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THE INTERVIEWYou have been advertising for a PA but only had one response. I had responded to the advert, but I could only attend the interview at 6pm which you had agreed to but it meant you staying on after hours.Its 5.45pm, you groan to yourself after the day you have had, everyone else has left for the day and this is all you need, you just want to go home and watch some porn to de-stress.The buzzer goes and you get up to open the door. I introduce myself and put my hand out for you to shake it, you notice I am smartly dressed and you introduce yourself and invite me into your office. I am wearing a tight skirt, just above the knee, high heels and you wonder if I am wearing stockings. You notice how my blouse hugs my curves, my firm breasts have always been one of my best assets and I can tell from your eyes that it meets with your approval. You notice I am quite attractive and my piercing blue eyes sparkle as I smile. You offer me a seat and as I sit down my skirt rides up slightly and I can see your eyes widen as you notice the top of my stockings. You feel something stirring in your trousers and you try to focus on the job in hand. There is something about this girl that you find incredibly sexy.We start to chat about my suitability for the job and as we do, you feel your cock stirring again in your trousers, is she flirting with me? you ask yourself. Your eyes darting from my piercing blue eyes, down to the outline of my firm breasts, you can see the lace from my bra through my blouse and you feel your cock begin to harden in your trousers and I grin sexily at you. You try to remain focused but there is definitely something more going on here, you can feel the chemistry between us as we chat and I too find myself getting aroused and my nipples begin to harden. We try to maintain tuzla escort eye contact but your eyes keep dropping to my breasts, my now hard nipples, I smile as I too realises what is about to happen.I get up, maintaining eye contact, you stop talking and watch as I make my way around to your side of the desk, as I stand in front of you I can see the bulge in your trousers and know I have not misread the situation. You stand up and cup my face in your hands, you start to kiss me, slowly at first then more hungry as I respond, your hand now finding my breast, feeling my hard nipple through my blouse and I let out a moan as you pull me into you, I can feel your hard cock pressed against me and I start to rub and squeeze it with my hand through your trousers and as I do so I can feel you getting harder. We continue to kiss hungrily, your tongue searching my mouth, making promises of the pleasure it can give me. You unbutton my blouse and slip you hand inside my bra, feeling the warmth of my soft breast and my hard nipples, you squeeze my nipple and roll it between your thumb and finger and as you do I can feel the wetness in my knickers grow. I undo your trousers, gripping your enormous cock I release it from your trousers, mmmm I cant wait to taste it, I give you a sexy grin and I kneel down before you, my face is so close you can feel my breath on your cock which sends a tingle up and down your body, the anticipation is killing you, I cup your balls in my hand and start to massage your balls, I can see the pre cum on the tip of your throbbing cock and flick my tongue over the end tasting you, I slowly take the shaft in my mouth and as I take you deep into my throat you groan, my saliva mixing with your precum I expertly suck your cock, each stroke sending sancaktepe escort waves through your body.Your cock starts to twitch and I start to slow so to reserve it for my welcoming cunt, I stand up and motion for you to sit down, you sit down and watch as I unzip my skirt and step out of it and unbutton my blouse and remove it. I am stood before you in my bra, knickers, stockings and high heels and a filthy expression on my face.I remove my lacy knickers so I am just wearing my bra, suspenders, stockings and heels, one of my breasts is still poking out of the top of my bra from the attention you bestowed on it earlier and I lick the end of my finger and rub my finger over my hard nipple. Your cock is dripping with pre cum and I lean forward and eagerly lick it off, mmm tastes so good. I take a few steps back and I sit down in the chair opposite you and open my legs, as I part my pussy lips you can see my juices glistening from my wet pussy, mmmm as I ease a finger into my soaking pussy I moan gently, you grip your cock and start to stroke it, not taking your eyes off of me as you do so. My eyes are transfixed on you and yours eyes on me.I watch as you start to wank, gently at first, long slow strokes, I love watching a man wank and can tell you are enjoying the floor show I am putting on for you. I pull my fingers out of my pussy and you can see my juices dripping off my finger, I offer my dripping finger to you and you suck my finger tasting my sweet juices. I then reach into my bag and pull out a small purple vibrator, your eyes widen at this and you watch intently as I lie back in the chair rubbing it over my swollen clit, again my eyes transfixed on you. I can feel the ripples of pleasure running through my body and let out a moan, your breath üsküdar escort quickens and you quicken your strokes, your eyes still transfixed on me, I let out a moan and you watch as I cum, my juices pouring out of my pussy, running down my thighs and over my stocking tops.With urgency you push everything off your desk and motion for me to lay down on the desk, you have tasted me and want more, I do as I am told and lay down on my back, my legs open, you lap up my sweet juices and as you lick and suck my clit your fingers probe and poke sending a second wave of pleasure through me, my whole body starts to shake and I take a sharp intake of breath and let out a moan as I cum again but much harder this time, my juices flowing over your tongue, into your mouth and over your face, my juices running down your chin.You gently slide your throbbing cock into me, your huge cock filling my tight wet cunt, mmmm that feels so good. You start to move gently at first and I arch my back and raise my hips slightly so that you can penetrate me more deeply and as I do so you grab hold of my hips. As your cock glides in and out of my cunt, my juices soaking your cock and balls I put my arms above my head and as you fuck me gently you start to bite on my hard nipples, my cunt gripping more tightly on your cock as it slides into me. You quicken your pace and I can tell you are so close now, but I am not ready for you yet! “I want you to fuck me from behind” I tell you “mmmm my favourite position”I lay over the desk with my ass in the air, my arms stretched out in front of me, “now you can fuck me” I say “on the bosses desk” !You oblige eagerly and thrust your cock hard into my cunt and I push back onto you to receive it, as you start to fuck me hard, you slap my ass, your other hand on the small of my back, your fingers teasing at my ass, I scream, “harder” as you slip a finger into to my ass, I scream out as I cum again, you cant hold back any more and groan as you shoot hot cum deep inside me and as you collapse on top of me you say “your hired, when can you start?”

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