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Tomas & Mara[Another homage to A & T—who are living the cuckold lifestyle to the fullest!]Tomas came walking into he and Mara’s bedroom, and as he did, he stopped and smiled at the sight of Mara laying on the bed, naked, with her very pregnant belly curving upwards into the air; and she had her long and lovely legs spread far apart. She was propped up on her elbows facing him with a subtle (even ‘sly’) smile on her beautiful face.”Hey,” she said.Tomas felt his cock stiffening as he stood looking at Mara laying there like that. He was wearing nothing but his undershorts. But it was obvious that he was starting to get a hard on!”Take your undershorts off,” Mara said, still smirking.Tomas swept them down the length of his legs, and then tossed them onto the floor at the foot of the bed. Then he stepped up close.”Mmmmm,” Mara said, now grinning broadly, and looking at her husbands stiffening cock. “Some one’s horny!”Tomas gave a short laugh affirming the fact.”How long has it been since you last jacked-off, Tomas?””A couple of days,” he said in reply. He usually masturbated every day, but things had been busy at work, and in the evening he’d been too tired to do so.Mara smiled up at her husband for a moment, and then said: “Do it now. Jack off in front of me—and, when you come, shoot it onto my tummy!”He’d already begun stroking his bakırköy escort cock as he’d stood in front of her, and though he certainly didn’t have a big cock, the erection was unmistakable, and Mara remained reclining and watching as her husband masturbated.Tomas had not had sex with his wife since before they had flown down to Kenya where she had been impregnated by Omar, a 40-ish Zambian migrant farm worker who they had met on-line while searching for a suitable sperm donor for Mara. That had been four months earlier. When they had had sex together, Tomas had made certain to always wear a condom. Especially just before they left for Kenya, Tomas had wanted Mara’s pussy to be perfectly free of any of his sperm, so that Omar’s would have every chance of fertilizing Mara. The plan had worked to perfection, and Mara’s bulging tummy was due to the baby she had conceived with Omar.Tomas stopped stroking his cock for a moment and knelt down between Mara’s wide-spread legs, and as he did, he reached out and placed a hand, palm down, onto her soft, warm tummy.”You look so beautiful pregnant,” Tomas said, resuming stroking his cock as he said it.”Are you glad that I’m pregnant?” Mara asked.”Oh yes,” Tomas replied, still stroking his small, but erect cock.”Then come and jack-off on my tummy, Tomas. Don’t you beşiktaş escort want to?”Without saying a word, Tomas got up onto the mattress on his knees, and began stroking his cock with greater urgency; and as he did, Mara was still faintly smirking up at her husband. It wasn’t that she was mocking him. That wasn’t it (though some might say that she was). No. She was feeling very pleased with her husband’s willingness to NOT be the father of their baby. Tomas was special like that. She knew that perfectly well. There were not that many men like him for a woman to choose from as a husband—as a cuckold-husband; so she was going to hang on to him!But it became obvious, pretty quickly, that Tomas was in need of a good orgasm; that he was very horny; and she wanted him to have at least some sort of outlet for that; and masturbation (along with porn, which she also encouraged him to watch), was part of that.”Oh, god,” Tomas said after a moment, “I’m going to come, Mara.””Mmmm, go right ahead and do that,” she said encouragingly. “Shoot it ALL on my tummy!”From her vantage point she could see his hand stroking vigorously, and his balls were swinging back and forth rapidly; and his facial expression showed that he was just about to ejaculate! From other such moment, Mara knew that Tomas would feel better; beylikdüzü escort happier, and she wanted him to be a happy cuckold! She really did! It was important that Tomas be happy—or as happy as a cuckold-husband can hope to be!A few moments later, Tomas began ejaculating; and as Mara watched, she couldn’t help but smile as she watched his sperm spurting out the end of his pale cock head; in thick, ropy streamers and globs; as his facial expression clearly indicated the intense pleasure of his orgasm!Mara raised up and saw her husband’s cum laying warmly on her smooth belly, and the thought that Omar’s sperm had made a baby inside of her, while Tomas’ remained outside, excited her tremendously!”That was good, babe,” Mara said to Tomas, praising him, complimenting him; supporting him as best she knew how.”Oh—GOD!!” Tomas said, letting put his breath noisily. “I need that SO BAD…thanks!”Mara smiled up into her husbands face. “Your a good husband to me, Tomas.”Tomas let go of his now sagging cock, and still kneeling between his wife’s spread legs, he smiled back at her.”You,” he said, “are the best wife I could ever have hoped to find.””Come here,” she said, raising her arms in an imbracing gesture.Tomas came around to the side of the bed, and he and Mara held each other tightly for a long time; and then they kissed.After that, Tomas got some toilet tissue and wiped his sperm from his wife’s belly; tossing it in the toilet, and then flushing it, as he did. He watched it swirl around and around until it disappeared, then he went back to Mara and laid down next to her; where thy cuddled for a long time.The End

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