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Summer of SamOh The Summer of Sam !! The summer of my final year in high school was one I will never forget for as long as I live !! It all started when I went off to our summer cottage with my family and we meet up with my parents old friends . Sam was my dad’s best friend’s daughter and she was 2 years younger than me . It had been a few years since I had last actually seen her , The last time she had such a crush on me it was funny . She would sit and watch me for hours . She was only 13 and she had a hot body then , I even had thoughts of messing around with her then . I had spent a few nights lying in bed whacking myself off over her small firm tits with large dark nipples . So once we drove the 3 hours to get there I was happy to get out of the car and grab my fishing rod for some down time . As I walked up to the front door of the cabin I almost died when out cam Sam in her short shorts and tight pink tee shirt . Her ties were so perfect and firm . Her long brown hair fell over her shoulders and down over her tits . Her slim hips with a great ass and long tight legs . Sam was quick to smile and said “ Hi Jimmy , long time no see !! . My cock had already started to stick out from my baggy shorts and I was adjusting it to cover up the excitement I had for her . We had some small talk and I could take my eyes off of her . The tee shirt was a v neck that dropped down between her melons and showed that she was wearing a bikini top underneath . I knew that this summer I was going to make my move on her , no matter what !! Then my heart sank as another young guy came out of the door of the cabin and Sam said “ Jimmy this is my boyfriend , he going to stay the night before he heads off to his summer job in upstate New York !! Steve this is Jimmy the guy I was telling you about . Steve reached out and shook my hand . He was nice enough but I knew he could tell I was disappointed in seeing him there with Sam . With everything now in a bit of a mess I gripped my rod and slipped off to my fish spot about a mile up the lake . Sam and Steve went off to the other side of the lake to a swimming place that no one ever really went too !! The hours went pasted and I started to make my way back down the trail toward the cabin . I was walking along when I could see thru the woods someone lying on a large flat rock about 500 feet ahead . I knew the area and I was sure it was Sammy and Steve swimming in the lake . I slipped thru the woods and found a spot where I could watch them without being seen . I was less than 100 feet from the edge when I saw clearly that Sam was lying on the rock with her tee shirt off and her pink bikini top on . Her 2 firm perfect tits were pointed straight up and were covered in tanning oil . Her shorts had come off as well and her bikini bottom was even shorter then her shorts . Her long tanned legs were oiled up to and she had her legs opened slightly . I could see between her legs . And she seemed so smooth and silkily . My heart was pounding harder and I was frozen in time as I watched her oil her body and lye back on the rock . My eyes locked on her tits and the fir hard nipples that were in clear view . Then I was snapped from my dream as Steve climbed out of the water and slide over beside Sam . He was average build and not as trim and fit as I was . His shorts revealed a solid rod was now present in his shorts . He lowered his head towards Sims left breast and with a smooth bakırköy escort slide he slipped her tit from her top and begin to suck on her dark brown nipple . Sam was enjoying the feeling and she was moaning softly . After a few minutes she sat up and unhooked her top allowing it to fall off her shoulders and down onto the rock . Now both of her hard tits were exposed to the sun and Steve was gear to suck on both of her ripe melons . As he sucked on one he pulled her other nipple and vies versa. Sam laid back down on the rock and continued to enjoy the attention . After another few minutes Steve started to slide himself down and over her hips . Positing his head between her legs . With a few more strokes he had released her bottoms and was now diving between her legs full force . Sam was rubbing her ties and pulling her nipples as Steve was gear to eat her out . Sam laid back on the rock again and reached down to pull Staves head deep between her legs . Within minutes Sam was moaning even loader and driving her hips upward to meet Staves thrust of his tongue . A few more miniatures and Sam was screaming in a low voice she was Cumming and she Drove her hips up into and archer and pulled Steve in tight . As she climaxed she relied her grip and lowered her back to the rock . I had now slipped around so I could see her love hole . I was shocked to see she was clean shaven and her pussy was red with excitement . Her love juice was thick and creamy and was still draining from her body . Without even a single word said between the 2 of them Steve stood up and reached for his waist band of his shorts . In a quick single motion he had removed his shorts and exposed his smaller size tool to Sims view . Sam was like a pro , with her hands in place she guided his cock to her open mouth and with her other hand she pulled his ass towards her face . She opened up wide and swallowed his entire shaft in one motion . Steve was working hip hips and fucking her face in a quick motion . I knew he was on the edge of Cumming and with 2 more long firm strokes he locked his hips and drove his dick deep into Sims mouth . I was so lost in the love making that was happening I had not realized I had my own rod in hand was also on the edge of Cumming . Sam locked her lips firmly around his uncut cock and swallowed . She didn’t miss a drop and within a few seconds he was limp and his cock feel from sums mouth . My cock was now exploding with hot seed all over the rock and dirt below me . I had never cum some much before in my life . And my cock did not go limp after I came . Steve was now reaching down and pulling up his shorts , I knew they were talking but I wasn’t sure what was being said . The I realized they were fighting and Steve appeared to be leaving in a mad manner . I stood up slightly and watched him run off toward s the cabin while Sam stayed sitting on the rocks with her bikini still off and her body exposed to my sight . My cock was about to cum again as Sam reached over and slide her bottoms up and over her legs and then pulled her top over her shoulders and down over her tits . I was now filling the bush again with my second load of hot seed . I was so excited my cock still did not go limp after the second load was released . I didn’t know what to do so I worked my way out of the woods and back onto the path . I made a few simple noises as I walked along the trail beşiktaş escort acting like I had not seen a thing . As I neared the flat rock I heard Sam yell out to me to come over and see her . My heart was pounding and I knew my hard cock would be too hard to hide from her view . So I didn’t try to hide my excitement as I walked out and onto the rock . With 2 steppes I was now sliding down beside her and my eyes locked and loaded on her tits as they cried out to me for sucking . Sam sailed and said “ How was the fishing ?? hope you caught a good one !! as she laugh slightly . I said “ No it was not that good today maybe tomorrow “” Hey where is Steve ? Is he swimming ? Sam turned and looked deep into my eyes – no he has left for his job !! And I hope he never comes back !! I said I was sorry to hear that and she looked back at me and said “ Really , you don’t want to have me to your self ? I was hoping we might get to know each other better this summer !! I saw you in the woods watching me suck Steve off and whacking your our rod off . My heart stopped and my face went white when I realized she had caught me !! I said “ Hahn I just heard something and I wasn’t sure what it was so I slipped off the trail to see !! I’m sorry I didn’t mean to watch !! Sam smiled and said “ Well instead of watching how about we try it !! And with a sheepish smile she reached over to my crotch and begin to rub my erect cock thru my shorts . After a few small strokes she pulled on my fly and released my shorts from my hips . As my shorts fell to the ground she grasped as my full erections sprung straight out at her in a single motion . Sam whispered I thought you might be larger than normal !! Or at least I was hoping . My cock was now being licked and the head was slipping between Sims lips . She ran her tongue around the outer edge of the head and with her hands she cupped my balls . She pulled her lips off just to whisper “ You’re a horse and your seed is so sweet “ And then back down she went . She pulled me down on the beach towel and for the next 10 min gave me the blow job of a life time . I was so glad I had jerked off twice already , this allowed me to keep my hard on for a longer than normal time . As Sammy worked my cock I reached down and released her tits from her top . As her top fell free her hard nipples dug into my bare leg and I reached for her hard nipples . I pulled on each one as she sucked my cock . As I got closer to Cumming she pulled off again to say “ Can you cum again if you cum in my mouth ? I nodded my head I was so excited I knew I could stay hard all day if I had too !! And with that she slide my entire dick into her mouth and my balls rested on her chin . With 2 more deep strokes I came deep inside her mouth . Sam moaned as she swallowed all of my cum in a single gulp . Sam released my cock from her mouth and then licked my balls before sliding up to my face and locking our lips together in a long French kiss . I could taste my own seed in her mouth and Her firm tits were crushing into my chest . I knew it was my time now and Sam was so worked up I knew she would cum quickly on my tongue !! I rolled her over and slide down between her legs . Her cum from her earlier experience was still dripping from her and I pulled her bikini bottom off in one single pull . My eyes locked on the prize , her bare pussy was now inches from my mouth and she was now beylikdüzü escort reaching toward my shoulder to pull me down into her crotch . Her sweet smell was great and my tongue was now deep inside her body sucking out her goodness . I eat her out for at least 10 min’s before she came on my face . My hands were locked on her hips and my fingers were probing her openings . As she released her grip on my head and pulled her legs apart she slide her own hand down between her legs . Her finger was now sliding into her hole and out to slide into my mouth . And then she slide her finger into her ass and back out into my mouth . She worked her fingers in to both holes for the next few minutes . While I licked her pussy and around her ass . Her tight perky hole seem to be looking for some attention . I had never had a girl offer her ass to me so I was not sure what I should do . Sam reached down and raw me up to her face . As she whispered into my ear “ I like it in both holes !! and with that she raised her legs up and onto my shoulders and reached down between our bodies to grab my cock . With a steady pulling she guided my cock to her tight ass opening and whispered again “ Go easy , you’re so big , I have never had something that big in my ass !! With the head of my cock now at her opening she spread her legs wider and pulled my hips inwards . The head of my wet cock slipped passed the opening with no problem . Sam gasped as I entered her but then relaxed and began to drive herself down on my rod . The tightness of her ass around my cock I was so excited and trusted quickly into her . In one firm thrust I had over half my cock in her ass and Sam screamed with excitement . “ Slow down big boy , you’ll ripe me in half down there !! Now I was careful to follow her lead and within a few miniatures I was fucking her tight ass with full long strokes . Sam had cum twice as I began to fill her tight hole with my seed . As I pulled free of her ass Sammy smiled and said “ I can’t walk to fuck again !! and with that she rolled us over so I was on my back and she was mouthing my rod again . This time her wet pussy sucked my cock into her in one single stroke . We fucked for the afternoon and into the early evening when we heard someone calling out name . I quickly pulled on my shorts while Sam slipped on her shorts and tee shirt . We both smiled at each other and acted like we were just talking and I had my fishing line in the water . Seconds later Steve came around the corner and saw us together . He smiled and said to Sam “ I’m sorry please forgive me “ Sam smiled and said OK but stop being a jerk !! She looked over at me and winked . We all walked back to the cabin and spent the night together talking and laughing . That night I climbed out of bed late and over to Sims cabin where I could hear the bed rocking slowly . I slide my head around the window to see Steve having his good bye fuck with Sam before he left . I didn’t care because I was going to fuck her all summer long . I turned to leave when I noticed that Sam was smiling at me from under Steve . She whispered the words “ Your Next !! and you are so much better !! That summer Sam and I fucked at least 3 times a day , even when she was on her period she would fuck me in the water of the lake . And I would get a blow job before bed every night . She just couldn’t get enough of my seed into her !! That was 7 years ago now and Sam and Steve got married and she has 2 k**s now , I have seen her a few times but I live in another state so we don’t see much . She sends me pictures of herself naked all the time and we do the web camera every so often too . I work on the road allot so when I make a trip to her city I always give her a call and

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