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Train RideI sat on the train, squirming, trying to ward off the feelings of horniness. I looked at the men around me and wondered how big their cocks were. A man walked toward me, he was wearing tight pants and I could see the outline of his cock. He was packing. As he passed by me I had to squelch the urge to reach out for it.I put my head back and closed my eyes. I imagined sucking it, feeling it grow in my mouth till it was hard as rock. I imagined my tongue sliding over the head, around the ridge and hearing him moan with pleasure. I could almost feel him pushing his length thru my lips, till I almost chocked. Then pulling it out again and sliding it down my throat again till his balls were laying against my lips. Then I imagined him taking it out of my mouth and rubbing it on my porno hikaye face, then hitting me with it. It was all I could do to not slip my hand into my pants and rubbing my clit till I came. I tried distracting myself, thinking about other things but my mind kept going back to that anonymous rock hard cock. Before I knew it I was picturing that cock sliding between my big tits. Wrapping them around it as the cock fucked my tits. When the head came thru I gave it a quick lick with my tongue, while my thumbs rubbed my engorged nipples.Then I was on my knees holding onto the back of my seat as the mystery man stood behind me, rubbing his big cock between my ass cheeks. I shivered as I imagined the head of his cock stopping at my pussy opening and pushing its way inside me. He entered me a little seks hikayeleri at a time till his entire length was buried in my dripping wet pussy. He started fucking me with long slow strokes. I could feel each ridge and vein as his cock filled my tight pussy, fucking me slowly, then gradually going faster till I had to grip the back of the seat to keep from falling. He fucked me faster and harder making me moan with pleasure as his cock hammered me from behind.I imagined his hand sliding around finding my clit and flicking it and rubbing it, making me moan even louder. His playing with my clit while fucking me was bringing me to the brink. I started breathing heavy and moaning till I felt the orgasm burst forth from my pussy.Then I felt a hand shaking my shoulder and asking if I was erotik hikayeler alright. I replied that I was fine. I wasn’t fine. I was so horny and could hardly stand it. I got up and made my way to the bathroom on the train. I either had to find something in there to help me get myself off or I would have to use my fingers.The bathroom consisted of a toilet and a small sink with a fake granite top. The sink was the perfect height for me and it had rounded corners. I pulled down my pants and spread my pussy with my fingers. I moved forward. I pressed my pussy against the sink corner and closed my eyes. I thought of that rock hard cock and how it brought me to orgasm again. I ground myself against the sink till I felt that old familiar feeling start to grow. I started to come. I kept grinding as I came, trying my best not to scream and give myself away. I did moan as the orgasm hit full force.After, I sat down on the toilet and looked at the signs of my orgasm glistening in the corner of the sink.

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