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Speedo’s everywhere!Mark and I saw each other almost everyday for most of the rest of the year. I learned how to give myself an enama. We tryed a number of anal lubs and finaly found P Juice Vagina Scented Lube which he really liked. I started wearing girls pantys. Everything was going great. We refinded our fucking and I was willing to do almost anything for his dick. Mark like to eat my cunt, especially when I put P juice in. I loved the feel of his tongue probing my hole. He never asked me to fuck him nor did he ever give me head, but he did jack me off when he was fucking me. He got more dominant and rougher as time went on. I let my hair grow longer and he would pull it when he fucked me or use it to face fuck me. He started slapping my ass and face when we were making out and fucking. This may sound horrible, but it really turned me on. The more rough and dominant he got the more I liked it. It never occured to me that it could ever end.One Friday he came over, we fucked and he seemed really into it. He came three times and he beat me off to five orgasms. After we finished and were laying together exhausted, cuddling. I nuzzled and kissing his neck, he stroked my hair. He softly says, “I got something to tell you istanbul escort slut”. “What” I asked. “My mom told me we’re moving. We are moving to another state.” He said. It was like he poured a bucket of cold water on me. I shivered and started crying. He told me that this was the last time we could fuck. He and his mom were packing up Saturday and would be gone by Sunday. I was devastated. I cried and begged him not to leave me. I needed him and couldn’t live without him. He just shrugged and said it was for the best. He wasn’t a fagget, and wanted to fuck girls. I was just easy, and looked like a girl so I was a compromise. After I stopped crying, I asked if I could suck his cock one last time. He laughed and said, “Sure, always a whore.” As I sucked him off one last time, I was thinking what was I going to do. I liked being fucked and sucking cock. Mark came into my mouth and I sucked and licked every last drop wounding how I was going to live without his dick. He got dressed and we had one last long kiss, and he walked out of my life. School ended, and I was very depressed. I bought a dildo and used it and looked at gay porn all summer. Masterbating avcılar escort five or six times a day. But it wasn’t the same. I missed sucking cock, getting fucked and the feel of a man using my body for his pleasure.All summer I’d go to the pool everyday and swim, worked out and otherwise read and watched a lot of TV. With summer almost over, my Dad showed up. My Mom and he are divorced and I would see him a couple times a month. This was not one of the days that we were supposed to hang out. Dad says “We need to talk to you.” We all sat down and he tells me, “ You Mom and I have enrolled you in to XXX boarding prep school.” I was stunned, I sat there for a second and said “When?”. Mom replied, “Two weeks, Middle of August.” I looked them in the eye, “Anything else?” I asked. “We’ll need to get you some new clothes.” she replied. I said ok, stood up and went to my room. I heard them talking and I hugged my stuffed dog. Then I heard dad leave.Dad took me to school. We arrived and checked in and I was assigned a young man named Asa. He helped my dad and I find my room and put my stuff in it. He gave us the tour and then my dad gave me a hug and a kiss, and left. Asa and I were left alone. şirinevler escort He took me to his room. Asa was an Upperclassman. We talked and he told me everyone had to sign up for a sport. He says he was assigned to me because I was a swimmer, and he was captain of the swim team. He was gorgeous. He was way taller than me, well built, thin but had nice muscles and tone. I agreed to sign up for swimming and we talked a little more and he walked me back to my room. The next day I went to the swimming complex, and found Asa. He smiled a very warm smile we walked to the changing room. There were two other guys in there, both of them naked. They were hot, nicely toned and muscled, and both were hung. I tried not to look, but it was hard not to. Asa introduced me to them, Doug and Brian. I said hello and Doug replied, “So your the new sweet meat. Nice.” The other two laughed. I smiled. Asa striped off his clothes, and I looked at his penis. It was huge. I felt my cock growing hard and heard Brian say, “Your going to go blind if you don’t quit staring.” I looked at him and smiled. Asa told me to get my swimsuit on and we’d go swim some laps. We all put our Speedos on. I pulled a towel around my waist hoping no one would notice my hardon. We walked out to the pool and I hung my towel up. I walked to the side of the pool and Asa slapped my butt and says “We should take care of that little problem your having after a good workout.” I looked at him with wide eyes. Hoping that what he said was what I think it was. He smiled, and I jumped into the pool.

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