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the boss *the rest of the story*ok so if you read the first story you already know how it started,it’s been about 3 weeks since, showering every night and wanking sucking it was all good,in work things started changing, my boss would strart spanking my ass when he walks past,he would grind his dick on my ass if i was leaning over into a car, i just thought he had a horn and wanted to have a shower earlier those days.anyway this one perticular day when we were in work whenever the garage was empty he kept pulling his dick out and asking me to give it a istanbul escort quick suck, just enough to tie him over he’d say,so id do it because well i liked it,after work as usual i stripped and got into the shower,he came in a minute after with something in his hand which he put up with the shampoo,he got chatting and he started rubbing my dick asking how my balls felt, he kept rubbing my ass and saying how plump it was and how much he liked it,he asked would i ever let someone avcılar escort fuck it,i said i dunno maybe but doesnt it hurt,he said it does but it can be worth the pain,he stopped talking for awhile and just rubbed his hard dick into mine giving me the signal to start sucking him off,someting was different tonight he seemed super hard,he said that was enough and said i should wash my hair, i found this starnge because he hadnt cum yet,but i did it anyway i turned to wash my hair an i could hear him rustling with şirinevler escort something (he was putting a condom on)he knowcked down a bottle and asked me to pick it up,as i bent over i felt his hands brace my hips and his dick circle my asshole,i said what are you doing and he said to sush that id like it,next thing he was pentrating me and it hurt alot, he started slowly butgained speed and got rough fast i was begging him to stop but he wouldnt he fucked me for about 4 minutes before he came.he pulled out and asked was ok,my ass was really sore, he was to big for me i think, i dried and got dressed and he dropped me home, i oculdnt walk properly after so i told everyone i hurt my leg,i stopped working for him after that day, ive seen him since and we chat he’s apologised for not stopping he said i was to tight and he got caught up, i forgave him and we’re friendshope you all like

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