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Shrinking Violet, Going UpThe organization was holding interviews for a new employee, my role for the day was after they had been interviewed to escort them up to the IT Training Centre and test their computer skills.A majority of the women were similar in both appearance and demeanor, old-school secretarial types in their 50s, who gave the impression that they weren’t best pleased about being put through their paces by a young k** who in their opinion was barely out of short trousers.I have to admit I found being in the presence of these women a little daunting, the slightest indiscretion from myself and they wouldn’t think twice about putting me across their knee. As the day drew to a close, out of the interview room stepped an attractive blonde woman named Laura, in her early 30s, who gave off a vibe of someone lacking in a little confidence.Laura must have noticed the way my eyes lit up because she seemed to be growing in confidence with every step as she approached me, exchanging pleasantries as we made the short journey over to the elevator.As I push the up button and await the elevator, Laura asked if I lived locally, to which I replied it was only 10min walk to my apartment. Laura then said that I must be quite fit doing all that walking, (bearing in mind that I resemble John Belushi in both appearance & physique, I couldn’t help but think she was flirting with me) I chuckled and simply said I’m sure I could be a lot fitter and then the elevator doors open. I guided Laura into the elevator and as the doors shut, I push the button for floor 13. As I turn around to face Laura once again she pulls me close and runs her fingers through my hair. Her eyes look deep into mine with such an intense desire that it sends a shiver through me. Laura leans in and forcefully pushes her soft lips against mine. She parts her lips allowing her tongue to slide over my lips. Her kiss is deep and strong and the intensity increases. Realizing that I am enjoying her naughty advances, my body starts to relax into hers. My hands slide their way down the soft curve of her waist and over her hips all the way down to her feet. Then I slowly start to come back up on the inside of her legs.She is left speechless as I reach her knees, and push her skirt up around her waist. I kneel down anadolu yakası escort before her and grab onto both straps of my black sheer thong. Before she can object, even if she wanted to, they are on the ground around her ankles. I gently force her right leg out of the underwear, causing Laura to spread herself before me. I slowly run my fingertips through the small strip of hair that has just become exposed. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. My fingertips work their way down, gently caressing her soft outer lips. I rub all the way down her slit and slowly come back up, probing deeper into her folds. A shudder runs through her body as I slowly insert my finger into the entrance of her soft, tight pussy.Feeling how wet she is, I gently push my finger all the way in and Laura lets out another soft moan. I start moving my finger slowly in and out, making her wetter with every smooth stroke. Laura’s eyes shoot open and look down as she feels my hot breath just before my tongue slides gently across her mound, latching onto her clit in an instant. My steady motions making her hips rotate with every lick. Laura’s breathing speeds up, her face is now flushed, and she can barely hold herself up. I help by lifting her left leg onto the railing which is circumventing the elevator. I lean against it to steady myself as well and don’t waste a moment. With her legs spread wide before me, I take full advantage of her position. She soaking wet as I thrust two fingers deep into her pussy. With her clit fully exposed, I continue to lick it faster and faster. I continue thrusting my fingers deep into her, now using my other hand to rub her clit. Teasing it roughly back and forth sending her over the edge. Her body, hot and sweaty, starts contracting in waves of unbelievable pleasure. She looses control and screams out with intense desire, “Oh my god…yes, yes, yes, please don’t stop, oh my…yes, yes.” I hold on and continue frantically rubbing her swollen clit as her body convulses against me. She grasps my shoulders hard. The waves of pleasure continue one after another after another. With a final shiver, she falls into my arms. Whilst Laura is catching her breath to recover, I lift her to her feet. A drop of sweat ataşehir escort slowly trickles from her face, down her neck, and deep into her cleavage. Still holding onto me she kisses me deeply once again. Laura smiles devilishly as she drops to her knees. She reaches for my belt buckle and effortlessly undoes it and the underlying button. I lean back and smile in anticipation of what is about to come. She slowly unzips my trousers and smiles as my engorged cock becomes visible through my tight boxers. She licks her lips seductively as she frees my massive erection. A bit of precum glistens at the tip and she decide not to waste a single drop. Slowly she licks the tip of my cock, while gently grasping the shaft with her hand. I lean back against the wall and stroke her head gently, encouraging her to continue.Laura runs her tongue all the way up my shaft, taking care to take her time right around the rim. She closes her lips around the head and takes in more and more of my dick into her warm, moist mouth. I let out a soft groan, enjoying the sensation. Her tongue runs playfully all around the tip, taking more and more of my throbbing cock deep into her mouth. She uses her free hand to caress my balls which tighten up a bit with every gentle touch. She begins to move my mouth rhythmically up and down, taking more and more of my cock into her mouth with every descent. “Oh fuck, baby that feels incredible,” I whisper as my hard cock starts to hit the back of her throat. Feeling my tension rising and my body getting warm. Laura grabs the base of my cock with her hand and moves it up and down in steadily unison with her mouth. She teases me by pulling off for a second and I moan in disappointment. Then she put her lips to the tip, spreads them a bit and swiftly sucked all the way down to the base, causing me to gasp. She continues sucking faster and faster, with just enough pressure to drive me wild but not over the edge. I feel myself getting close to the point of no return, with a massive orgasm building from deep within my loins. Reluctantly I push Laura away, not wanting to end the good time we’re having. I pull her up off of her knees and push her against the wall. My strength overpowers her as I lift her back onto the railing. ümraniye escort Her legs spread on either side of me giving me full access to her pussy. I rub my cock up and down her slit and pause right at the entrance. Laura moans with pleasure and writhes in eagerness of what is about to come. Gently I insert my cock into her soaking wet cunt. “Holy shit,” she moans as I stretch her more and more with every incoming inch. We unite completely and hold each other tight as she wraps her legs around me. She looks passionately into my eyes, both of our bodies filled with intense desire. I gently start to move in and out. She closes her eyes and tilts her head back against the wall. I kiss all over her neck and simultaneously rub her clit with my free hand. “Oh my…ooooh, yeeeeaaas. Holy shit,” Laura whispers. She runs her nails roughly along my back as I plunge your cock all the way into her, causing a shock wave of pleasure to move through her body. “Oh yeah, just like that,” she starts to moan in ecstasy. She grabs my tight ass and pulls my body up onto hers. I thrust into her faster and faster, making her head spin and her body ache in all of the right places. Laura is drenched by now and my cock easily slides deeper and deeper into her. I pick up the pace, fucking her harder and harder. “Oh yeah, baby, you feel so fucking good” she screams out as another wave of pleasure starts deep in her cunt, flooding through my innermost crevasses. The combination of her wild moans and her pussy tightening around my cock brings me so close to the edge.The tingling starts in my tightening balls and moves through my body with such intensity I almost loose my balance. “Oh yeah, fuck me harder, yes, yes, oh yeah, just like that,” she screams and I loose all control. The wave of pleasure rocks my body fiercely, and I cum again and again deep into her shuddering pussy. Laura lets out an intense scream of passion as another immense orgasm encompasses her whole body. We rode out the final moments of pleasure together before we both become completely spent and collapse onto the floor. We lay in each other’s arms, exhausted, and beaming with satisfaction.We finished adjusting our clothing as the doors opened on floor 13 and preceded to the IT Training Centre for the final part of her interview. Laura didn’t get the job in the end, her lack of confidence shone through in the first part of her interview and even the ringing endorsement I gave her for the final part of the interview wasn’t enough to persuade my employers that she should get the job. Consequently I haven’t seen or heard from Laura since.

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