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The maid’s knickers – part six.It took me about three weeks to realise that Carolina wasn’t such a naive girl after all. That it was me who had perhaps been naive. The sex was great, and she let me do things to her that Chi-chi had never allowed – or rather had never shown any interest in. Whenever I took Carolina to the motel on the coastal road, she would ask me to tie her wrists to the bedpost with her stockings and let me lick at her, and she’d put her legs up over my shoulders. Or she’d ask me to help her in the laundry room and then use her cotton knickers or white socks to masturbate me with, very very quietly while Mum and Dad were watching tv in the next room. I’d release myself into her clean laundry and I’d watch her wash her knickers. And it became perfectly natural for her to offer herself up for sex every morning, as soon as my parents anadolu yakası escort were out of the house. “I’m going to change the sheets”, being her way of telling me that she was ready to go upstairs to fuck. She already knew I had a thing about her panties and would always put them up to my nose before I went down on her, and she’d watch as my cock magically hardened at the smell of her knickers.The first suggestion that things might be going slightly differently from what I’d planned was when she told me that her sister was ill and could I “lend” her a few hundred dollars to pay the hospital bill. I said I’d think about it and the next morning there was no offer to go upstairs to “change the sheets”. And when I put my hand up her skirt in the afternoon, she grabbed my wrist and led it down from ataşehir escort her knickers. So after a long night spent masturbating, thinking of her pussy walls gripping my cock, and her lips lovingly flicking the tip, I went rushing down to the bank at 9.30 the next morning – my cock already excited as I withdrew the cash to give to her. And sure enough, as soon as I presented her with the cash, she thanked me and rubbed the front of my pants and asked if I would like to have her. And, of course, the sex was then better than ever. She said she’d missed me, and called me “baby”. For the first time, she sucked my balls and licked between my legs.But then, after a few weeks had passed, came the complaints that she didn’t have many clothes or nice panties to wear. And so whenever we arrived at the hotel for sex, she’d ümraniye escort always have lots of shopping from the mall to try on. I suspected that all the pyjamas, nighties, skirts, dresses and tights I was buying her were ending up with her cousins and her sister, who, by the way, had suddenly made a miraculous recovery. But I was too hooked on her body now to care. I was only happy when I was fingering her pussy, or having my cock licked by her expert lips. Or burying my face in between her pussy lips. We would have fun measuring each other – a tape measure being our secret form of fun. I would lay on the bed naked and she would draw the tape across my cock to measure its length. And I’d measure her entrance before and after. I wondered if this is what they called “love” – special and different. I’m still not sure. All I know is that no-one else now seemed to be the same as Carolina. The girls at the bikini bar seemed dull now. And it didn’t bother me any more if I saw my Chi-chi with her boyfriend’s hands down her jeans. And, although I don’t see Carolina any more, my measure of good sex is still whether it’s as good as it was with my Filipina maid.

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