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The lover that came at night. Chapter 2The lover that came at night.Chapter 2** She was awoken by loud popping sounds from the party downstairs and the nurse checking her to make sure she was okay. They smiled at each other. Brenda smiled and said one more hour please. I’m okay and I feel better. The nurse said okay but I don’t want you tiring yourself out. The nurse smiled and left her again. She misses her Philip so badly. She begins to remember their last night together in the cemetery. They were coming back to her house to drop her off for the night. They spent an hour with her parents at the party and then went to the Mardi Gras parade.**deleted**She noticed him being uncomfortable all night. Like he was sick or something. On the way back, she asked, are you all right. He smiled and looked at her weakly and said I will be fine. I just should not have come out on the full moon, but I wanted to be with you tonight. Full moon? She smiled. I told you I was cursed by a Lycan many years ago. Though I can freely change anytime but on a full moon. I have no choice. He saw the disbelief in her face. Do you trust me as I trust you? He asked. Yes, I do. Then may I show you? I will show you that I am truly a Lycan.**** He allowed his facial features to change slightly, and she took a deep breath and was shocked but did not run. She softly caressed his face and said you weren’t lying to me. You aren’t scared of me? No. Why would I be? You won’t hurt me, will you? Bringing his human face back fully he said oh God no, I would never harm you. I would sooner die if I could then hurt you. I am centuries-old and am tired of being alone. I’m tired of hiding from the Lycan hunters who wish to extinguish my species. I want a companion for as long as I can have you. She smiled and hugged him, then pulled back and placed her hand in his and her other hand on his heart. I pledge to you. You are mine for eternity, or until I die. You shall never be alone again. He replied and you are mine as well until death do us part**** He winced and said we must get you home so I can go. She smiled and said no take me with you. Let me be with you on this night, and make it easy for you. He smiled at her and she pulled him and said let’s go. There is no time. I think. Are you sure he asked? No, but I will not let you spend the night alone again. You are mine and I will protect you and cherish you and help you through your life. He smiled and said then let’s go. There’s not much time. He rounded the corner by the graveyard and entered it. She was led to a large crypt.**** He unlocked it and then lock themselves in. He stumbled and she helped him towards the wall. He was heading towards. He pulled a stone, and behind it was a lever. She pulled and a door opened and they entered. As the door closed and they went down the stairs. Lights popped on to light their way. When they reached the bottom. It was a large open space with crypts lining the four walls. In the middle of the room was a stone table. She leaned him against it and asked him. How may I help? Hold me. He said, and don’t let me go**** She smiled and stood back. Kicking off her shoes and taking her socks and dress and shirt off. She walked forward and removed his clothing and when she was done, she finished stripping herself. She whispered into his ear. Make love to me. Make love to me now, please. Don’t think just take me and make me yours. With that, she dropped to her knees and began kartal escort to lovingly caress his balls and cock with her hands. It wasn’t because of what she was doing to cause him to breathe the way he was. He was in the middle of his changing. She inserted his cock softly into her mouth and as she licked and sucked his cock and played with his balls. He stood bolt straight up, arched his back and let out with a loud, aggressive howl. She fell back and away from him.**** Falling back away from him. She watched his body contorted change. His screams and whines and hollers were of pain. It was loud in her ears. At first, she was scared to death and wanted to run, but then remembered she would not hurt her.RUN!!! RUN!!!! SAVE YOUR SELF!!!!!!! NO!!! She said in a loud demanding voice. You know who I am and you remember my pledge. I will not leave you. You are mine to the end of time. I will help you and be your partner so that you will not be alone ever again! I am your mate for life! **** RUN!!!!! She refused to run and got back on her knees, looking up into his large black eyes. She reached out and grabbed his large balls and began to caress them and stuck the head of his big Lycan cock into her mouth. Kissing and licking it. She pulled back and looked him square in the eye and said NO!! You are mine and I am yours, make love to me and make me yours! She continued to suck on his cock. She pulled her mouth away from his large cock. MAKE ME YOURS!! MAKE LOVE TO ME!!!!!!**** She was amazed at the size of his cock. It was every bit of 10 inches long. And his girth was all of 3 inches. The head had a point on it, and the urethra shaft was in a cavity at the tip. Just above the base was a knot or a ball shape look to it. It added an extra 2 inches to his girth. His body is covered in fur except for his cock. They stared at each other and she stood and hugged and kissed him. His long doglike tongue swirled in her mouth and down her neck. His huge paw-like hands grabbed her breasts and squeezed and pinched her nipples hard. She then slid down to his now soft cock. Pushing it back and began to suck on his balls, then sliding her tongue up and down his shaft. He aggressively grabbed her by the hair and yanked her to her feet and flipped her upside down and hugged her and began to eat her pussy and she went back to sucking his cock.**** She was just as aggressive with him as he was with her. Testing the waters. She squeezed and pulled his balls tight, causing him to howl. She then bit the tip of his cock, causing him to howl again. In his gravelly deep Lycan voice. You can be rough or if you wish, you can’t harm me. She slapped his balls hard. Letting out with a howl. He spun her around and told her to get on her knees. He grabbed her by the head and squatted and shoved his cock in and out of her mouth. Causing her to gag uncontrollably. Soon his cock and her face was covered in slobber.****She couldn’t take nearly as much of his Lycan cock as she could have his human size cock. He aggressively and roughly grabbed her by the hair of the head and ordered her on to the stone table. He took his slobbered covered cock and pushed it against her ass. Thank God she thought. He licked and sucked on her ass as well as her pussy. His massive cock slid into her ass and she screamed from the pain of it. Though it slid easily in and out from all the slobber. It still was massive. bostancı escort She reached between her legs and played with her pussy. It was so wet it was dripping down her legs and onto the stone table.****When she brought her hand up to taste her juices. She realized it wasn’t just her pussy juices. She was also bleeding from his insertion. She could feel his claws on her shoulders, pulling her back onto his cock. Though it was painful. She enjoyed the feeling of that large cock deep into her ass. He spun her around on his cock and grabbed her around the waist and picked her up off the table and began to fuck her again.**** Soon he howled and growled and threw his head back. He laid her onto the table and pushing her legs back. He shoved his cock in and out again. Soon he was ready to come and she knew it. He pushed the knot against her ass and then into her ass. She screamed from the pain from that and him digging his claws into her shoulders. He then leaned back and howling and growling. He came deep inside of her. She could feel her ass filling up with his cum and it started to leak out. ****He pulled his cock out and had her squat on the stone table. He reached down and grabbed and wiped his paw against her ass. She could see the pain and the shame and the worry that he hurt her on his face. When he saw the blood on his paw. She smiled and said it’s okay, I will heal. She could feel his cum draining heavily from her ass. She got down and grabbed her shirt and walked over to a water basin in the corner and wetting her shirt. She wiped his cock and cleaned it for him. Then when in the corner and squatted and forced some more out of her ass. Because it was dripping down.**** She wiped and cleaned her ass. Then she got back on the table and laid her head over the edge. Let me suck you hard again. Reluctantly he walked towards her and placed his soft cock in her mouth. She lovingly kissed the tip of his cock. Letting her tongue slide into the recess at the tip. She drew her fingernails harshly across his cock as she sucked on his balls. He began to growl and howl with pleasure as she did so. In no time his cock was hard again. She slid around to the center of the table. With her pussy, facing him. She slapped the table and her pussy. Then said fuck me and make me yours.**** He growled and he snarled at her and sniffed the air. He leaned over the table and stuck his long doglike tongue deep into her pussy. Making her jump and grabbed his ears to hold him tight to her pussy. He licked and nibbled her pussy until she squirted in his face. Then he crawled onto the table and stuck the head of his cock against her pussy. She moved her head to the side to give him access to her neck and shoulder out of instinct. He bent over and bit her on the neck as he shoved his cock up to the knot into her. Her legs sprung straight out from the pain. It was like her losing her virginity again. He held the knot tightly against her pussy. Until her legs drop down again. Starting slowly, he began to fuck her.**** She could feel his claws on her shoulders and her tits. Her neck stung fiercely. Though she was soon lost in lust and orgasms. She let out with a scream as he shoved the knot deep into her as he came. He continued to pump her until he fell from exhaustion. She had passed out earlier from the pleasure and pain, but he could not stop himself.**** She woke up a few days maltepe escort later in the hospital. She slowly looked around the room and saw her mother and father sitting in a chair. Where am I she asked? Her mother told her they found her naked at the graveyard. How long ago she asked. Four days. Her mother replied. Brenda asked for four days? You are hysterical. So the doctor kept you sedated so that you can rest and heal. Soon the cop entered from the outer hallway. We are glad that you are better. The officer said. Do you know what happened? She remembered everything but she was afraid to say anything.**** She took a deep breath and said the only thing I remember is Philip and I walking back and getting to the cemetery. After that, I remember nothing. And you don’t know what happened to Philip? Did something happen to Philip? Brenda asked. We don’t know the officer said. His house was burned to the ground and there are no signs of him anywhere. Brenda thought to herself. These hunters must’ve found him and he protected me by hiding me. Anyone can be a hunter, he thought. So she said nothing. This was found on you. Do you know what it goes to?**** The cop handed the key to her. It was the same necklace that he took off and gave her when I entered the crypt. Smiling, she said yes. We found it in an antique shop along with the necklace. He bought it for me as a wedding gift. Until he can get a ring and asked dad permission. She placed it around her neck and held onto it tightly.We can only guess that you were ****d, severely and somehow or somewhere a dog bit your neck. Do you remember or know anything about that? The officer asked. She closed her eyes and lowered her head and pretending to think. I can’t remember anything after we turned the corner. The corner of his house and the graveyard officer asked. Yes. I am tired can we carry this on. Later she asked the officer? Yes, we have enough for now. She spent another day and 1/2 in the hospital they remove the stitches from her pussy and ass. Then sent her home.****The whole week before the first full moon. The bite on her neck would burn. Where Philip bit her. She seemed to instinctively know he was all right. Somewhere in that he was staying away to protect her. She would visit the crypt at night sometimes. Hoping to find him there. Those soon. She quit going and got on with her life. She never married and always longed for her lover. In her later years, she became terminally ill. She wanted to see her lover one last time before she died. To know that he is okay.**** Again, she drifted into sleep. She felt a hand on her face. Thinking it was her nurse. She jumped at the sight of seeing her lover again. Philip, she said in a weak voice. I am so sorry I left you, but the hunters found me and I had to hide you and disappear before they found me. Brenda smiled and said I know it’s okay my love. I understand. I just wish we could be together but I have a terminal illness and I fear I will not see the morning.**** My dear sweet Brenda. That is why I am here. I can finish what I started in the crypt. I can turn you if you wish. We could live forever together. I have found the sanctuary in a nice home for us if you wish. The rough for a while but you will learn to control it. As I have. You will know no more sickness or pain. She smiles lovingly and pulls the blanket down from her neck and opens her shaw. Then tilted her neck for him to bite her again.** ** That morning. The nurse found her smiling and the monitors showing she had passed away. Before anyone could find out that she is been turned. Philip stole her body from the morgue. She awoke in a new place. Your illness is gone and your body is still regenerating itself. Soon you will look young. Like the day we met.deleted

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