Style Tips for Wearing Glasses

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Glasses can do more than improve your vision. They can improve your appearance if you wear them in the right way. The right glasses will complement your style and reflect your personality.

Let’s first discuss how to style glasses.

The History

Many believe that Benjamin Franklin invented glasses. However, the truth is that this idea has been around for many years before Benjamin Franklin invented bifocals.

Scientists experimented with tinting corrective lenses to improve vision in the 18th century. Foster Grant, a comb maker, discovered a new technology called “injection molding” in 1929 and began to mass-produce sunglasses. They were sold at Atlantic City’s Boardwalk.

Unfortunately, the trend didn’t take off immediately. Ray-Ban, a subsidiary of Bausch and Lomb, created the now-famous aviator sunglasses during World War II.

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What can glasses do to complement your look?

You need glasses that fit your face. You should choose frames that are slightly wider than you face.

Frames that highlight or mimic your browline should be considered. Strong angles are best for round faces. For oval faces, you should look for bold features that complement the rest of your facial features.

Oval-shaped frames can soften a square face. If your face is oval-shaped, you should look for glasses with larger frames. This will balance your features.

Hollywood has been creating icons out of glasses for decades

Audrey Hepburn wore a pair Oliver Goldsmith Manhattan sunglasses in 1961. Bausch and Lomb was the only company to sign a 1982 contract with a Hollywood studio. This partnership propelled those sunglasses to decades of fame and fortune.

The company had only sold 18,000 units before that contract. Their sales soared from just 360,000 units in their first year to 1.5million in the following years. Their “biggest hits”, however, included:

  • Clint Eastwood portrayed Harry Callahan in Dirty Harry in 1971 wearing an iconic pair Ray-Ban 4089 Balloramas.
  • Tom Cruise was the Joel Goodman character in 1983 while wearing Ray-Ban original Wayfarers.
  • Tom Cruise was the iconic Maverick character in Top Gun. He popularized Ray-Ban 3025 Aviators in 1986.
  • Matthew Broderick portrayed Ferris Bueller in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 1986. He wore a pair Ray-Ban Classic Clubmasters.
  • Denzel Washington played Malcolm X in 1992 wearing a pair Ray-Ban RX-5154 Clubmasters.
  • Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith played the roles of Agents J & K in Men In Black 1997. This popularized Ray-Ban Predator 2 style.

Ray-Bans are not only popular in Hollywood movies, but the 1982 deal has paid dividends.

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