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Taboo masturbation…part 2 With CompanyThe week went by quite quickly and before I knew it she was home and my fun with her toy was over. Or, so I thought….She invited me over for dinner when she got back to thank me for doing the house sitting. I had left the place imaculate, not a thing out of place and cleaner than when she left. We shared a lovely dinner and she talked non stop about all the exciting things she did while away. We had a few glasses of wine while we ate and visited. kurtköy escort She got very animated in her stories and at one point mentioned that in a club she had been picked up by another girl who took her home for her first lesbian experience. She said that the girl had a strap on and even fucked her in the ass with it. I quess I began to blush a bit and she asked if I was okay and if I ever had someone play with my ass. I said no, not wanting to bring maltepe escort up the dildo issue for fear of freaking her out. The conversation pretty much ended there. We finished dinner and then continued drinking until I passed out.When I woke up at some point in the night in her bed I was a bit confused but excited by her warm body next to mine. I reached for her and began to fondle her soft skin from her legs, to her ass and then her breasts. She kartal escort began to stir and once awake she opened her legs for me to enter her from behind. What started slowly became a hard and fast fuck…we were both awake and really into the moment. She was moaning and said that she was going to cum…and as she did and I followed her just moments later. Deep inside her my cum flowed, wow! We caressed each other as we caught our breath and my hands were playing with her ass like they had a mind of their own. I was still hard and asked her if she wanted me in her ass. She said yes. But only if she could fuck me in my ass while I masturbated for her as well. I agreed and she quickly got out of bed, ran to the bathroom and returned with her dildo…

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