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Tape Bound and Fucked HardHe kissed her deeply, his hands rapping around the back of her head, his fingers combing their way through her long curling hair. She felt his large powerful hands grasp the back of her head and hold her lips to his. Her body tingled at his touch, at his taste and her eyes closed in pleasure as his tongue thrust its way into her warm mouth. He twirled it, found hers and twisted them together. He held her there, her mouth open to his and her will bending to him. He released her suddenly, pulling his hands quickly away from her head and she fell back without his support. Her body bounced against the mattress of the bed behind her and she blinked up at him, waiting. He stood firmly before her with his muscled chest bare and heaving with desire. She licked her lips, her hand starting to reach out to the bulge in his blue jeans.“Strip to just your panties,” he told her and she felt a shiver run through her body upon hearing the soft southern drawl in his voice. He stepped back as she stood up and began to undress.She stared at the bed, fingering the hem of her cotton panties and felt him step up behind her. He wasn’t wearing his jeans anymore; she swallowed hard in desire as she felt his very hard cock against her panties. His hands clasped her arms and slid down the curves of her body. Her chest heaved, feeling her skin tingle at the touch of his broad and powerful hands. She felt his warm breathe against her neck and closed her eyes, realizing he had bent his face to hers. His hands traveled back up her arms and she felt her heart beat rapidly in response.“I treat a woman like a lady until she tells me otherwise,” he stated, his voice deep against her ear. She swallowed and felt her pussy clench at the thought.“You’ve always treated me well Reece,” she whispered, trying to hold herself straight in his firm grasp.“Would you like to be treated otherwise?” he asked quietly and Anne’s nipples hardened in response. She took one, two breaths while her mind spun at the possibilities of what ‘otherwise’ could be. She didn’t know, but she wanted it; wanted Reece to abandon himself and herself with him in a sexual whirlwind. She nodded timidly, her soft brown hair bouncing softly against pendik escort his face. Her nerves were on fire with anticipation when suddenly his hand reached out to cover her mouth. She squeaked in surprise, feeling him press his hand hard against her face and bend her back against him. She could feel her muscles strain a little as his face was haloed from the light above them. His dark hair framed his long face as she stared into his hazel eyes and felt herself fall into their depths. He was, different, somehow in a way she hadn’t seen before.But her body recognized it, feeling the sexuality and power emanating from him. She dripped in desire for his hard length, feeling her wet cum coating her thighs, and she craved to give herself to him. To have him take her soft form in any way that he desired and feel his power.“I don’t want to make love to you,” he told her, his hand muffling her mouth with his arm wrapped around her middle. “I don’t want to have sex with you. I want you to feel how aggressive and badly I want you Anne. I want to fuck you so hard that all you feel is the raw, hard desire I have for you.”And he tossed her back against the bed, where she bounced and scrambled to stand back up. Her mind in shock and longing, he slapped his hand against her mouth and she felt sticky tape against her lips. He pushed her down against the bed and felt him grab her ankles and heard the zip of tape roll as he bound her ankles together. Her chest heaved, rubbing her large nipples against the mattress as he wrapped the tape twice around. Her lips twitched under the control of the tape and she moaned as she felt him move to her arms, the tape moving across her back and then he roughly flipped her onto her back. She yelled in surprise but the sound came out muffled against the tape, and she felt the tape move across her front completing the circle. She was bound and couldn’t move, looking up at the ceiling and waiting. Her thighs were close together and slick with her cum, her nipples stood out straight in the cold air of the room and she wanted him so bad. He appeared in front of her and she saw his desire for her, his cock hard and curving out before him. She moaned, muffled kartal escort from the tape, and he rolled her back over and pulled her legs off the side of the bed. She hung there, and suddenly he ripped her panties off with a loud tearing of cotton. Her eyes bugged out and she screamed out against the tape at the v******e of his action. He tugged and then ripped the hem and pulled her panties off between her legs. Her pussy was warm and wet, open to the cold air and anything else in the room. She moaned and pressed her face into the mattress, craving more of his rough handling of her. His control of her bound form and the aggressiveness of his actions had made a puddle on the bed beneath her. She felt his hands grasp her buttocks, his fingers digging deep into her plump flesh and the slight pain of his fingertips. He spread her thighs and ass cheeks wide, revealing more of her dripping pussy. “I wanna taste your creamy middle Anne,” he told her and his tongue dove into her pink and dripping flesh and she screamed her muffled desire against the bed.He jabbed deep into her pink middle and she gushed against his face. His tongue twirled and wiggled, tasting her sweet juices. She moaned against the tape and pressed back against his face, her desire building as he lapped against her pussy lips. She could hear his moans and feel their vibrations against her pussy. Her muscles clenched and she thrashed as his tongue fond her clit and he lavished his attention upon it. Her moans turned to yells against the tape and her body began to buck when his face drew back.She didn’t even have time to draw a breath when she felt his large engorged head and stiff cock slam into her drenched pussy. She screamed and felt his hands grasp her hips as he began to pile drive his cock, balls deep into her pussy. There was no warning, no teasing; he was in her, taking her moist folds and deep well with his hard member. He wanted her and with her ankles and arms bound, she couldn’t resist.She felt every vein of his hard and striving cock as it plunged into her, over and over again. His hands moved, spreading her ass cheeks and between one thrust and the next he was even deeper into her cunt. maltepe escort Her eyes bugged and she screamed loud and long against the tape as he fucked her deeper then she had ever felt before. She swore she could feel the head of his cock thrusting against her stomach and she surrendered to him.She writhed against the bed as wave after wave of orgasm made her body thrash. He didn’t let up as her pussy clenched and unclenched against his cock. He pummeled her raw pussy and when she arched back in explosive orgasm he thrust her face into the bed and fucked her harder. She clenched her teeth and hands into the flesh of her own thigh as he brutally took her. She thrashed and couldn’t even hear her muffled screams, just feeling his hard cock making her wet pussy raw with the friction of his cock. Her screams turned to moans and whimpers as his brutal pounding continued. Her cum dripping all the way down her legs to the floor and she was sure his cock was covered, if not his thighs and legs as well. She smelled sex and felt sex, and her mind drifted into an orgasmic euphoria of twitching orgasm and unyielding cock. And suddenly she felt him twitch inside of her and he pumped harder, bruising her tender pussy as he let loose an unending stream of cum within her cunt. Feeling his cock writhe in pleasure and cum pouring out of her pussy and down her thighs, her nerves flamed with his touch. He screamed her name as he thrust one last time and her body clenched around him as she screamed against the tape and exploded. He collapsed on top of her with his cock still inside her sloppy wet pussy. All she could do was breathe and feel every part of his body that touched hers. Finally, he rolled off of her and she felt his head pop out of her pussy. She gasped and felt her body twitch a little as his head moved free. He rolled her onto her back and with one swift move, ripped the tape off of her mouth. She stared at him, more exhausted then she had ever been in her life.“You alright baby girl?” he asked, his body covered in sweat and cum with his hair limp around his face. She nodded affirmative and licked her lips.“I think I am better than I have been in my life,” she said roughly. He laughed a deep, rich laugh and bent his head down to kiss her softly. “Good, then you won’t be surprised when I fuck you u*********s later?” he asked and she smiled back up at him.“No, probably not, however,” she paused. “I’d love to get this tape off so I can properly thank you for all of your hard work.”“Oh, yes ma’am.”

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