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Student spanked -3Lovely Lisa is now my student slave till she will get her degree and set free.She is very embarrassed how fast I found out that her sexual fantasies got in the way and blocked any progress in the final fase of her academic studies. She clearly needs to learn to control her needs and concentrate to write her thesis.Our first few hours together and her four hard orgasms exhaust both of us.We slowly doze off in her big bed as two spoons. Her hot bums warm my belly and arouse me. She feels it. She knows she is not allowed to do anything without my permission. She has some trouble to fall into Morpheus arms instead of mine, as she feels my manhood alongside her still swollen love lips. Lisa tries to control her breathing and bothers not to move. Secretly I teach her the Tantric style of sex. In line with her interest halkalı escort in ancient Asian exotic wisdom, which is her academic subject.Lisa wakes up refreshed and full of energy. My left arm still left around her, she suddenly remembers she is a slave now. She smiles and wonders what this day will bring. Yesterday so hot, the memory makes her wet. “How can he have a hard-on like that – he still has – and not take me? Am I his slave or not?”For an hour Lisa replays the film of what had happened after I came to her. She tries to remember every word we said. She still feels very excited, but she also needs to pee. How to get permission if her master is not awake? She doesn’t dare to sneak out from my arm around her. Her anxiety brings me back taksim escort from dreamland to reality. But I keep quiet, curious for how she will handle her first prediciament of the day. She wriggles a bit more, not trying to ride my member at the same time. I smile behind her back.My full bladder hard-on doesn’t make it easy for her. I decide to continue her Tantric training for another hour, while I carefully observe her.”High time to get up, Lisa!” and I pull the sheets from our bare bodies. My left hand softly at her belly, teasing her more. “Feels like you need to pee, isn’t it? I will not let you yet. First you will learn your first lesson today.I will play with you and please you more, but you are not allowed to come. Please concentrate as well as you can. I do not want to start our şişli escort first day together with a painful punishment”. The tasty torture lasts another hour. Lisa gets very wet and moans almost all the time, but keeps control of her feelings.”You progress fast in the early hours of our first full day, Lisa. Let us go to the bathroom, baby.” Lisa follows me eagerly. “Squat and spread please. You shall start to come as soon as I allow you to pee. Is that clear?” … “Yes, Pee … I mean, yes Sir”. Lisa sits down and offers me a clear view of her love lips, wide open and wet. “You will come by mind control, you are not allowed to touch yourself, nor will I. You need to train your will power, Lisa”.My hands hold her thighs thight and our eyes are locked. Lisa longs to come and the Tantric treatment takes its toll terribly fast as she squirts and sets free her golden shower. I reward her with mine. Directed directly at her clit. She can’t help to keep coming.”Sorry Sir for coming so often. It felt like a very long one.””Sorry Sir for speaking without permission. Please punish me”. Would I indeed do her that favour? Read it in part four of this tale.

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