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Submission pt2One hour and three minutes later I walked into the dining room wearing only a bathrobe tightly wrapped around me. The candles had burned down but not out. Mom sat there patiently waiting for me, still nude and looking fabulous.”Your decision?” I asked, being direct.Mother rose from her chair and slowly walked toward me, as her large pendulous breasts swayed with her every movement. She dropped to her knees at my feet. As she did, I had a feeling of euphoria, which would never be duplicated in my entire life.”I am yours, son.”I slapped her moderately hard across the left side of her face. I began, “Do you agree to be my slave and accept me as your master?””Yes Sir.”I slapped her again. “You will call me master. Is that clear?””Yes master.”I reached into my robe pocket, unfolded a single sheet of paper and handed it to her. “You will read out loud each of the items on this list. After reading each one you will lean forward and offer me your face to slap. It is part of the ritual that I have planned for you this evening.””Yes Master.” She paused, and then read the first item. “My body belongs to my master. My mouth, my tits, my asshole and my cunt are his to use as he wishes.”She stopped reading and looked up at me as she thrust out her face. I slapped her opposite cheek and said, “Proceed.””My duty is to give my master pleasure however he desires.”Again she offered her lovely face to my abusing hand. Only this time, she gave out a small moan.”I shall humiliate my self in front of others at my master’s command.”She was reading all of this for the first time, so she needed a second or two to realize what she was agreeing to. Mom stared at me with a wrinkled brow and pleading eyes, but I glared back as coldly as I could. Then she sacrificed her reddening cheeks to me once more. Again I was rewarded with a whimper of pain as my harsher blow spun her head around.She took a moment to get back on track, and then continued.”I shall be a dirty slut and whore for my master. In this capacity, I shall provide my body to be used for pleasure by any one that my master designates. Furthermore, I shall willingly suffer at their hands as though they were my master’s.”There was more to go, but she dropped her hand holding the paper to her side and began crying. I noticed, however, that she had pressed her thighs together and was squeezing them off and on in a familiar rhythm. Finally she lifted her face, eyes closed now, leaned out and received another smack from her master.”I shall submit any part of or all of my body for torture as my master commands.”Another blow and another rule!”I accept that when I have not satisfied my master that I shall be tortured severely and that the act of disobedience, as the worst offence, will require the most heinous discipline of all.”She was weeping loudly now, but still she raised her face to me. I wished to emphasize this particular rule so I struck her quite hard on both cheeks. Mom cried out now when I struck her but she held her position.”I shall perform every vile, nasty, disgusting act that my master orders without hesitation or complaint.”Back to a normal blow now. When she looked down at the paper she found that she had finished.I reached down and ran my hand through her hair, getting a large handful. I yanked her head back and spat in her face, then said, “Your name for now is slut, do you understand? You will answer to that name until I decide otherwise.””Yes master.”Still holding her by the hair I tilted her head back further and said, “I love you very much slut. Now stick out your tongue just as far as it will go. I want to suck on it and bite it until I taste your blood.”Slut extended her delicate pink tongue and I slowly engulfed it, sucking hard and pulling it painfully deep into my mouth. She moaned, but I don’t believe it was from pain. Mother was very turned on and so was I.The wet warm flavor of dinner was still on her breath. I began to draw my jaws together and as I did so my slut knew that I was going to inflict a hurtful wound on her. But, not backing away, she quietly held for the impending torture. I chewed on her flesh roughly, but I wasn’t ready to draw blood just yet. I wanted her to suffer with anticipation as much as from the actual bite.I had moved very close to mother now. It was necessary in order to get a good angle on her face and I had my right leg wedged between her legs. My slut began to wantonly hump my shinbone with her sloppy wet cunt. Riding it up and down and moaning so loud that I thought the neighbors would notice. It occurred to me that she was using me for her pleasure, but I decided to let it go this time. After all, I knew that I would prevail and I had really gone beyond any of my wildest fantasies of a few months ago. So I decided to reward her by allowing her to have some enjoyment, this way she does it with my approval.I had chewed and sucked enough; it was time for blood. I had made up my mind to make this a ritualistic sacrifice from her.I pulled back my head and told her, “It’s time to bleed your tongue for me. Are you ready?”Breathing deeply and nodding her head ‘yes’, Mother tilted her head back as far as she could, then slowly brought her tongue out of her mouth until it could go no further and nodded her head ‘yes’ again.I assaulted her frail little organ slowly and deliberately, sucking it in to my mouth again. Then, without stopping, I continued as I used the eyetooth on my left side to gradually sink into her flesh and painfully pierce her tongue. Mother cried out but never did she pull away. Her offering to me was as total and complete as I might have dreamed.I savored the coppery flavor of my slut’s life fluid and pulled hard while my tooth was imbedded in her. Mother was humping against me wildly now, and she groaned deeply in her throat as her enormous climax overwhelmed her. I was greatly pleased.She was so drained by her orgasm that I had to catch her and lower her to the floor. She was limp as a rag.I could see that she was conscious, so I commanded her to stay put until I called for her.As I walked into the den I realized that I was sporting a huge erection. Well, it was a very erotic moment and I still hadn’t had my turn, but that was about to change.I had prepared some things that I felt would be needed for the evening. They were hidden in a box behind the big chair where mom had rubbed herself to ecstasy the other night.I pulled out the new dog collar that I had purchased for this event and called out to mom.”OK slut, I want you to get on all fours and crawl into the den. As you enter, I expect you to go slow and let me get a good look at those oversize tits swinging back and forth when you crawl to your master’s feet. I’ll tell you what to do next.”A few seconds later my beautiful mother appeared, crawling on her hands and knees as she entered the room. Her head was down and her long brown hair hung over her face but I could still see a good bit of her bosoms. They were pulled by gravity, almost to the floor. The nipples were swollen with blood as if they were supporting the weight of those monsters.When she came to rest in front of me, I placed my hand on her head and told her to ‘Be still.’ Then I held the collar under her face, so that she could see what I had for her.As I ritualistically placed it around her neck, I said, “This is a symbol of your acceptance of me as your master. You must wear it at all times when you are home. There will be occasions when I shall require you to wear it elsewhere, but we need not go into that now.””I allowed you to have your pleasure because it made me happy to see you get off. Now it’s my turn for you to give me pleasure. This will also be the beginning of your lessons to teach you how to please me.””I want you on your knees, between my legs. You’re going to suck my cock. When I shoot my sperm, I expect you to swallow all of it. Don’t miss a drop. While you’re sucking, I’m going to be fondling your fat tits. More than that, I’m going to take great pleasure in hurting them. When I get close, I may grab a handful of your hair and ram my dick roughly into your mouth. This will please me to use you in this way. Do you understand?””Yes master. It was very kind of you to allow me to cum. I want very much to give you the pleasure of hurting my big bosoms and allowing me to use my mouth to show you what a good slut I can be.”I stood, turned my back to her and removed my robe. My hard cock was in its full glory and had been for a while. As I slowly turned to allow mom a gradual view of my prick, I heard her sharp intake of breath.Quietly, and to herself she said, “My god you’re even bigger than your father. It’s the most incredibly beautiful cock that I’ve ever seen.” I really had no idea what a normal size cock should be at my age, but I was proud of my eight and a half inches. I was very happy to hear mother’s reaction. She was unable to pull her eyes away and she was smiling.I lowered myself back down onto the edge of the chair seat and gave mom her instructions. “I want you to grasp your master’s dick in your left hand, stroke my balls with your right and rapidly kiss, over and over, the tip with your lips. When you’ve done that properly, I’ll allow you to suck my cock.”Mother encircled the base of my penis as instructed; her hand was dry and cool and it felt fantastic. Then she began stroking my balls, and finally her full soft lips began to plant little kisses all over the purple head of my aching shaft. I had dreamed of this moment for a long time and now that it was happening I was so excited that I almost exploded on the spot. Fortunately, the experiences I had with Patty helped me exercise some element of control, but it was a struggle.I knew that I had better move along because I wasn’t going to last very long. Reaching down and wrapping my big hands around each of her magnificent boobs, I began to maul them. With great pleasure, I squeezed and twisted them as my mother continued to kiss my prick, grunting occasionally when I was particularly cruel.”You really enjoy kissing my dick, don’t you slut?””Oh yes master. It’s wonderful.” The sincerity of her comment was evident.Moving my fingers to the large erect nipples of my mother’s breasts I started to pinch them harshly as I said, “It is time to suck your son’s cock mommy. EAT ME SLUT!”Mom pulled her head away from my prick and with mouth open wide, drove her face upon the hard flesh of her son’s cock. I knew from Patty that it was difficult for a woman to get much of my penis into her mouth, but mom pressed her self down until my organ banged into the back of her throat. I could feel and hear her gag, as she closed those phenomenal lips around it.I don’t know how to describe the sound that came from me. Mom said later that it was the most perfect combination of satisfaction and pleasure that she had ever heard. It was the fulfillment of months of dreaming, planning, and working hard to achieve something that I feared might never happen. Now I was here, and my gorgeous mother was naked on her knees with my cock in her mouth after agreeing to be my slave.Mother’s sucking mouth slid up and down my erect shaft. How she was using her tongue, I couldn’t imagine, but she far surpassed anything that Patty ever did for me. Mom’s mouth became my whole world for a few minutes.I was very close by then. The incredible feeling of her huge tits in my hands and her mouth on my prick had brought me to a state of arousal that I had never reached before. Taking mom’s nipples between thumb and finger again, I viciously pinched and twisted them until mom screamed around the shaft of my cock. Then I grabbed two handfuls of hair and abusively fucked her face until I exploded into her mouth.Shudders of pleasure swirled over me as mother sucked hard and swallowed all that I offered her. That didn’t keep me from noticing that she had managed to slip a hand between her legs. My dear sweet mother came right after I did. What a wonderful, magnificent, horny slut she was.Mom managed to keep sucking cock, even as we both finished our mutually intense orgasms. With a plop, my wilting prick slid out through those luscious lips and I collapsed into the chair. In slow motion, my beautiful slut lay down on the floor, face up, in front of me.”I hope that I have pleased you master?” she said. The grin on her face bothered me for some reason. I mean, she had a right to be proud of herself; she was one hell of a cocksucker. She certainly knew that I loved it.Then it hit me. I had seen that look many times before as a k** growing up. It was me that she was proud of, her son. She may as well have said to me, ‘My sweet little Timmy did good, that’s a good boy’, as though I was her little Timmy, or maybe the family dog. I was pissed, but I held my anger to give me time to think. This was no time to screw up the start of an important change in this household.I needed to get her reacting to me not the other way around, so I started with, “I’m glad that I’ve made you proud of me mom. I could go on and on about your cock-sucking talents, but you know damn good and well that you’re phenomenal and I couldn’t be happier about that.””We’re not finished this evening, but its Thursday and I have one more day of school so I’ll go easy on you tonight. I want you to know that I’m going to give you a contract rethinking period. You will have until Monday morning at seven AM to change your mind. From that moment forward, you will no longer be in control of your life. You will have surrendered it to me. In the mean time, I intend to put you through your paces. You will receive a healthy dose of what you can expect from me. Sunday night while I sleep, you must seriously ponder your fate, and then give me you answer in the morning.””I’m ready to give you my answer now master,” she said.I shouted, “NO! Not until you have a weekend of experience to help you make the right decision. You’re my mother and I love you very much; but if you finally agree to be my slave you will still be my mother. You will also be a woman who I shall ruthlessly abuse, humiliate and degrade for my own selfish pleasure. I will not back down from that once you accept my mastery of your soul.””It isn’t just some part time roll playing that I seek. I have had plenty of time to consider the nature of my sexual personality and I know, without a doubt, that I am a master at heart. I shall only be truly satisfied by a submissive and obedient woman.””Other than acknowledging a command, you must say no more until I give you permission to speak. Now stand up and remove everything except you collar.””Yes master,” she said, as she complied with my stern command.I watched her lovely hands slowly roll the stockings down her long shapely legs. I knew that mom was 38 years old and that I was no judge of age of an older woman. But I thought that she could easily pass for some of those young girls who pose in the skin mags.While mom finished undressing, I went to my supplies and pulled out a few lengths of rope, two large towels, an extra large dog collar and a large damp sponge. I walked over to the built in bookshelves that covered one entire wall of my father’s den. They were very solidly put together and would serve my needs nicely tonight.”Come over here slut,” I ordered her. She approached me slowly and observed carefully the objects in my arms. Mom knew, I’m sure, that I would use the ropes istanbul escort to place her in bondage, but the curious look on her face told me she didn’t have a clue as to how she would be affected by the other items. I was pleased. I dropped all of it on the floor, except the collar and sponge.Upon my orders she held her hands up touching at the wrists; then I tied them together. I pulled them over her head and tied them to the top rung of the bookshelf brace. Now mom had her back to the books and with her hands so high above her head, her tits stuck out even further. Man what a sight! Mom’s breathing rate had increased and it was causing her over sized mammaries to push way out and back with each cycle of air. Good God, it was an awesome sight!I had managed to grow another erection without realizing it. Mother noticed, however. In a raspy voice and looking at my throbbing penis she said, “I can see that you really do get turned on by binding me up and leaving me vulnerable to any horrible thing that turns your fancy.”Again there was that smile that so aggravated me. I decided not to say anything because she would soon enough realize that I didn’t find this funny.She opened her mouth on my command and I inserted the folded, damp sponge into her mouth. Then gently, I placed the thin, long dog collar around her face, across her gagged mouth and buckled it behind her head. The apprehension on her face was unmistakable.I walked out of the room and left her there.After my father died, I had gone through much of his things; you know clothes and stuff like that. I kept all of his belts. I knew just how I would use them. I picked out a black leather one that was about an inch wide. This would be perfect for tonight, I thought.I walked back into the den very slowly, with the belt swinging from my right hand. My eyes went to the huge pendulous tits, which were about to receive my loving attention. I noticed that mom wasn’t breathing as rapidly as when I had left the room. That would change in a hurry.”I have lusted after your body for some time mother. I’ve especially been infatuated with your big tits. I’ve longed to hold them, fondle them, kiss and suck and bite them. But first, I’m going to demonstrate just how far I am willing to go in torturing you by whipping the hell out of them. The main reason that I’ve gagged you was to keep the neighbors from hearing you scream.”With no more words or any warning, I quickly raised my right arm and brought the belt crashing down across the tops of mother’s bosoms. The sponge in her mouth easily muffled her cry. The belt left a beautiful red welt to advertise the pain she was experiencing. My next blow was directed at her sensitive nipples. Again her uncontrollable response was all but silenced by the gag.I paused to allow the injuries to begin throbbing, as I knew they would. When I scanned her face, I was touched by the anguish that showed in her features. I was touched, but not with compassion, for I knew how hot mom could get from rough treatment. I had heard her suffer several times at my father’s hands.The underside of those great mountains caught my eye, and therefore, the belt, then once more above. I deliberately staggered my strokes to keep her off balance and confused.By now the tears that I had been longing to see were flowing down her cheeks, and she was shaking her head ‘no’, while pleading with her eyes. I concluded that phase of the torture by raining a series of harsh blows on one breast and then the other, and then back again. By denying her any sense of rhythm, she wasn’t able to anticipate an end to her torment.I stopped as suddenly as I had started. I looked at my mother’s luscious streaked knockers and had an urge to untie her and make wild passionate love to her. But then, that’s not what this was all about. As much as I wanted to drive my stiff dick into her, I would hold off until I had made my point.Mom was weeping now. God help me I loved it.The built in bookshelf covered one entire wall of the den and ran from floor to ceiling. It was made of a rich red mahogany and had three strong braces that were each three feet apart. I had strung up mother from the middle one and now I would make good use of the other two.From the pile of supplies on the floor, I picked up a towel and a length of rope. I wrapped the towel around mom’s right leg just above her knee and applied an oversize square knot. Then I tied one end of the rope to the towel. I lifted the leg high, leaving her standing awkwardly on the other leg, and tied it to the left bookshelf brace where it met the top shelf.Repeating the process on the other leg was more awkward. But ultimately mother was hanging from the bookshelf with her hands over her head, her legs spread wide apart, with the knees slightly above her slender derriere and the inviting brown fur of her cunt a foot below the level of my crotch.It wasn’t necessary, but I wanted to torment my slut a bit more. “You are completely vulnerable to me now and I’m going to take advantage of your indefensible ass with the belt.”Mother was shaking her head ‘no’. “I’m trying to make you realize what it is that a slave of mine must tolerate. You may have an image of a sweet tender life of gentle submission to me, but that isn’t what a true master demands from his slave. That isn’t to say that we won’t enjoy many tender moments together, but while in training you will be given much harsher treatment and receive it more often. So this time it’s your ass.”I realized that I was talking too much, so I shut up and took the first of several big swings up and onto mother’s soon to be tender ass. Her guttural moans and high-pitched screams were handily taken care of by the wet sponge, but I longed to hear her cry out loud and clear, and unencumbered by anything.She suffered wonderfully as I kept changing the pace. I finished with several quick brutal blows on her ass and exposed thighs.Mom had been crying for some time now. I stepped back, for theatrical purposes, and held the belt out in front of her face in one hand. With the other hand, I stroked her sloppy wet pussy and said, “You know mother, there’s only one place left for me to whip.”I paused here and was greeted with a look of shock, then fear.”That’s right mother, it’s time for me to torture your horny old pussy.” I took the hand that was now soaked with her lubricating juices and rubbed it on her upper lip, just below her nose. “Can’t you smell what a dirty whore you are?” She moaned when she inhaled, closed her eyes and shook her head ‘yes’.”I want to beat your pussy now. I want you to lift your hips forward and sacrifice it to the belt of your husband and for the pleasure of your son and master. If you truly aren’t willing to accept this, then I’ll release you and we’ll be finished forever. If you are serious about being my slave, then you must thrust out that cunt of yours, knowing that you will suffer great pain because I want it to be so.”It seemed like a very long time but I suppose it was really only 10 or 15 seconds as she pondered and made up her mind. It was enough to make me think that she would back down. She moaned loudly, as though in agony. Then slowly, mother tensed the muscles in her arm to use them for leverage and brought her hips up and out further opening the folds of her cunt to me.I actually breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Thank you.”Pleasantries behind me, I turned to the task at hand. In order to gain better control, therefore better accuracy, I wrapped the belt around my right hand twice. This made it shorter but just as deadly and again the theatrics added drama to the event.I stood off to her right and brought the belt up viciously into the flesh of my mother’s exposed pussy. A high-pitched wail roared up her throat, dulled by the gag, yet giving evidence to the extreme pain that coursed through her body.I was much more deliberate in this phase of her punishment. My next blow was aimed at the right inside portion of her sensitive loins. Another lash followed this on the left. With each application her torment was announced by the screams coming through the cheap sponge in her mouth. She was no longer offering herself to me, but was shaking those shapely hips around in order to avoid the horror.I stopped. “Mother,” I breathlessly said, “You must continue to offer me your cunt. I’ll stop after each one so that you can overcome your weakness and give me your pussy again. Do you understand?” Still sobbing and with tracks of tears running down her flushed cheeks, she mumbled, “Uh huh.”The hips reluctantly came up and away from the bookcase and the torture resumed. Ten more strokes I delivered. After each one I paused, and each time that beautiful bruised pussy was thrust out for my abusive use.She was beside herself with pain now. The screams were replaced with deep sobs and then endless weeping. Mother was extraordinary.The cunt that I had lusted for the last two years was about to be mine. I think that my cock has never been harder before or since that night. I took my penis in hand, approached mom, and slowly rubbed the head of it around the outside of her very wet snatch.At first she was so out of it that she didn’t realize what was about to happen. But when I used her pussy to thoroughly lubricate my dick, she became aware of everything and began to moan with anticipation.I could wait no longer. Placing my raging cock at the entrance to her wet tunnel, I eased it into her about one inch and stopped. It wasn’t easy to stop but I did. I was going to use a technique on her that Patty had taught me. If I could just hold off, I would drive my mother wild.The process called for me to move into her extremely slowly. (Agonizingly slow Patty had said) Thus I began the measured **** of my mother’s magnificent cunt. Pushing so slowly that it was almost painful for me, I gained mere millimeters a second, but the progress was unending and the goal inevitable.Even now, thinking back to that moment, I’m sure that it took at least a full minute to extend my cock completely into her. Her muffled groans far out distanced my unmuffled moans of pleasure. As I ground my belly into hers, she erupted into an enormous climax. Mom’s body vibrated so violently that books fell off of the shelves. Yet I had thrust into her but once.I held perfectly still for a few moments to allow her to calm down a little. Then slowly withdrew until the head of my cock was just barely touching those quivering lips.Reentering at a slightly increased rate of speed brought a long low moan from her and a deep grunt from me. Over a period of ten or fifteen strokes, I brought the cycle up to a point where I couldn’t go any faster. The sounds we were emitting would have been funny to anyone watching, but to me it enhanced the lustful atmosphere.As I had with the whipping, I changed the pace of my fucking. I also altered the depth of my plunges and I would get a loud moan of pleasure from mom whenever I rammed in my cock all the way to the hilt.I was holding moms butt with both hands and this gave me a lot of control when using her. I mean, I could determine the angle at which I entered her pussy and it also let me rub my belly against her clit.But I was getting close now and I knew that I couldn’t last much longer and I wanted mom to cum when I did. So I moved my right hand a little further under her rear end. Using my middle finger, I massaged the entrance to her asshole. She caught fire in a hurry, moaning, groaning and pushing down with her butt. Mom was obviously trying to impale herself on my finger. Good God, she was a wild woman. Now that she knew it was coming, I saw no reason to be subtle; so I forced as much of that finger into her ass as my angle of approach would allow.She went through the ceiling. Mother was bucking, shaking, quivering, moaning and screaming all over the place. It threw her into an instant orgasm and her inspired movements and sounds pulled me with her. I don’t know how to convey the thrill or the absolute joy of cumming into a cunt that has consumed your sexual fantasies for two years. Add to that the taboo of fucking your own mother, especially when she begged for it and maybe you could understand the emotions and pleasure that overwhelmed me that first night. With each thrust of my exploding cock I felt the liquid cum boiling up the length of my penis. If I were any hotter, pure steam would be scalding her insides, and it never seemed to end. It just went on and on. I have never had another climax that thrilled me quite like this one had.I remained still for a minute or two. When my breathing was almost normal I realized that my deflated cock was slipping out of her cunt. I just barely moved my hand down there in time to catch a large gob of gooey fluid as it oozed out. Mother’s heaving boobs caught my attention so I smeared all of the sticky mess on her tits.From mom’s reaction I could tell that she didn’t like it. Well tough shit, I thought, I do and I didn’t care for her attitude. There was no way that I could allow her to be so disrespectful.”You disappoint me slut. You have ruined a beautiful moment by your vocal response. I’m going to teach you that you must show the proper respect for my fluids.”Grabbing a handful of cunt hair, I lifted her a foot higher. By her shrill scream I knew that she was in the throws of extreme pain. Good! I made my point.”Don’t make that mistake again,” I told her. She shook her head ‘no’.”I’m going to remove your gag. When I do, you will not speak. You will open your mouth and stick out your tongue so that I can feed you more of our delicious juices. Do you understand?”She closed her eyes and hung her head down saying, “Uh huh”, through the sponge.I decided to release her legs first because holding her up was killing me. One leg at a time was untied and slowly let down to the floor. Her painful moans were soon followed by a singsong hum of relief. Then I unbuckled the collar and removed the sponge, now damp with her saliva.Never taking my eyes from hers, I inserted three fingers into her hot, wet pussy. When I did, mother opened her mouth and offered her tongue. I swirled the fingers around to be sure that I got a good amount on them, and then brought the filthy mess to her face. I held them just under her nose, then placed three fingers on her tongue and worked them over and around to saturate her taste buds.”Now pull your tongue back in and show me that you appreciate my gift.” She moved the pink tongue into her mouth and swirled her jaw around while moaning. “That’s much better slut.” I did it once more and she responded the same.I released her from the bookshelf and freed her hands. She rubbed her wrists to regain some feeling, and then dropped them to her sides.Then I gave mom new instructions. “Put two of your own fingers into your pussy, and then clean them.” She squatted down slightly and worked the first two fingers of her right hand up inside of her sloppy cunt. “Mother, how do you like showing me what a nasty slut you are? Be honest.” Mom’s face was flushed but I didn’t know if that was from sex or the embarrassment of performing this act in front of her own son. She didn’t say a thing.”I release you from your bond of silence. Now, answer me!”Finally mom’s first words revealed a little of what was going on in her mind. “I am ashamed of myself. I’m ashamed avcılar escort because I let my kinky sex drive drag my son into my twisted world. I’m ashamed because I enjoyed it so much. I’m ashamed because you enjoyed my slutiness so much. I’m ashamed to have you see me like this. And I’m very ashamed because I am so excited by it that I know I’m going to be the dirtiest, nastiest slave that you could ever want.”I know it sounds crazy, but my heart was soaring. “I love you mother.” I paused then commanded, “Place your fingers in you mouth and clean them.””Yes my darling, wonderful master.”Mother inserted her dirty digits into her mouth and gleefully licked and sucked our mixed juices from her soiled fingers. As she did, I took each of her nipples in my gripping fingers and squeezed, saying, “I have to go study, but you stay down here and clean up the dinner mess. Under no circumstances are you to masturbate or do anything to cum. You are not to cum again without my permission. Do you understand?”Mom actually looked hurt by my last orders but she shook her head yes while saying, “I understand master, and I shall obey you.””Good! I’m going to go to bed after I knock out my homework so I probably won’t see you until the morning. When I come for my breakfast I expect you to be wearing your high heel shoes and an apron, nothing else.””Yes master, but don’t you want to sleep with me tonight. I mean this is a special night, don’t you agree?”I slapped her hard cross the cheek and said, “On your knees slut, you’re going to have to learn not to offer suggestions unless I ask for them.” I was afraid that I may have hit mother too hard, but other than a loud moan, she didn’t react other than to obey the command.The belt that I had used before was on the floor by my feet. Picking it up I told her to, “Put your hands behind your back and stick out your tits.” Once those huge boobs were thrust forward, I proceeded to whack the hell out of them until mom was begging me to show her mercy.When I stopped, she was holding her position, but was going through racking sobs just to get her breath. Mother’s bosoms were covered with welts from both whippings. Where the strokes had overlapped she had mild abrasions and I was concerned about scarring. I wanted to make my slut obey, but not at the price of disfiguring my mother. Still, I couldn’t show weakness at this point. So I dropped the belt and quietly said, “Clean up.” Then I dramatically walked out of the room.At that tender young age, my recovery ability was amazing. By eleven o’clock I was horny as hell. I didn’t want to look weak to mom by going back downstairs to screw her one more time, so I jerked off quietly in my bedroom.This being a master sure had its drawbacks. After having enjoyed the fruit of my mother’s loins I found masturbation a very distant second place.****In the morning I went through my new morning ritual, which included selecting mother’s clothes for the day. On her bed I laid out a pair of stockings, a garter belt and a matching bra. That would be all she needed. Oh, and of course the high heeled shoes.In the kitchen I found mom ‘slaving’ away at the stove, cooking bacon and eggs. I saw a half eaten bowl of fruit at her place on the table, which told me that she was still serious about losing weight.She heard me come in and looked quickly over her shoulder at me as I entered and greeted me with, “Good morning master. I hope you’ll find breakfast to your liking.”She was still facing the stove, but I could plainly see that, other than high heels and an apron, she was totally naked. I knew that I could get used to this very quickly. The site of that gorgeous ass started an interest in some morning action.As I sat down, mom placed the eggs and bacon on a plate, picked it up and slowly turned around to bring it to me. I almost jumped clean out of the chair. The dog collar was around her neck and the apron that she wore was sheer black and hid nothing.When she slowly put the plate in front of me I responded, “Jesus Christ you look great. You hot fucking slut.”She looked at me sternly, but when she spoke it didn’t sound angry. “Now look here young man, I’m your slut but I’m not ever going to stop being your mother. You’d better not take the Lord’s name in vain. You’re much to articulate to succumb to that type of demonstrative. You can punish me all you like, but my mother’s genes are going jump up and bite you every time that I think it’s important.””Good”, I said, “I don’t want to lose my mother. But, you’ll have to forgive me this once. You caught me off guard when you flashed me in that apron. You look so fabulous I almost came in my pants.”Mom’s attitude quickly changed, starting with a wicked little grin. She then lifted her huge hooters in each hand and brought them close to my face, pulling away at the last minute. She pulled the apron over her head and down to her waist then offered her tits to me again.I kissed the tips of her large nipples with loving affection, and then sucked each one into my mouth, nursing on it like a baby. Mother was moaning low in her throat now, and I brought one hand up along the inside of her thighs. She opened her legs slightly as I continued up until I was stoking the crack of her wet pussy.In a quiet but firm tone I ordered her to, “Use your fingers to open your cunt for me.”With nothing more than a grunt for a response, my luscious slut mother placed her long delicate fingers inside the folds of her pussy and pulled the lips wide apart. The glistening channel of that beckoning pleasure hole called to my hardening cock. I was staring at my mother’s clit for the first time. Like her other feminine parts, it was much larger than you would expect on a woman with such a slender frame.As I leaned forward Mom realized what I had in mind. She inhaled sharply and whispered to herself, “Oh God…Oh God!…Oh God!.” I slowly and gently kissed mom’s throbbing clitoris. I then took it into my sucking mouth and surrounded it with my tongue.I felt so much love for her that I wanted to make this a perfect moment for her. She was obviously very turned on and began panting and moaning loudly when I inserted two fingers into her quaking pussy. She wouldn’t last long at this rate so I began to use my tongue on her clit. Back and forth it went, teasing her with the tip against the end of her throbbing nub. But when I tongued the length of her miniature cock, it forced mom into another of her powerful climaxes. Her cries of ecstasy filled the room and her hips fucking my face were threatening to break my neck.After a few minutes she regained her composure and I ate my breakfast in silence. Finally mom said, “I don’t know who taught you to eat pussy but I owe her a huge debt of gratitude. You are good.”I smiled and shot back with, “Maybe I should have her come over from time to time and suck on your cunt when I’m too busy to do it.””Oh you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” mom said. “Men always seem to have this fantasy of two women getting it on in front of them.”Out of curiosity I asked, “Mother, have you ever gotten it on with another woman? And would you if I commanded?””No, I never have Tim. But if my master orders me to, I suppose that I shall have to obey. That would turn you on to see me rolling around with another naked woman, wouldn’t it? I just bet you would love to see your mother’s tits being squeezed and sucked by another woman. Maybe you would have me on my hands and knees eating her pussy while you pound my cunt from behind with that fine fat cock of yours.””Mother,” I said loudly, “you’re the one fantasizing now. But your dirty slut talk has me all worked up. Get over here on your knees and suck my dick.”She moved with her usual grace to a position in front of me. Then she untied the apron hanging at her waist, let it fall to the floor and announced, “I’m going to suck that monster all the way down my throat even if it kills me.”Mom swiftly engulfed my cock in her vacuuming mouth, even before she got her knees to the floor. She massaged my aching balls gently, and then, taking a deep breath through her nostrils, she pushed her face further down the erect tower of my manhood.Her first attempt was only partially successful. But the next effort rewarded us both, mom with a sense of achievement and me with a new ecstatic experience.She grabbed both of my hands and placed them behind her head and pushed. I understood immediately. She wanted me to force my cock down her throat. She loved being dominated like this.As I took over and began ramming into her abused mouth, I was further turned on by the sounds of my dear, sweet, slut of a mother, as she gagged and choked each time I held my prick deep past her tonsils. The sensations exploding through my loins were incredible and I knew that I was going to pop very soon.I pulled back out of her throat and began rapidly fucking her face until I started to cum. At this point, mother took over by slowing down to an extremely slow pace. This drew out my thunderous orgasm for a much longer period of time.Vaguely I recall loud and vulgar shouts, which were coming from me. “Suck my dick mommy. Suck it hard now, you fucking slut. Eat it all mom. Swallow every fucking drop of my cum, you filthy whore.”When she had finished vacuuming my cock of every molecule of fluid, she knelt there with my prick slowly deflating, but still in her mouth. I could hardly feel it anymore, so I grabbed her by the hair and, somewhat gently, pulled that beautiful mouth off of my cock.Gazing down at mom, it became obvious that she was hot as hell. With her eyes closed, she was using one hand to pull on her nipples and the other to massage her clit.The degree of control that I wanted to have over her was still a way off, and I knew that my domination of her would be jeopardized if I allowed her to play with herself without my permission. Although I must admit that I loved the picture that she was painting for me at the moment, even though I was completely satiated, I had to put a stop to it.She was really getting into it. I quietly stood and slapped her hard across each side of her face and shouted, “Stop that!”Her hands fell to her sides, her eyes opened wide in shock borne of disappointment, not pain. She responded with a single short phrase, “Please, I need to cum.””I didn’t tell you that you could, and you didn’t ask, so suffer.””I’ll gladly suffer any physical pain you want but, please, don’t make me suffer like this. I can’t stand it.””You lack discipline mother. This will actually be good for you. And to further emphasize my control and your obedience, I forbid you to masturbate while I’m at school. You will do your chores, but you must keep your hands off of your horny old cunt. Do you understand slut?”The look of frustrated desire on that beautiful face, and a long sigh, told me her answer before she gave it to me. “Yes master.””Good.”I was very proud of myself and about the progress that I was making with her. I never dreamed that things would move along so swiftly. On the other hand, my game plan was already skewed all out of whack because of the pace of the action, and I realized that I needed to be better prepared for the odd twist of events that could jump up and bite me.Some planning I had already done. But, now that things were going along rapidly, I realized that I wasn’t really as ready to ‘train’ her as I had dreamed. I mean the nuts and bolts of making it all happen were far more detailed than I originally thought.For instance, I wanted to use the recreation room in our basement as a training and punishment center. To do this I would need to put eyebolts in the ceiling to hang her from. Screwing her on the sofa or the floor would be fun, but I would still need to bring the mattress down from the spare bedroom so we could enjoy each other on a softer and more spacious playground. I needed more rope and a hundred other little things that I had not considered when all of this was just an erotic fantasy.The more that I pondered the details, the more concerned I became about my ability to pull this whole thing together. But I had two things going for me. First: mom was already committed to being my slave, and second: I was fiercely determined.”Slut,” I calmly ordered, “follow me to the door as I leave for school. Keep your mouth shut and listen.”As we walked toward the door I gave her an inkling of what was to come.”When I return home, you will assist me in preparing your training area. But prior to that, you must offer me your tits for torture. I can’t imagine a man who wouldn’t be turned on by those huge knockers swaying back and forth as they are slapped. I’ll be thinking of that all day, and I’ll be pretty worked up about it by the time that I get home. So, you had better be prepared to suffer for me because I intend to make you scream.””It won’t always be like this between us, but at first you must demonstrate your willingness to do all that I demand. Do you understand?”Mother just nodded her head in the affirmative.Stopping at the front door, I turned and stepped into her. As I pressed my body firmly against hers, crushing her tits into my chest, I reached around behind her head with my left hand and grabbed a bunch of hair.”Tongue out slut,” I commanded with a sneer.Mother opened her mouth and from those luscious lips came her abused pink tongue. I could see where I had bitten it the night before and I knew that it was probably still sore. With my tongue, I traced a circle around her damaged area, and then gently sucked that warm talented muscle into my mouth.With my right hand, I gripped mom’s cunt lips and twisted harshly. I was pretty sure that the combination of pain and pleasure would be a turn on for her. It damn sure was for me.She moaned quietly as I briefly abused her but she never uttered another sound, as I withdrew from my assault.”The weekend will be very difficult for you,” I said in a cold and factual manner, “very painful. But a pain loving slut like you will, no doubt, get off many times.”I turned and left her standing there nude, horny and frustrated.****At school, Fred was beside himself. It seems that Beverly approached him and let it be known that she was interested in me. I think he was also more than a little jealous. But, he was happy to tell me the news and insisted on all the details if I got lucky, especially if I got to see her tits.I asked him exactly what she had said and he couldn’t remember the precise wording but basically she felt that I had changed into a more ‘grown up guy’.If I let it, this information would merely add confusion to my i****tuous situation at home. So I decided to file it away for later use and focus on the hot piece of ass that was waiting for me at my house.Throughout the day I began to sort out what I wanted to do and assigned a priority to it. Again dad’s instruction for organizing my homework was useful in other projects, like turning my mother into a slut/slave.Knowing what kind of sexual relationship that mom and dad had been involved in; I felt that dad would understand if he knew. In fact, he would probably be glad that his wife had someone that she could trust to use her in the manner that she enjoyed. I also wanted to believe that he would have been proud that his son turned out to be so much like him, but perhaps not. I didn’t think that my father was nearly as kinky as I was.A classmate, who drove şirinevler escort his own car to school every day, was easily bribed to run me over to the hardware store to pick up some needed items. He agreed to take me home after school for a few more bucks. Seems his car really ate the fuel and he needed the gas money.As a result of the ride home I arrived 30 minutes earlier than usual, but my slut mother was ready and anxiously awaiting my arrival.She was wearing the chosen outfit of the day, and boy did she ever look great. The bra was busting at the seams and the garter belt and stockings beautifully framed her naked pussyShe slowly and seductively walked toward me and my eyes were instantly drawn to her large, swaying boobs. I knew by now that I was definitely a tit man, and she sure had them and knew how to use them.I had stopped at the door and allowed her to walk the length of the hall to me. As she got closer I saw that she was wearing the dog collar around her neck. I had forgotten all about it, but she hadn’t. Christ almighty what a turn on she was.Mother moved in close to me, as I had when I had left that morning. Her magnificent tits pressed into my chest and her crotch thrust against my groin.”Well slut,” I started out, “I’m glad to see that you’re ready.”Mom gazed up into my eyes, with love and lust, then said, “My tongue for you master.”She tilted her head back and thrust out her tongue for me. Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I proceeded to suck it into my mouth and threatened it with my teeth. Mom gave a sharp intake of breath, in anticipation of the pain she thought would be coming. But I had a revelation, and pulled off of her tongue, stopped a few inches from her still open mouth and spit a blob of saliva into it.She immediately pulled away and turned to spit it out onto the floor.”Don’t you dare do that,” I shouted harshly. “That’s your master’s spit and you must learn to accept it.”Mother froze, and then she slowly turned back to me and made sure that I could see that she was swallowing the goo that I had given her.”That’s better, slut. Now open up again. We’re going to try this one more time so that you can start getting used to it.”With obvious reluctance, she offered her mouth to me and I made a large production out of working up a good size volume of slime. I slowly leaned over her mouth; let a long and disgusting string of phlegm run onto her tongue and down her throat.She closed her mouth, and with a horrible look on that lovely face, she gagged down the wretched mess.I stood there and said nothing. I wasn’t sure what to do next.Mother looked at me as though she was searching for a clue as to my next command. She stepped back and reached behind her back with both hands, causing her knockers to stick out like two huge, perfectly matched melons. I realized that she was undoing her bra. She let it slide slowly down her arms, allowing her breast to come nakedly to my view.She tossed the bra aside and, using her fingers and thumbs; she pulled on her nipples so hard that she was lifting the heavy orbs away from her chest as she winced in pain.”I know that I must suffer the pain of your abuse upon my breasts master. I offer you my bosoms for torture and for your pleasure.”She let the nipples slip away from her fingers, moved her hands under her breasts, lifting them out toward me.”Please hurt me,” was all she said.I could be theatrical too, I thought. So I slowly removed the belt from my jeans and wrapped the buckle end around my right hand a few turns. I was too close to get a good swing, so I stepped back a little, looked down at the floor briefly and raised my belted hand high over my head. I brought it down hard and fast onto her left tit.Mom screamed through gritted teeth, but never backed away as I raised my hand again. This time her right boob was the victim of another vicious blow; and this brought a second scream through clenched teeth.Her eyes were closed. “Open your eyes, slut, I want you to see the pain coming.””Yes master,” her eyes now open to witness the instrument of her torture on the way again. She was unable to stifle a cry out this time. A steady rain of leather fell upon her tender breasts and with each stroke rendered, a shriek of pain exploded from her lips; but she never backed away. My gorgeous mother-slut took all that I had to dish out.No wonder that my dad had been so awed by her. She could and would do anything that her man wanted of her.At this time I could not care less about her passion, but mine was at the boiling point. I grabbed her by the right nipple and pulled her across the hall. Mom winced in pain but followed docilely. Once in the den, with no words spoken between us, I bent her forward over the back of the large lounge chair.The only sound she made occurred when I pulled down my zipper; she moaned. Otherwise, she stayed in place as I prepared to fuck her.I thought of myself as r****g her, which was heady stuff for me then. But, in truth, she was almost impossible to m***** because she so loved the abuse.With cock in hand, I bent my legs slightly and pushed the head of my throbbing prick against her wet pussy. It went in so easily I felt as though I was falling into a hot bottomless pit. I started immediately to pump in and out, like a dog. My excitement had me quickly on the edge of cumming, but I didn’t want to cum this fast.Using what shaky willpower I had left, I slowed down. It was only then I realized that mom was getting off big time. My slowing down to keep me from shooting simply enhanced and drew out her pleasure. This kind of pissed me off.After she had climaxed, I told her, “You selfish fucking slut, you got off but did nothing to help your master. You really are a shameless whore, aren’t you mommy. Tell me what a dirty, scummy bitch you are. And keep telling me until I blow my nuts in your cunt.””I apologize master. Your slut was very selfish and inconsiderate, but you excited me so much, I couldn’t help myself. I’m such a dirty old whore. I enjoy being an obedient slave for my master-son. I’ll do anything to please you, my darling.””Nasty, you dumb fucking slut”, I screamed, as I pumped away at her steaming pussy.”I guess I am a dirty, nasty bitch. I’ve never really been able to cut loose before, not even with your father, not like I do with you. For some reason, I really get off on being used by you. You actually enjoy degrading me, and I love it so much. So treat me like a slut. Torture me to your hearts delight. Cum in me, cum on me, spit on me, piss on me, because I love it. I want to wallow in sex.””Do you want me to suck you off at school? I’ll do it! Do you want me to fuck Fred? I’ll do it! Do you want me to put on a sex show with lots of other people? I’ll do it! Do you want me to eat your cum out of another woman’s pussy? I’ll do it!”The mind pictures that she was painting for me were more than enough to throw me into another huge climax. I was screaming obscenities at her and blowing my hot, sticky jizz into mom’s clutching cunt. I realized a few moments later that she had cum again. Damn she was insatiable.We both lay still and speechless for two or three minutes. As I regained my composure, I decided not to say a word about all of the things that she said that she would do at my command. I filed them away for future reference. There was no doubt in my mind that I would be reminding her of these statements at a later time.By now my cock had slipped out of her runny, wet cunt. I grabbed a handful of her long brown hair and pulled her to her feet. I used my grip to twist her around so that she was facing me. When I let go of her hair, she showed obvious relief.I struck my mother’s right cheek, with all of the force that I could muster. She screamed and went crashing to the floor.”Get up slut,” was all that I said.She rose to her feet and stood facing me. The side of mom’s face was bright red, as though it were on fire. I slammed another vicious open handed blow on the other side of her lovely face.”Do you know why I’m beating you? I’m doing it because you were supposed to get me off, not yourself you fucking piece of shit.”Through tears and sobs she said, “I’m sorry, master. I can’t seem to help myself. You turn me on so much. I know that I deserve to be punished severely and I’ll submit to anything that you command.”Ten minutes later mom found herself bound at the wrists and hanging from a water pipe in the unfinished part of the basement. I decided to leave the garter belt, stockings and high heels on her. I just loved the way her gorgeous pussy was highlighted by these garments.”You will suffer for me now. Being as you are such a nymphomaniac slut, I suspect that you’ll get excited. However, I’ll allow you no pleasure.”Mother didn’t reply. She stared at me glassy eyed and breathing deeply. It occurred to me that she was in another zone and didn’t really understand what I was saying.Having done some preparation in advance, I picked up a wooden rod that I had cut to a 32” length and screwed in metal eyelets at each end. With shorts pieces of clothes line, I tied my mother’s ankles to each end, thereby spreading her legs just far enough apart to let her maintain her balance, but not able to protect her hairy loins from attack.I was determined to have her obey me. I was still very young, but I knew enough to realize that I had become a tool for her lust. That didn’t serve my needs and there was a lot more to it than that, but I didn’t think it through until the next day.In the mean time, I was going to work her over but good; and I would be sure not to let her get off on all of the abuse. With one of the medium width belts in hand, I proceeded to whip her huge knockers. I wasn’t turned on but I loved seeing them bounce when I hit them and I loved hearing her cry of pain each time that I landed a blow. ‘God help me’ I thought ‘I do love this.’At first mom just yelled as each stroke blistered her tits. This gave way to screams and pleas for mercy. Then she was begging me to fuck her. She promised all sorts of weird behavior if only I would, ‘Ram my cock into her pussy’. She would crawl the length of the floor and suck my dick, or lick and clean my feet, sucking each toe, or kneel at my feet and have me piss all over her, then drink the rest of it.The belt was falling on her back, ass and legs now. Her screams had subsided to horse prayers for any type of sexual release, but they went unanswered.Finally, I ceased the assault and threw the belt aside. Mother’s head hung down with her chin resting on her breastbone and through quiet sobs she asked, “What do you want of me?”It struck me then that this was the first time, since I returned home from school, that she had shown any interest in knowing what I wanted. This was a start, I thought. Perhaps from here she would be trainable. Yet, I was going to make absolutely sure that she was ready to serve my selfish desires first, and then her own could be addressed.I slowly went to my small pile of belts and picked out a very narrow one. This would leave some vicious marks on her for several days but I was convinced that it was necessary. I swung it swiftly thru the air in front of her a few times, to let her see that the new instrument of torture was a more serious threat to her beautiful body.”Oh God,” was her frightened response.”You must learn to take care of my needs first. Such will be the nature of the relationship that I want between us. What I demand right now is to see you suffer for not attending to your master’s desire before your own. Offer me your cunt.””Please not this Tim, I’m still sore from last night,” she said. “I’ll do better from now on; I promise.” But as she spoke the words she was moving her hips forward and spreading her thighs apart, leaving only the sparse thin hairs of her pussy to protect her most sensitive area. I don’t think that she even realized that she was doing it.I did not say a word. I walked in front of her and stopped just at her right side. This placement allowed me to use my right hand to strike the first blow as I spun around quickly and caught her by surprise.The belt crashed onto the soft, tender flesh of her right cunt lip. Mom’s high-pitched scream told me that she would be receiving no pleasure from me this time. The ugly, red welt now swelling on her loins had not broken the skin, so I had a good idea as to how hard I could hit her.Whenever I went along slowly with mother, she seemed to get aroused much more easily; so I decided to try going faster to gauge her reaction. I began whipping that luscious cunt with a vengeance. Her screams for mercy were immediate and frequent and I must admit that I was tempted to go a little lighter, but I knew that if ever I was going to have true control of her, I would have to apply strict discipline. Thus, the wickedly thin belt continued to rip at my mother’s dancing pussy, for a few more strokes.I stopped.”Are you ready to obey me?”She hung there, sobbing loudly, with tears flowing down her cheeks and falling on her fat tits. I was filled with guilt, and a desire to plunge my raging hard cock into her swollen cunt. But I resisted the powerful urge in favor of a wiser course of action.”Oh God, Tim, how could you do this to me?”I quickly fired a two more blows to her abused crotch and stopped abruptly.”Are you ready to obey me?”In a whimpering whisper she said, “Yes master.””Push out your cunt. Offer it to me again.”She moaned deeply, almost a wail; yet she painfully thrust her hips forward without comment.I gave her two short, but stout lashes at her vulnerable pussy. Her screams were not as loud as they had been, but there was a depth of feeling to them that spoke of mom’s resignation to her suffering.The belt weighed heavily in my fist and I threw it to the floor. I leaned down and kissed mother softly on the lips and went upstairs, turning off the light as I departed. She was left to suffer in the dark and hopefully to ponder her fate if she accepted my desire for her servitude.For an hour or so I thought about what I had done to my mother. I was feeling guilty on the one hand and pleased as hell on the other. The word ‘Paradox’ crossed my mind several times as I tried to reason things out. The bottom line was that my cock was much stronger than my morals, so I knew that I would continue to abuse and fuck my own mother for my own selfish pleasure. If she enjoyed it, and I knew that she did, then all the better for both of us.Having rationalized myself into a good mood, I went bouncing downstairs to the ‘Torture Chamber’. I turned on the lights, and As I walked up to mom she raised her hanging head and said, “We may have a problem because I don’t know if I can move.”I surveyed the damage that I had perpetrated upon her. There were welts everywhere, on her back, tummy, thighs and all over her tits. But her pussy was a disaster. It had swollen to twice its normal size and I had broken the skin in a few places, leaving blood that had dried to crusty hardness.Setting aside another pang of guilt, I untied her ankles from the bar, with much moaning and some cursing from mom. Then I released her arms from the rope above her and caught her before she collapsed to the floor.I helped her upstairs. She just wanted to lie down on the sofa, but I insisted that we get her into her own bed, so that she could stretch out better. This was a bit more difficult than I anticipated but we managed.Mom thanked me and asked that I not require her to put her legs together, as she lay on her back, because it would be too painful. At this point in time I was more worried about how much damage I may have caused than getting off on watching her suffer.I ran down to the kitchen and wrapped some crushed

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