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Three Way StormOne rainy night Camille and Me decided to have a romantic evening together. I went over to my love’s dorm and I brought pizza and wine and some movies. Camille’s roommate Kristen was In the dorms that night too. Even though they had two separate rooms Camille said she felt to awkward to have sex with her in there. Kristen was a beautiful, big breasted blonde with a beautiful ass. Her boyfriend was such a dick to her. He’s my fraternity brother, and I thought he was a better person than that. Whatever, Kristin came in Camille’s room just to sit and drink a glass of wine with us. She was upset, talking about how cruel Andy was to her, and then it became awkward…Kristen asked Camille if I ever made her orgasm. My girlfriend was a bit tipsy and responded to her question with a response that startled me. Camille has long brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. She had a great body and was a very sexual girl. Camille told Kristen that my dick gave her the most pleasurable orgasms in the World. Kristen went on to say that she’s can’t have orgasms ataşehir escort in the world. We joked around and talked about sex. Kristen left the room.Later that night me and Camille started having sex. I can usually last for as long as I want because me and Camille have sex so much.. I was on top of Camille when a loud roar of thunder shook the room. I started doing Camille harder then Kristen knocked on the door, she asked if she could come in. Camille said hold on, I got back in my boxers and Camille put on a night dress and turned on the lamp. Kristin came in and asked if she could stay in the room with us the night because it had started storming so bad. Camille told her roommate of course. Kristen was wearing a short silky black dress that made her boobs look gorgeous. She brought a pillow and a blanket and made a little place to sleep on the floor. Camille got back in bed with me and snuggled. She was a little drunk from the wine still and wanted to ride me some more and to be really quiet. We weren’t ümraniye escort quiet enough because Kristin made a noticeable grunt that made it evident she knew what we were up to. A bit later Kristin woke up again and complained that her back was hurting from sleeping on the floor. She asked if she could hop in bed with us. It was still storming very bad and Camille said that she was more than welcome to. So here I am. I start to think about the fact that I’m half-naked in a bed with two sexy women who are wearing sexy night dresses. My cock starts to erect and it’s a 7 inch stick. I started playing with it and Camille noticed and told me to stop. Ha but then she rolled over and started doing it for me. We were playing and Camille started to get a little edgy. She started moaning and all we were doing was making out and she had her hand on my dick. She said it felt so good, and I reached down to find out what she was talking about. It was another hand, and I slid my hand up the arm kadıköy escort to feel a naked boob. No one said a word we just all went with the flow and starting having hot three way sex.Kristen’s hand pushed mine down to Kristen’s clit and I started rubbing it. For a while I fingered Kristen while she fingered Camille while she jacked me off. I made a move and went down Camille and ate her pussy out . It tasted so good. Kristen started making out with Camille and eventually I switched vaginas and started eating out Kristin’s pussy.Kristin enjoyed it so much. I could tell that her boyfriend never gave her the kind of pleasure she was about to experience. I crawled up in between the girls and started making out then they slid down my body and started sucking my cock. I was so hard. Kristin put my penis in her boobs and gave me my first titty fuck. Then Camille rode my dick for a while, but then hopped off. I got up and bent Kristen over me. I was nervous putting my penis in another girl in front of my girlfriend, but then I saw Camille fingering herself and could tell she was enjoying it. I started banging Kristen harder than I’ve ever banged any chick. I was feeling my climax coming soon I pulled out and put Kristen’s mouth in my cock and shot my whole load in her mout. Ha I think Camille was a little jealous. Kristen left the room to go wash her mouth out. She didn’t come back in.

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