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Skeletons in my ClosetSkeletons in my Closet Part one The Beginning You all know my name is Kay however that is not my real name as we must protect the innocent lol so names are just names in this story. I am here to tell everyone about the skeletons I keep in my closet. I have many and some that you may not believe however believe me they are real as night and day as I have lived and survived them.I am married and have one daughter. My hubby’s name is John and my daughter’s name is Michelle, he is really her stepfather but to her he will always be her daddy. I guess I should start from the beginning so you have a little back story about how skeletons in my closet all came about.It was 1977 I was 17 and I hade just moved from Ohio to Colorado. I had just married my high school sweetheart, the man of my dreams or so I thought. Four months later I was pregnant with c***d. My new husband started to change from the man of my dreams to my worst nightmare especially after our daughter Michelle was born.At first everything was fine I was the stay at home mom while he was the bread winner. That all changed when Michelle turned two. By then He had started drinking heavy, staying out late and started to abuse me both mentally and physically. He would accuse me of fucking our neighbor who I didn’t even know or fucking the paper boy or any man who dare look at me. I also had always been faithful to him.As to our once great sex life it died. Most of the time he was to drunk to even get it up or he would just throw me down and fuck me until he dropped a load into my pussy. If I refused to have sex with him then he would get physical with me taking me by force and giving me a black eye a couple of times. I heard rumors of him fucking just about anything that would spread their legs for him. I left that go as at least he wasn’t fucking me. In fact he payed very little attention to me or our daughter. One late winter night there was a knock on our door. It was the local police and they explained that there had been an accident and that my husband was dead. It seemed he was drunk and drove his car into a telephone pole. I buried the bastard and collected his 10 thousand dollar life insurance and moved back to Ohio where my mother lived by herself.I lived with my mom until I found a factory job that paid an fair amount of money. Michelle and I found an apartment of our own. When I was working my mother would watch my little baby girl.By the time The 80’s rolled around we had pretty much settled in back here in Ohio. I was in my early 20’s and had even taken a part time waitress/barmaid job on Friday and Saturday nights at one of our local bars. I soon found out I could make more money doing this than working in a factory especially if I used my girlish charm lol in another words show a little skin. I quit the factory and worked full time at the bar now. My 40c’s tits were perfect for the job and my ass should have had handles on it as many hand were over it all the time. Sam the owner of the bar was an nice looking single man as his wife had died some years ago. Sam was in his’s 60’s. However he could pass for much younger. I would flirt with him from time to time but it never went any further than just flirting. Then one day Sam called me to come in early as he wanted to talk to me about something. When I arrived at the bar no one kadıköy escort else was here as we had a few hours before anyone else came in or we opened. I left myself in with my key and headed to Sam’s office.Now Sam had groped my tits and ass before but then so had most of the men whom had visited this bar. He sat me down at his desk and asked if I might be interested in getting an promotion and a lot more money. I told him that depends on what I had to do to get it smiling at him.Sam got up from behind his desk and walked over to me. While standing in front of me he unzipped and dropped his pants down around his ankles. Sam reached into his underwear and pulled his semi hard little cock out placing it right on the lips of my mouth.“Suck it slut” Sam said as his hands went to the back of my head.I opened my mouth taking all of his cock into my mouth as it was only about three inches. I wrapped my mouth around his little cock and started to suck on it never removing it from my mouth. Sam moaned and called me his little fucking slut as I started to bob my head up and down his cock.Soon I was going to town on his now rock hard cock which had grown to its full rock hard size of 4 inches. I pulled my mouth from his cock as I reached under his cock and pulled at his balls. I then ran the tip of my tongue all over and around the head of his cock licking at his pee hole on the head of his cock. Sam grabbed a handful of my hair as he said,“Oh yeah you fucking little slut suck daddies dick.”He was right as at the time I was old enough to have been his daughter. I took his little hard cock back into my mouth as he pulled my head back and forth on his cock. At least his small cock didn’t make me choke like some cocks had before. Sam was talking very dirty to me as he face fucked me with his cock. I soon felt my pussy getting wet and dripping into my panties under the short skirt we had to wear for work. I was enjoying being called a slut and his little girl. I ididn’t even care if he had a small cock lol all I knew was that I was horny with a soaking wet pussy that needed a cock in it.I managed to remove my mouth from his cock and looked up at him as I said,”Please fuck me daddy.”Sam smiled at me pulling me up from the chair. As he stood me up his hands went to my big tits. Sam manhandled the girls through my shirt while he kissed me deeply on my lips and pressed his tongue deep into my mouth.Sam broke our kiss as he turned me toward his desk pushing my upper body onto it talking dirty to me as he did. I was bent over his desk with my short black waitress skirt on with red thigh high nylons, black strapped high heels and a pair of bright red silk panties that were wet with my pussy juices. Sam flipped my skirt up over my ass as his other hand went between my legs rubbing his hand against my very wet panties.“Daddy’s little slut is soaking wet,”Sam said as he slipped my panties off removing them from me.I looked over my shoulder to see that Sam had my panties up to his face sniffing at my wet panties. He breathed in my wetness from my panties for a few minutes. Sam then slapped at my ass a few times telling me that I even smelled like a fucking slut as he tossed my soaking wet panties to the floor next to me.My pussy seemed to drool more love juices as I heard him telling me that. Maybe I was üsküdar escort a fucking slut cause I sure wanted fucked. Sam got behind me and shoved his cock deep up into my wet hairy pussy in one mighty shove. Well at least as deep as his small 4 inch cock would go. I was so wet I could barely feel his cock as he rammed it into my dripping wet pussy. Sam built up to a hard steady fucking of my pussy. I start to rock back against Sam as even his little cock was hitting all the right buttons. My pussy was so fucking wet each time his cock ran in and out, my pussy left off wet loud slimy pussy farts.Sam seemed to enjoy that as he said, “Make that slut pussy talk for daddy.”Once again hearing his dirty talk only made my juices flow harder. I could feel my love juices dripping from myself as he fucked me. Sam fucked me for a few more minutes then pulled his cock from my wet pussy and started to rub it against my asshole.“SAM,” I yelled bringing my upper body off of his desk.Now up to this time in my life my sexy life was pretty plain. Mostly just sucking dick, fucking or jacking guys off till they blew their load over my big tits. When alone I would sometimes finger myself to an orgasm. I also had some girl to girl fun with another waitress from work who would become my best girlfriend.However I never had done anything kinky like this with a man or woman. Nor had a cock or any thing been up my asshole and no one had ever tried. After all it is an exit not an entrance.Sam pushed me back down onto his desk as he said”Daddy will be gentle with his little girl,” as he slipped a couple fingers up into my sopping wet pussy.Sam’s dick might have been small but his finger were long at least. His two finger dug deep into my hot wet box until he found that secret spot us women have in there. Suddenly and unexpected a massive powerful orgasm swept over my entire body from head to toe and all spots in between.I had never felt or had an orgasm like this one as my eyes rolled u into my head as my thighs started to shake intensely. I moaned loudly as my pussy seemed to suck at his fingers. My pussy juices seemed to explode from up inside my pussy in long squirts. My love juices jetted from my pussy freely and all over his fingers and puddled onto the floor below me.I had squirted before with another woman but this was the first time a man had given me this sensation. I found it to be quite pleasurable and enjoyable as well. I started to feel like the slut Sam was calling me. I was still lost in my orgasm when I felt Sam rub some of my pussy juices up onto my asshole. Sam slipped a finger slowly up into my asshole. It felt uncomfortable but not as unpleasant as I thought it would. Sam ran his finger in and out of my asshole only a few times. He then removed his finger and place the head of his cock at my asshole. Sam shoved his rock hard 4 inch cock deep into my asshole in one mighty push catching me off guard. I moaned out, “Sam It hurts,” as I tried to move forward to remove his cock from up my asshole.Sam’s hands went to my hips pulling me back onto his cock as he said, “Take it like the slut you are Kay.” “Make daddy proud you fucking slut.”His dirty talk helped a little but even his little cock hurt being buried up my asshole as it was a virgin asshole. Sam didn’t move his cock it just sat tuzla escort there buried deep in my asshole. I started to feel my asshole loosing up as his cock throbbed deep in my ass. It was still a little uncomfortable and I thought the best thing to do was just to get this butt fucking thing over and done with.I looked over my shoulder to Sam as I said, “Fuck me daddy fuck my ass,” as I moved my ass back and forth on his cock.Sam hands gripped my hips tightly as he started to take his cock in and out of my asshole. It hurt for a quick minute or two then my asshole seemed to open up and accept his cock without any pain.I looked back at Sam as I said, “ Fuck me daddy,” “Fill my slut ass with daddies cum.”Sam pumped his cock in and out of my asshole maybe ten more times. He then moaned as I felt his dick sort of jump and twitch inside my asshole as his cum poured up into my asshole. When I felt that I had another wet wild gushing orgasm from my pussy.Sam pulled his softening cock from my asshole as he fell back down into the chair I had originally had been in. As to me I lie face down on his desk with his cum farting from my asshole as it ran out coating my pussy then dripping to the floor below me.For a old guy this man could cum a lot I thought laying there totally spent. I could still feeling his cum dripping from my asshole as my own orgasm finished. I suddenly sort of came to my senses realizing what I had just done.I had let Sam an man old enough to be my father fuck me and he had fucked me up my ass to boot. What’s worst was that I had enjoyed it especially when he called me his little slut. I found out a few things that day.One a little cock can feel good just as good as a big one, two I had enjoyed his cock in my ass and three I might enjoy role play with my sex. I never knew my father so I didn’t have a daddy fantasy however I did enjoy being daddy’s little slut.I raised off his desk standing there feeling his cum and my love juices now running down my thighs. I pulled my skirt down and picked up my panties before I ran for the ladies room not saying anything to Sam. I stood there looking at myself in the mirror thinking about what I had just done.In some way I felt dirty, cheap and used as part of me hated myself for what had just happened. While another part of me had enjoyed being his little slut and wanted to go fuck him again. I gathered my thoughts, straightened myself up a bit and slipped my panties back on as the bar would soon be open before I returned to Sam’s office.He was dressed and behind his desk. He was talking to someone on the phone as he motioned me to come in and sit down. As I sat back down I heard him say into the phone “Ok kitten see you soon.” Sam hung the phone up and just stared at me as I stared at him.He finally smiled as he said, “ Kay I am retiring to Florida,“ “Now about your promotion.” “My bar but you run it, I pay for the up keep and we split the profits.” “Now take the rest of the day off and call me later with your answer.”Maybe being a slut does pay off I thought as I drove away from the bar. I went straight to my mothers as I was going to have to have her watch Michelle a lot more as running the bar could take up a lot of my time.For the next three months Sam taught me just how the bar and grille business ran. I learned to do the books, ordering and I already knew how to please the customers by showing them some skin from time to time. However there was no more sex between us after finding out that kitten was a woman younger than me down in Florida lol seems like he didn’t need another daddies girl.I will end this for now but part 2 will be out soon.

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