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The magic Island. Page 2.The magic Island. Page 2.4. Return.From home I brought only a tablet with my drawings. Karl later sold them at auction, and after it I received the nickname “Raphael” not only because of my beauty, but else because of passionate love for painting and for cheerful orgies. Friends also knew about my love for handsome men and to young boys with their tender and tight asses. And by the age of thirty I turned into a tall handsome man with woman-long hair and famous fashion designers were delighted with my appearance on the catwalk, as well as at very private parties in countries villas. These bacchanalias always lasted with the most corrupt depravity, for which they were organized. And I was happy and rich. But all this will be much later, because when I returned, I found a noisy and cheerful company on the island; most of those people were not familiar to me. I especially liked the tall graying gentleman, sitting on a separate bed with a chubby blonde on his lap. Some young boy was cuddling up with Linda, like a kitten and a few other boys sitting among the guests, as I could determine by their manners and behavior, they were boys for pleasure. There were unfamiliar ladies of different ages from very young to; however, I have not seen women in their forties. Some guests were dressed, but there were few of them, some were half-dressed, some of the ladies sat topless, and many simply shone with their nakedness, without any embarrassment.It was a really private audients. Chloe walked around the hall and offered wine and some sweets.Karl was not in the hall.Betty came after me and immediately began to quietly and privately introduce me to the guests.I only had time to take off my shoes and walked barefoot and in narrow bathing shorts barely covering my bosom, as was the fashion of the time.One couple was clearly interested in me and invited me to lie down on a Roman sofa. I am very picky in choosing partners, especially men, but everything was in order here; a tall and slender husband of about forty years old with embossed muscles on his stomach and with a beautiful 8 inch penis, and his slightly plump wife with a pretty and well-groomed face completely devoid of makeup. I love women who do not use makeup. She wore silk flesh-colored tight-fitting panties with lace trim in the style of Louis 14, which adorned her very much. The couple behaved completely at ease and was free to use with me. I realized from this that they were their people here. I tried to start a conversation, but the woman immediately shut up my mouth with a kiss and began to squeeze me, and play with my penis untying and taking istanbul escort off my swimsuit.The Women of this age are very intrusive and tireless in their desires, however, I never objected to an overabundance of sexual pleasures, but on the contrary I tried to diversify the assortment of their pranks; being confident in my ability to satisfy all their sexual needs.The kiss of a mature woman is invocatory nudity of passion, a screaming thirst for copulation, a demand for reciprocal pleasure and satisfaction of lust.Instead of it, the kiss with a young girl is always full of tender eroticism and romanticism. It has the aroma of a flowering meadow and the splendor of a gentle morning dawn.The kiss of a young girl is filled with the aroma of fresh breathing and mixed with the thrill of doubt. But the kiss of a mature female is always just the taste of saliva mixed with the taste of vaginal juice and desire. I don’t know why, but the taste of a mature woman always attracted me more than the touching aroma of a young girl.Finally, she dealt with my panties and whispered in my ear: “My name is Katy, and my husband is Alex. Simple names, right? We began to get bored in bed, and Karl advised us to invite a young boy like you. Do you think this is right?”The gray-haired gentleman, who was so interested in me, came up to us and greeted us, as with close friends. Betty stood next to him. I immediately realized that this was her protégé. And she picks up my patron.“Robert, I want to introduce you to Mickey, so we call him. However, here everyone has pseudonyms.”“What were you talking about;” he asked and hugged me and Katy.“We want to try with the boy, and we chose Robert;” Alex answered. “Fine choice,” whispered Mickey. And then deliberately loudly, as if he trying to humiliate me in the style of BDSM, he said: “But be gentle with him, he will appreciate it and will return to you your affection in excess. Alex don’t push yourself too hard. Give these privileges to your wife; let she play enough with him and realize her fantasies. You just support her and help her flare up until she gets tired and plays enough with him. And only after they both have lowered their seed, preferably more than once, take the baby in your hands. After two orgasms, he will be soft and supple, indifferent to everything that you would to do. He will certainly ask you for something, say that he is tired; do not listen to him. His babble is part of the game and consent to submit to your pleasure. May your wife be on your side. In fact, it will be so. Women tend to enjoy dominance avcılar escort over a weakened lover. Ask her to help you prepare the baby, let him lubricate the anus with Vaseline jelly while you caress it, this is the best way to gently insert your penis. And if you are ready to enter it, feel free to enter. I assure you, you will be pleasantly surprised by the tenderness of sliding and the ease of stretching the sphincter. Do not enter the entire penis at once. Jerk off the head of the penis with a sphincter, a few seconds. And when it opens wide, like an open door; you immediately feel this, then start hosting in his ass as in your bedroom.And when you had to play enough with him, give yourself another pleasure; orgasm in the very depths of his ass. Does he take it to the next lover? Remember that he is in your bed for your and your wife pleasure. Do not try to please him. Whether he enjoys it or not is his problem. I assure you, he will enjoy it. The main thing is; you and your wife fully enjoy it. And if you do everything right, no one will stop you from wanting to repeat it again and again. I’m sorry you got ahead of me. Robert was also recommended to me. This is a very beautiful and talented boy. I hope to star with him in the new film as King Nicomedes the Fourth.”“What will it be? Karl already got the script?” Asked Katy “I know about the film only in general terms. It consists of three seasons. The first is about the life of young Julius Caesar, the following seasons about other historical figures. All facts are taken from historical sources.”Julius Caesar had popularized the rage for celebrity cross-dressing when, to aged 20, he lived the life of a girl in the court of King Nicomedes IV, and was later referred to as ‘Queen of Bithynia’, “every woman’s man and every man’s woman”.Tiberius, meanwhile, dressed as a woman for his debaucheries on Capri, and Caligula sometimes showed up at banquets dressed as Venus. Nero, full of remorse after kicking to death his pregnant wife, Poppaea Sabina, sought out a surrogate who resembled her – and found Sporus: not a woman, but a young man. I think he was a “lady boy.” Nero’s people castrated the ex-slave, and the couple married. Sporus joined Nero in bed with Pythagoras (another freedman Nero had married), who nightly played the role of husband in their troilism.Lutizia, daughter of the great Roman moralist, was not at all in her father. She was so depraved and obscene in her behavior that the senate had to send her to an uninhabited island.“Karl said to me: “I will newer do a shot unless the tiny aroma of obscenity is not comes şirinevler escort from the scene. He is casting now.”A strange figure standing by the window attracted my attention.I saw her when she stood near the table with the drinks and prepared herself a cocktail.Or rather, I could not immediately determine what sex this person is. But he looked so attractive and sexy from my point of view, that I have an erection that surprised me with its unexpected force and hardness.The man was very young, and it was evident.He has a slender flexible and thin body turning into a thin waist and in beautiful round ass, but too soft and puffy for a man and too small for a woman.And also he has wide straight shoulders with hanging up the collarbones. He was tall and has long straight bare feet legs. Finally he turned, and I saw clean-shaven pussy.I was deceived by her very short haircut. The breasts only slightly apparent and has a different from the men only the big beautiful nipples the size as a large raspberry.She has a beautiful face of the teenager of unknown sex with the big eyes and kissing lips.On the lower lip she had a piercing, just at the same place where the teenagers usually suffer from herpes.I decided, she is a swimmer of Olympic level. Wasting no time, I was down the hall and saw that she stands turning her back to me and hugging with a strange woman.I came from behind and gently hugged her hips.She turned to me and I saw the young and beautiful Jewish face of a girl.“Are you alone here” I asked in surprise.“No. I’m with uncle.”“Who is he?”“Mickey”.“Mickey is your uncle?”“Yes. Why are you surprised?”“We are lovers”. And I hag her and kissed her in a very special way, as only I can kiss.“It’s good that I met you,” she whispered.“What’s your name?”“Becky. We’ll leave in an hour. My uncle won’t let me stay here overnight. But you can come to us on Friday night. We start celebrating Shabbat, it will be fun.”“Will your parents be too?”“I do not have parents. I live with my uncle.”“He always wants to offend me.”“I will give you a whip and you will flog him to the blood. And he will become affectionate and obedient, like a dog. He loves to be whipped.” So will you come?“Be sure.” And once again I kissed her and felt how she gently and powerlessly hung in my arms.Only Jewish women deserve special tremulous admiration and divine passion. Real, true Jewish women, who are shave their beautiful heads, turning their skin into snow-white marble and then bashfully covering them with wigs. Dropping their expensive wigs, they become like the Venus reborn from the foam of the sea, spreading the unique exciting aroma of their body along the bed of passion. Only Jewish women are fragrant by this attractive sexual aroma. Their aroma cannot be confused with any other woman, but how they behave in bed! God, how beautiful they are in their vast and meek submission! You enjoy their submission and tremblingly to protect her trust.To be continued

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