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Suspicious Behavior, Part 5I was in a deep sleep, triggered by the combination of the late hour AND the intense orgasm that ended the evening. I was gently and erotically waken by the feeling of my wife’s soft, warm mouth on my relaxed cock. It felt wonderful.. That is until my eyes flew open as I realized that I had not cleaned up after our hot anal sex.”Hey” I blurted out, “As wonderful as that feels, I’m sure that I’m still dirty from last night.””No baby” my wife confessed, “It is I who is the dirty one…. And a good whore always cleans up her Man.”Her mouth once again circled my stiffening cock and I settle back for an incredible morning blowjob.Once I spasmed and shot into her eager mouth, my wife put her head on my chest and gently toyed with my chest hairs.”I am so sorry that you found out this way” she admitted, “but, I am so excited now.. More so than ever before.””What excites you about all of this?” I asked, somewhat confused and wanting to ensure that we were about to embark on this journey together for the correct reasons…. Total alignment.”Your reaction to finding out” she admitted, “the fact that you got so hard, and came so hard…. That …. That you…””Go on” I encouraged, “tell me your thoughts.””That you didn’t mind tasting me after, you know…” Her words trailed off.”You need to be able to say the words.” I demanded.”That you didn’t mind tasting another man’s cum inside of me….” She added. “That you didn’t mind bakırköy escort pushing another man’s cum back up into me. I find that more exciting and intimate than anything I could have imagined.””What makes you think that I didn’t mind it?” I probed.”Because you got so hard” she explained, “and fucked me so passionately and finally, came so hard.”I didn’t say anything because evidence was evidence. What she didn’t know, or didn’t confess to know, that it also excited me to see another man’s cum dripping down her body, off of her tits… Inside her pussy, but I didn’t tell her everything. We lay there for a long time until finally her words broke the silence.”Baby?” She asked.”Yes?” I replied”I want to be YOUR whore….” She said softly, “and fuck anyone you want….. Seriously… ANYONE that YOU want… But then…..””Go on” I said.”I want you” she said, “to have me right after…. To have me anyway that you want…. Eat me, fuck me, spank me… How ever you want me… But immediately after, okay? While I’m still all messy.”I coundn’t deny it but this was all sounding very exciting. Plus, I was now rock hard again. My wife’s hand had slid down and she was gently caressing my balls and cock.”You didn’t meet the girls last night, did you?” I asked, needing confirmation.”No Sir” she admitted, “I didn’t.””You were not at the Hotel bar last night, were you?” I continued.”Not last night…” She answered, “I beşiktaş escort have been, in the past, but not last night.””So you went right to a hotel room?” I continued.”Yes Sir” she admitted, still slowly stroking my cock.”Are you fucking who I think you’re fucking?” I asked”Does it matter?” She asked, “I mean, cum is cum, right?””It matters if you are MY whore!” I replied, in a stronger tone.”Yes Sir” she answered. “It’s Tony from work.””When are you planning on fucking him again?” I asked,”When you tell me too.” She answered, and then looked up at me and deep into my eyes. “I’m YOUR whore now.”I smiled back, but only briefly. “Roll onto your back, NOW!” I barked.She did as I said.”Spread your legs wide” I added, “and lift your knees toward your chest.” Again, she did as I said.I got up and got my belt.”I’m going to use this belt to give you 10 strikes” I detailed, “directly on that whore-cunt of yours. You will count out each one, but if you lower your legs or close your thighs, I will begin over at one.””Please Sir” she begged, “what can I do so that you won’t do this to me?””Your act of indiscretion” I explained, “cannot go without punishment. But after this morning, assuming you are My good whore, you will never feel this punishment again.”The first strike landed across both of her buttocks and just above her still-puffy vulva.”One” she announced, after she jumped.On the second strike, the tip of beylikdüzü escort the belt hit her outter lips and she actually yelped.”Oh FUCK” she yelled, “TWO!”The next 5 strokes were fast and she tried her best to quickly yell out…”Three, four, OWWWW, FIVE, Six, PLEASE, SEVEN!” She yelled.”Put your knees down and spread your legs as wide as you can.” I demanded. The next three will be focused on your cunt.””Oh PLEASE! She begged.”NOW!” I demanded.She did as she was told and I stood over her, folded the belt in half, to lessen the impact, but to make more noise (leather against leather) and leaned into it.”EIGHT, NINE, OH MY FUCKING GOD…. TEN!” She yelled out.”Good girl” I said, “Now, while your cunt is on fire, text Tony and set plans for next week.”She moved slowly, but got her phone and began texting him.Her:”Hey”Tony:”Hey Babe, you were incredible last night! Do you feel as good as I do this morning?”Her:”I definitly feel it this morning. :)” (Perhaps a hidden reference to what I did with my belt this morning.)Tony:”Sore?”Her:”Mmmm, hmmm ;). Woke up thinking about you.”Tony:”Good to know that I have that affect on you. How about next week?”Her:”I was going to ask you the same thing. Same time/place?”Tony:”It’s a date”She handed me her phone and I scrolled through the texts. I smiled and then looked at my wife.”Oh” I added, “and no orgasms for you until your date with Tony…. I want you to be My wanton little whore when he sees you again.””Yes Sir” she said, looking down, but then she added, “I’d prefer to skip the parking lot fuck this time. How about I come right home immediately after, okay?””No need” I replied, “I’ll be in a room in the same hotel…. Waiting for you to join me immediately after.”To Be Continued….

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