up after way over her ass and her bare pussy looking me in the face, I ask you wouldn’t you fuck her too? She was always like my second mom as I grew up but I always found her so dam sexy. Karen is mom’s best friend and seems to be at our house more than she at her own apartment when I was young. I remember asking dad when was young if Karen was my true mom but, he said that she wasn’t, but it was ok to think of her as your second mom, so I did.When I was just becoming a teen and girls become my main interest I would get Karen into wrestling matches and I would cope a feel here or there and she never said a word for me to stop, or that I shouldn’t be doing that. I did notice that she would seem to be breathing harder then she should be after I got some real good feels in on her. Then she got hurt at work and it cause her to lose her sight. I’m not sure what really happened but something got in her eyes and made her go blind. After that mom insisted that she move into our guess room and live with us. That was 4 years ago and my interest in her only grew more everyday. In the summer, her and mom would sun tan in the back yard with mom in her one piece { thank god } cause she has let herself go and has to be 50 lbs overweight, where Karen is maybe 110 lbs on a bad day. Karen always wore a nice kind of sexy two piece bikini that would get a raise out of my third leg when I seen her. I remember the day she was tanning by herself and asked me to put some tanning lotion on her back and legs. First time she stopped me, she said I wont istanbul escort get burnt under my top Teddy. I had my fingers touching the sides of her tits. When I got to the top of her legs which were spread just enough to see a bit of her pussy lips I just had to feel that too. She let me for a minute or two then said, Teddy your being bad and I can’t get burnt there either. I was 15 at the time.I had wet dreams of her and jacked off a whole lot dreaming of doing her. Last summer as I was fucking my ex girl friend, and this is how I lost her, I closed my eyes, and was about to cum when I started dreaming it was Karen who had her finger nails in my back telling me to fuck her harder, and that she was coming with me. I guess I called out Karen’s name. Tina pushed me off of her with my cum shooting all over her, the bed, and the pillows. I wont go into the fight we had before she stormed out yelling that I was some sick bastard who needed his balls cut off.It happened at my first place of my own, having just turned 19. When I seen Karen on the couch, with her pussy looking back at me well it was a dream come true. It was thanksgiving morning and I went over early cause, I knew mom had to work late and dad in a kitchen was a lost cause. Mom always said dad could burn water, so I knew Karen would be trying to get the turkey in and I though I would help her with it. When I saw what I have been dreaming of for years, and jacking off too I just had to do something.I walked up behind her placing my hands on her still firm ass cheeks, and she didn’t say a word, which I though was avcılar escort weird. So I ran my fingers over her pussy lips and still not a word. I though well fuck it, and started playing with her clit making her moan and as I pushed two fingers inside of her and felt how wet she was already. That’s when I though I would just see how far she would let me go. I unzipped pulling my now harder then a rock cock out and placed it at her opening and she pushed back on me. As I slid in her tight hot wet pussy I though I had to be having a wet dream. When I bottomed out Karen said ” Dam you feel even bigger today Dan, hurry up and fuck me before Teddy gets here.” Dam my dad has been fucking Karen and I wonder if mom know anything about it.I began fucking the shit out of Karen’s pussy and when she had her first orgasm she said “Your hitting placing you never hit before and it feels so fucking good, never stop doing what your doing, oh fuck I’m coming again.” I’m not sure how long we fuck on the couch but when I came it felt like I was pumping a gallon of cum inside of my wet dream girl. When I stepped back the front of my pants were soaked with mostly her cum and our mixed cum was running down her legs. Karen said “Dan give me something so it don’t get on the couch for Christ sakes, we don’t want people sitting on our cum do we?” As I turned my dad handed me a piece of paper towel holding a finger to his lips for my silence. I handed to Karen and headed to my old room where I still had some clothes. After changing I walked back down stairs and dad grabbed my arm taking me outside.Once the door closed he began. şirinevler escort He said ” Look we both know what you did in there and you heard her saying my name so you know that I’ve been fucking her as well but, what you don’t know is your mother is cool with it, and even welcomes it cause she don’t want to have sex with me any more. So I wont tell Karen it was you and if you keep your mouth shut who knows maybe you may get seconds, understand Ted?” I said “Dad how long have you and Karen been, well you know fucking around behind moms back?” Thinking this isn’t going to end well.That’s when dad shocked me with saying “It was your mom’s idea. She don’t like having sex with men anymore, well not with me anyway. See your mom is into women, and having Karen here is what she wants cause Karen is bi , I mean very bi and the three of us, well you get the picture right?”I had a very different thanksgiving sitting at the table thinking of my mom getting ate out by Karen as dad fucked Karen from behind. My hard on never went away all day long and mom kept looking at me and even said as I was getting ready to leave “Honey I see you have a problem down there and from what I seen it isn’t normal, you better see a doctor as soon as you can.”I give Karen a hug pushing my hard cock against her and she said “Teddy your being bad again. As she kissed me on the mouth maybe a bit longer then she should have. Then she said Thanks for this morning it was wonderful and please come again.” Now does she know it was me, did dad tell her? Or maybe I’m being sucked into their little group. Either way if I can have Karen again, its worth it.Dad walked out with me and once outside he said “If there’s a next time you have to wear a condom. Karen is only 37 and she is very fertile and we don’t need to have her popping out a bunch of your k**s got it son?”I told him that I got it, but it got me thinking about Karen with her belly growing with my c***d inside of her and I got hard as a rock all over again.

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