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Water MasturbationOne great thing about my tiny apartment is my big soaker bath tub. I spend lots of time there relaxing and washing away the day’s worries. Tonight was one of those nights when I needed to soak with bubbles surrounding my aching body. Work wasn’t overly difficult today but I’ve been stressed out a lot lately.As I laid in the tub, I started to think about my One. He loves to bath me, wash me, caress me in the tub. He treats me like his “little girl” and I love that. But it had been a while since I had masturbated and came. I haven’t been in the “mood” which is also very unusual for me. I laid in the hot steaming tub starting to prune up, thinking it was time to drain the anadolu yakası escort water. I looked at the brass taps as I pulled the plug and started to wonder what it would feel like to slide my cunt under the flowing tap to feel the rapids rush against my clit and pussy. Its not like I had never done that before. In fact I have done so routinely through my adult life, just not within the last 6 months. Even as a young girl, when I lived at home I did this. And when we had a pool growing up I found out exactly how “powerful” those pool jets really were. One day I got caught rubbing up against those jets, but thats a tale for some other day.As the water pendik escort was draining rapidly from the soaker, I slid myself directly under the fancy taps. I had the bath water fairly hot so I turned on the cold water first to sort of “shock and awe” my red steamy cunt. I played with the water taps, alternating between cold and hot while steadily increasing the pressure letting it tease me with various sensations. The tub and faucet placement was set up perfectly to have my legs hitch over the edge with my aching clit directly under the path of the tidal wave of water that was gushing over my pussy. I ground my hips against the splashes sending the pathway of tuzla escort pressure between the opening of my sex and my pleaure spot, letting the soft supple orgasms coarse through me with each round. I loved feeling the water filling up my cunt and being squeezed out as I climaxed. These certainly weren’t the strong gag-me-with-my-panties sort of orgasm that I normally have, but they were soft, and caressed my weary body letting me enjoy it without having to work so damned hard to climax in my usual way (and belive me I love my usual way).After about 15 minutes, I decided that I was starting to waste too much water and duely turned off the taps. I imagined what my One would do watching or catching me in such a predicament. I’m more than certain he’d enjoy it as would most of you. So now, I sit in my robe, hair up in a towel turban recounting what occured only minutes ago. Perhaps its something that should be recorded one day. Or perhaps, I’ll just enjoy for myself.

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