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Swimming Pool – with my sister in lawhi guys.. back my exotic real life experience with my sister in law.. as many other gus even I was fascinated a bit about my sister in law.. she is slim, tender n has a perfect body.. hv always been wanting to see her nude and fuck her brains out.. she is a teen babe (18) with firm tits (32) waist (28) bottom (34)… I just luv her for what she is.. she has got an angelic beauty.. her wheatish complexion makes me go crazy.. hv tributed my cum for her pics many a times.. having said all that, I was looking for a perfect opportunity to feel her naked body in my fist.. hv been waiting for many months now.. situation was such that, I need to take her to delhi for a college admission.. (we r in bangalore..) thanked almightly for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to be with her.. I was sure enough to make the most out of this travel.. reached delhi n got to stay in a farm house of our relative in sarıyer escort gurgaon.. it is such a nice place.. small one but it had nice thick garden and a decent size swimming pool… the admission work got a bit delayed and we had to stay there for a weekend.. I ensured the maids r gone out on sunday.. it was late in the afternoon.. was just taking a walk in the garden (trees whr so thick that, none of the neighbours will be able to see inside the garden n the swimming pool n compund walls whr of 12 ft height) my sister in law (NISHA) took a nap after lunch n came in search of me.. I was sitting my the pool with my legs inside the water.. it was so chilling n fascinating.. weather was also pleasent.. one of the master bedrooms was facing the pool and had a entry door as well frm garden.. she came near me n v whr chatting for a while.. just to move things forward.. esenyurt escort I asked if she knew swimming.. she said no.. I was in my shorts n t shirt.. just removed my t shirt and jumped into the pool n started swimming.. was just enjoying it.. she was seeing it n was interested to be inside the pool.. asked to come in n told her that, the pool is just 6 ft deep and she can easily manage with my hlp.. she said that, she doesn’t hv a swim wear.. suggested her to make it in her bra n panty as nobody can see us.. after sometime she got convinced went inside the bedroom closer to the pool removed her capri n t shirt n came to the pool in her bra n panty.. she wearing a navy blue bra n panty.. while she came walking frm the bedroom.. wow it was an awfull sight to watch.. the bra was only covering half of her tender boobs.. it was just holding frm the bottom.. was able to see the pussy lines in the panty avrupa yakası escort as well.. me still in the pool.. started getting my erection.. she slowly stepped into the pool n started enjoying by sitting in one of the steps inside.. asked to come in n I can teach her to swim.. she came in whr the depth was 4.5 ft.. made her to float on the water up side down n held her from her belly n legs.. she was trying to moves her legs back n forth.. while doing that, my hands rubbed her tender boobs.. being inside the water.. felt a sudden rush of blood in my cock.. it became steaming HOT.. I was still teaching her to swim.. after a while, we went to the 6 ft deep area n as she is not so tall.. she started hugging me in fear.. she must hv felt my hard cock in her body.. she moved towards the 5 ft area n stood there starring me.. I came closer to her n planted a kiss on her cheeks n hugged her tight.. she started moaning.. locked her lip with mine and kissed her for a few mins.. she became wild n we both whr out of the pool in no time n went into the bedroom nearby and had a ravishing sex.. sucked her boobs.. tasted her pussy.. she sucked my cock.. had 69 moments for sometime n fucked her hard.. had durex performa with me n fucked her brains out for a long time..

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