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The Father of My c***d – Part 2A year has passed since Chris left for college, and Melissa gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Emily. Melissa’s husband, Tom, is happy to have a new c***d in his life. Since Emily was born, Melissa and Tom were emotional reunited through the joy of parenthood, which rekindle their love in their marriage and helped Melissa regain intimacy and sexual pleasure with Tom. The months went by quickly, and Melissa enjoyed every moment spent with Emily and in bed making love with Tom. All seems to go well until one morning a phone call from Chris adds dark clouds to Melissa’s happy days. Chris had just finished his first year of college and he wanted to come home for a visit to see his parents and his new baby sister, or as he knows it as, his daughter. Not wanting to ruin her new found happiness and intimacy with Tom, frustration quickly builds in Melissa’s mind. Melissa does not know how she will see Chris as when he comes back into her life, as her son or as her past lover? Having no reason to deny Chris’s return home visit, Melissa had no choice but to hope for the best that Chris, who has been away for a year, has long forgotten about their love affair, and their successful arrangement of conceiving a c***d together.On the day Chris arrives home, Melissa and Tom gave him a big welcome, and everything seems to be normal, until in the dining room after dinner, when Tom steps away to attend to Emily, Chris confesses his feeling to Melissa at the dinner table when they were cleaning up. kadıköy escort Chris told Melissa how he was only thinking about her when he was away in college, and that he has no attraction to any of the college girls, no matter how hard he tried. And when Chris tries to advance on Melissa sexually, Melissa pushes him away and explains to Chris that what happen between them was just a wrong doing on her part, and she was the only one to blame for not being able to control her sexual frustration, which lead to turning toward her son for comfort in bed, was just a sin that they should put aside to the past and that they should be in their rightful places as mother and son. Melissa made it clear to Chris that Emily is Tom’s daughter, and that she will not sleep with Chris again. But Chris was not willing to give up, and he demands to fuck Melissa during his stay at home before he leaves for college again, or he will reveal the truth about Emily to his father, Tom. Melissa is shocked at how her own son is blackmailing her with their dark secret, and she left the dining room to her room. Hours later, after many thoughts and Tom being asleep, she goes into Chris’s room. Out of fear to Chris’s blackmail, Melissa agrees that she will fuck him in his room every night after Chris’s father is asleep for the next few weeks during his stay, but she made Chris promise that whatever happen in his room stays in his room. Chris agrees, but üsküdar escort insisted that Melissa sleeps with him starting tonight. With no other choices, Melissa complies and walks right into his bed, and Chris fucked her so hard that she had to cover her mouth to avoid waking up Tom in the other room. Although Melissa tries not to enjoy Chris making love to her, she can’t control her multiple orgasms from the pleasure. A week has passed since Melissa and her son have been secretly fucking in his room at night. But by the sixth day of that week, Melissa’s emotional resistance to Chris in bed was already hopeless against the caress of Chris’s hard dick in her pussy, and she can no longer resist Chris making love to her, pushing her to cross the line of mother and son back into lover’s lane again.Meanwhile with Mellanie, she gave birth to a strong healthy boy, Joseph, and Johnny was very happy to be a father. Hearing the news from Tom about Chris’s return home visit, Mellanie is anxious to see his nephew, Chris, the real father of Joseph. She showed up at Melissa’s house one weekend morning while Tom and Melissa were out, and Chris invited his aunt in for some coffee. During their conversation, Mellanie told Chris that he is the father of her c***d and not Johnny, and demands that Chris perform his manly duty to her being the mother of his c***d. And without even given time for Chris to think, Mellanie quickly uses her old trick of blackmailing on Chris again, for if tuzla escort he does not comply then she will tell Chris’s father who his new nephew’s father really is. Chris is shocked at not only he is being blackmailed by Mellanie for the second time, but most of all at the fact that he has yet again fathered another c***d, and this time is with his aunt. Even though Chris has strong emotional attachment to Melissa being his only lover, he is not willing to risk the chance of his father finding out that he not only fucked his aunt, but have conceived a love c***d together. Chris agrees to arrange a day each week during his stay to fuck Mellanie in her house while Johnny is at work.At that same day at night before Melissa and Chris made love, Chris told Melissa what happen in the morning with Mellanie’s visit. Since Melissa and Chris have been making love for the past nights, Melissa has also gotten intimately attach to Chris as her lover, and unwilling to share Chris, knowing he will have to be with Mellanie the next day, ignites her lust for her son, resulting in passionate sex and loud orgasms. While Melissa and Chris are fucking loudly, Tom on the other hand was awakened by Emily’s cry, and notice that Melissa was not in bed. However, while Tom gets up to attend to Emily, he heard loud noises from Chris’s room. Tom quickly walk to Chris’s room, and out of curiosity from the noise he gently opens the door and reveal the sight of Chris fucking Melissa from her behind on his bed. But Melissa and Chris were so passionately fucking, they did not notice the door was half opened nor Tom’s present at the door. Tom couldn’t believe what he just saw, and so he walked back to his room. Tom sat on his bed thinking that what he saw was not true and that he might just be dreaming. He then went back to sleep, hoping that everything will be alright the next day.

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