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The bbc absSometimes I get a little frisky and my mind wonders sexually. Once that sets in I like the adventures of sexual fantasy but really never act on it. Well this time I was home and wanted to visit a glory hole at my local abs. I had been there before in guy mode watch a few movies and noticed several booths had glory holes. So I thought lets see if this really works. So as a cd I wore nylons with garter belt and a gstring under my sweats. I had a push up bra (I took hormones and have a size C cup) under my sweat shirt and 4 in heels hidden in my fanny pack wig and ball cap.I arrived at my local abs about 7:00pm on a Saturday night. I went to a booth entered and locked the door. I loaded it with $5.00 and the assorted movies began to play. I quickly removed my street clothes and sat in the chair. Nervous I looked to my right and there it was a 4 inch circle pried out in the plywood wall right at face level if you were sitting. Right next to the chair. I was getting really nervous now but the movies kept me interested. I could soon hear the door in the booth next to me open and close. Not knowing what gloryhole manners pendik escort were I just sat there. Dressed in my nylons garter belt gstring heels and bra I know I was looking hot. Topped off with my sexy full blond wig I was indeed passable. I decided to peek through the hole I say a guy standing there jacking off. He knew I was watching as he shot his load over the tv monitor. I was taken and a little shocked! Just didn’t expect that. A minute later I heard the door open again and close. So nervous but very aroused I quickly stuck my finger through the hole and pulled it back real quick. I looked through the gl then and saw I guy removing his pant and underwear. He was a black guy with a big limp uncut cock and a lot of prickly pubic hair from what I could tell as its kind of dark. Then just like that this big ol’black limp cock was pushed through the gh looking right at me. He pushed both his large hanging balls through as well. I was stunned and taken by the forwardness of his actions, clearly he was obviously there to get sucked off. I gently started stroking him as I heard his soft kağıthane escort moans through the wall. He got hard quickly and swelled up big. His balls were tight and his whole package was tightly swelled in the gl. I dont think he could have removed it at that point at all!Omg this guy was hung. His foreskin was plenty long as I stroked his cock back and forth watching his foreskin wrapped around his head, very erotic and sexy I must admit. I knew what he wanted now. So I started sucking his swollen balls and his foreskin covered cock head bobbed up and down. He moaned louder now and it became clear to me his was in fact stuck. His fat hard erect cock was pressing hard around the gh I think even he was surprised. I knew he needed help to get it back out, but not so fast I thought im going to have a little fun. i started sucking his cock head but it was covered with foreskin. So I pushed back his foreskin uncovering his big fat pinkish cock head. I put his head in my mouth and released my grip. Some of his foreskin pushed back against my lips. maltepe escort Like if I removed my mouth the foreskin would quickly slip over his cock head again. So I kept a steady hard suction on him. Stroking him as I sucked on his fat cock he moaned and said something like I need to fuck you. Clearly he could not pull out so I turned around bent over spread apart my round creamy white smooth ass cheeks apart, poured lube on and put a condom on him. I back down on him slowly as his fat nasty cock began to penetrate me. Slowly I pushed backwards as his fat cock opened my pussy wide and wider. He moaned ad I did pushing even deeper until my tight eager asspussy was pressing against the wall. Fuck it he said as a rocked back and forth against the wall. I get loud when getting penetrated not even aware of it. I heard a click tapping on the door and we both stopped and froze. Thinking it was like the clerk I said yes and a guy said in a whisper let me in. I unlocked the door and this guys buddy quickly walked in and closed the door. He just said thats my buddy on the other side as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard cock. He was stroking it as the guy pulled his cock out and back out the glory hole. Then he came around and well before I knew it both this guys were in my booth. I was on my knees as both these guys were jacking off at my face. I little lick and head kiss here and there then they both came all over my face. Love that gh.

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