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Something About Pinay Mary Chapter 5For about a week we fucked and sucked as a group and separately. Pinay Mary and her Niece were getting fucked almost very night and on some nights multiply times. It was only later that I learned that the horny Pinay Mary was sucking off her boss twice a week and fucking her old boyfriend on the side. Truthfully it did not matter much to me since I was fucking her Niece and the apartment complex manager that lived in the next unit. It seems that the walls are thin and she could hear everything and would play with herself when I came over to fuck Mary. This all came to light when Mary suggested that her old boyfriend, the Niece, herself and I go on a double date. I agreed and wondered who my date was but it did not really matter. The night came and the ladies were all dressed up and looking good. The Niece wanted me to fuck her before we went out but I told her to see what her naughty Aunt had planned. It seems that this boyfriend was the one that bought Mary the bulk of the play toy’s that she had in her box of fun. I had seen and used almost all of them on the women and did not know that there was a separate box with a strap on that Mary used. She had fucked her Niece with it and as I later found out she had fucked her Old Boyfriend with it as well. For it seemed he liked both teams equally as it were. It was decided that he drive so I hopped into the back seat while the Niece sat next to me and Mary sat up front. There was a whole night planned with diner and dancing with a special surprise at the end. After diner we went to a club and the ladies danced and drank like crazy. I would dance only slow dances so I could grope and be groped by Mary and the Niece. Since I was not much of a drinker I kept sober throughout the evening. The Old Boyfriend however did not so at the end of the evening it was decided that I was to drive to the special surprise. The Old Boyfriend jumped into the back with Mary quick to follow. In no time they were kissing and just as quick his cock was in her horny Pinay mouth sucking away. I could not tell the size since it was dark but from how far Mary’s head went into his lap it did not think he was that big. Meanwhile the Niece after watching her slut Auntie turned her attentions to me and soon had my prick in her mouth. She had gotten really good at sucking cock over the week and really seem to enjoy it as she moaned into my hard cock as she sucked. The Old Boyfriend was enjoying his head as well as he pushed the back of Mary’s head into his crotch as I drove down the road. After some moaning directions we arrived at an adult bookstore where the sign stated that tonight was couples night. The Old Boyfriend and Mary staggered their way in while the Niece wanted to fuck in the parking lot. When I told her that there were cameras all around she quickly changed her mind. So we soon followed them through the doors. This was a nice place compared to some of the more seedy and smelly other places in the city. The Old Boyfriend was known by the cashier and I swear he told him to put our admission on his account. We went through the second door into the theater and arcade area and were met with extreme darkness. It took my eyes a few moments to adjust to the darkness as the Niece grabbed my hand. There were many rooms and corners in the arcade and a separate theater that had two half rooms showing different movies. The arcade consisted of separate booths with screens and selectors for the multitude of porn genre offered there. Most had gloryholes, and that is why I thought the Old Boyfriend had an account there. They slipped into a booth and motioned for us to go into the one next to them. Once in the room the Niece started looking though the movie selections not realizing that here was a hole between the two booths. She found it and bent down to look through it and watch her Aunt and the Old Boyfriend play. She turned around to tell me what they were doing and was greeted with my cock in her face. As she squatted before the hole and took my cock into her willing mouth. I could see the light shift in the booth and figured that now they were watching us. Mary’s hand came through the hole and was massaging my nut sack while her Niece sucked away. She motioned for me to stick it through the hole so she could suck it as well. I was curious to see if she was the only cock sucker in that tiny room. The Niece stood up and we started kissing wildly as Mary sucked me through the hole. All the sudden she sucked even harder which told me that bakırköy escort she had a cock in her as she moaned softly as she blew me. I lifted up the Niece skirt and pulled my cock out of Mary’s mouth while positioning the Niece’s ass against the hole. Mary dove right in and I heard the Old Boyfriend groan when he saw Mary licking her Niece from behind. What I did not notice is at first was that this was a buddy booth which meant it had two holes on the same wall. So I moved over to the second hole to see what these two were up too. The Old Boyfriend was indeed fucking Mary from behind but he seemed to be wiggling a little and pushing himself back against the wall. It seems that the person in the next booth was fucking the Old Boyfriend asshole while he fucked Mary and she licked her Nieces ass and cunt. It was quite a sight to say the least. I looked over to the other buddy booth hole and I saw a tiny tongue sticking through the hole. Then a slim hand slipped through and was motioning me to come closer. Unfortunately there was an entire room between us and there was no way I could get through that booth with the two of them getting fucked. I put my cock in there for show and then looked and the tiny hand doing the jerk off hand gesture and then the tiny pink tongue came through the hole. I now turned my attention the Niece by started to rub her nipples by putting my hand down her top. Under her bra I found very hard nips that were begging to be squeezed and tugged. She let out a moan as I pinched them and jerked them hard. “Yes, baby pinch those hard nipples”, she moaned as I kept up my assault. I pulled her off of the wall and stuck my cock into Mary’s hot mouth. Then I motioned for her to go look into the hole. She moaned when she saw the Old Boyfriend being rammed by a stranger’s cock through the hole. She then looked across and saw a small tit being pushed through the hole she whispered. Her hand went straight to her bald cunt as she started rubbing herself. The tit disappeared so the Niece stuck her’s into the hole. Soon the action in the middle booth slowed down and I took my cock out of Mary’s slut mouth and I heard them straightening up and their door unlock. I helped the Niece straighten herself up and she put my cock away while making me promise to fuck her later. We met the other couple in the Arcade hallway and were soon joined by our new friends from the other end booth. It was a man and woman couple and he was a middle aged black man and the lady was a very tiny Spanish girl. The girl was young and very sexy with her tight body and smallish tits. With long black hair and brown eyes she looked very sultry and sexy. The Old Boyfriend introduced us to his friends for it seems that they have played before here and at a swinger’s club that they belong to. Mary was quite taken back by the man and was very shy while the Niece was very interested and comfortable talking to him. We chatted about things and I really wanted to fuck that little Spanish fox while I could tell that the man really wanted some Asian pussy. The Old Boyfriend excused himself so he could go clean up in the restroom. I had not noticed that there were actually quite a few couples there that night. Some were playing softly and others were watching the porn on the big screen in the theater room. One couple came up to tell us that there was an older blonde lady being fucked in the theater room by everyone and anyone while her cuck husband watches. Mary was interested in this and mentioned that she wanted to watch. The Man said he would escort her there so she shyly agreed. This left the Spanish Fox, the Niece, and me from our group. We later found the Old Boyfriend on his knees sucking two men’s cocks while their wives watched. One couple was young and the other was older but both wives seemed to enjoy the show. I took the ladies into one of the open playrooms they had for small groups and we crashed on the couch. I was on one end and the Niece was on the other with the Spanish Fox in the middle. We both started playing with the Spanish Fox’s tight body and took turns kissing her very full and soft lips. She responded to our kissing and soon was like putty in our hands. I moved off the smooth couch so we could stretch her out and have easier access to her incredible body. The Niece started undress the girl while slipping out of her clothes. Soon they were is a very sensual sixty nine with the Niece on top licking away at a pussy she just met. The Spanish Fox was sucking on the beşiktaş escort clit of the Nice and moaning softly. I took of my clothes and stroked myself as there two went at it. I heard some movement in the room next door and then I heard a familiar sound. It seems that horny Pinay Mary dropped her shyness and was getting fucked by the Man. He was giving it to her good from the sounds and I was quite sure that there was a crowd outside their door. Meanwhile the Niece climbed off of the Spanish Fox to kiss here and swap their pussy juices. Mary was so loud that I did not even hear them cum in each other’s mouths. As they made out I slid the Spanish Fox’s legs over and spread her legs to get my own tasted and it was good. The Niece continued to play with her body and kiss her. Once I had her bucking from my licking the folds and sucking her large clit the Niece began sucking her tiny nipples hard. After a few minutes of this intense pressure she started to really buck wildly on my face. The Niece now stuck her tit into the girls face but she was cumming so hard that she did not see it or could do anything about it. I slowed down my licking and was softly caressing her pussy lips with my tongue. While I normally like bald pussy she had a very nice landing strip trim that looked very sexy. By now Mary had came numerous times and was almost begging the man to stop fucking. He kept right on plowing her good. The Niece wanted her turn so she sat in the place of the Spanish Fox and spread her legs begging me to eat her. I corrected her by telling her that she was missing something in her request. She reply, ” Please eat me sir?” and that made the Spanish Fox smile. I went down on her knowing how quickly I could make her cum while the girls started kissing again. This time the Spanish Fox want to eat some more Asian pussy and joined me. We took turns licking and sucking at one point the Spanish Fox stuck two fingers into the Niece as I licked her clit. This drove the Niece wild as she moaned wildly then after more licking and kissing the Fox slid in three fingers in the extremely wet box. The Niece was moaning to her to fuck her and put in more. it was then the Spanish Fox pushed her entire fist into the bald pussy of the Niece. It was an amazing sight as the Fox slowly fisted fucked her new friend. I continued to lick her clit but could not help watching this sight. The Niece started to really cum hard and not to my surprise started to squirt when the Fox stuck her other middle finger into the anus of the Niece. She was cumming and squirting like crazy and the Spanish Fox was telling her how beautiful she was and how horny she made her. I the other room it had gotten quiet and then I heard Mary say, ” Oh no baby not there you are too big, Ahhh, you are in my asshole, fuck” followed by a lot of deep moaning and words in Tagalog I had never heard. Some I recognized from my other Pinay friends but not these. I would have asked the Niece want she said but she was kind of busy with a tiny fist stuck in her sloppy cunt. The Niece had come so hard and so much that the floor was wet and the room began to smell like pussy. The Spanish Fox slowly removed her hand and offered it to the Niece for cleaning. They both licked the juices but the niece was done for awhile. I stood up and motioned for the Spanish Fox to come next to me on her knees. her tight body looked so good even under the dim light of the playroom. She grabbed my cock and opened her mouth and to my surprise took it all the way down in one stroke. She started gagging a little so I reached down and pinched her cute nose close and she held it there until her eyes welled up with tears. I then released her and she withdrew the cock. “Oh my god, I have never done that I love it”, she whispered. She continued sucking away as the spent Niece watched spread eagle from the couch. It was very good head and she was a real pro. Eventually i pulled her off and stood her up. I picked up her tiny frame and spun her around so we were doing a standing sixty nine. Her mouth was a natural on my cock and her pussy tasted so fucking good. I held her there for a while licking both her cunt and her tiny asshole. She started to shake and soon came again with my cock down her throat. I spun her back around and my cock left her tiny mouth with a loud pop. It was time to fuck this horny bitch I thought. While in the other room I heard a knock and then the voice of the Old Boyfriend, it seems he was done sucking cock for a while, and beylikdüzü escort wanted to join in. I put the Spanish Fox on the couch doggy style with that sweet ass facing me and gave it one more lick too which she shuddered. I then slowly entered that very wet cunt feeling the slick walls of her hot vagina giving way to my pushing it all the way to her cervix. She was so smooth and tight and felt good as I left it in her for a second. She wiggle her ass as signal to fuck her but I waited. “What do you want slut?”, I asked. “I want you to fuck me with that big white cock”, she replied. I told her the same thing that I told the Niece when she made a demand and she quickly replied, “Sir, would you please fuck my slut Spanish pussy with your big white cock?’ I answered by slowly pulling it out and slowly ramming it deeper into her. “Aghh, yes Master”, she moaned. With that I began to really fuck her hard with long fast strokes that seem to push deeper each time. Her pussy was my cock’s new playground and I wanted to fuck her hard. She was groaning with each thrust and pushing her ass back. I fucked her that way for a long while and she took each pounding. For a small girl she fucked like a bigger woman and seemed to love it hard and fast. The Niece even woke from her trance to cheer us on with a few “fucker her’ and “fuck him’ comments. The Niece now reached under the Spanish Fox and started to rub the woman’s extended clit while I fucked away. In the other room I heard Mary gagging and moaning about her asshole being fucked as the two men skewered her. I slowed down so I could change her position and let her ride me for a while. we switched seat and she climbed on, not before the Niece licked the sweet juice from my cock and clamped her mouth on the Spanish Foxes wet pussy. That gave me a break so I could calm down a little. Soon the Fox was sliding down my ridge pole all the way. i reached around and felt my cock in her as she stated to pick up pace. Her lustful words came out in Spanish and those I knew. There was a lot of words about fucking and how my cock was perfect for her. The Niece was now kissing me while the girl rode me. She them spun around while I was still deep into her and began to fuck reverse cowgirl. That ass looked so good bouncing up and down on my hips. Then the Niece spit on her finger and stuck it right up the ass of the riding girl. This set off a chain of events by making the Spanish Fox begin to cum, which in turn tighten that tiny pussy and squeeze my cock will pumping it with her cunt made me started to cum. I was ready to bury my load deep into her when she begged me to cum in her so her man can eat it out later. I with that I let my load fly while she was still cumming deep into her very tight hole. As her humping started to slow I shot the last bit of my sticky cum into her the niece slowly withdrew her finger. The Spanish Fox climbed off and jumped on me to kiss and hug me for fucking her so well. Not to be left out the niece joined into our kissing as we all made out taking turns. After a few minutes we got dressed and heard the men in the other room start cumming in Mary who was quickly becoming a cum dumpster. As the Old Boyfriend shot down her throat and the Man dumped into her now stretched asshole. For it seemed that she could only watch the blonde woman in the other room for a while before she stated sucking cock in public and even licked a few pussy’s of the other couples in attendance before the Man took her to a room to fuck her bald Pinay cunt and asshole. As we reassembled outside the rooms I saw that Mary was walking quite slow and the Old Boyfriend was scanning the room for more cocks to suck. We said our good byes to the other couple and later I found the Fox had slipped her name and number into my pants pocket as we dressed. We stayed until the place closed but Mary was done fucking and only would join the Old Boyfriend on his adventures. I recovered enough to fuck the Niece on a couch in one of the theaters in front of a few other couples, who later joined in and had my cock sucked by numerous ladies that night all wanting a taste of Niece. The Niece fucked a few of the guys and sucked a few of the cunts while their husbands were doing them. One attractive older black lady with a great body let me fuck her ass since her husband did not like anal. She was really good and I dropped my last load deep into her rectum. She cam hard and squirted on the floor then thanked me so we exchanged numbers while her hubby was busy watching the Old Boyfriend and Mary tag teaming another cock. At the end of the night the Niece and I had collected a large amount of names and numbers while Mary and the Old Boyfriend just collected cum. On the ride home the two cum sluts fell asleep in the back seat and the Niece and I talked about our evening.

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