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Well, she got what she wanted in the end…A couple of years ago I was on PoF and messaged by a woman from Wakefield. She was insistent upon meeting, despite the distance and clearly not having a good time of dating. We chatted by phone on a few occasions and whilst I thought she was nice, I was hard and fast on the distance. It was a solid, no. I did say, at the time, that I could fancy a dirty weekend away sometime. I have a little business and was expecting a fee in soon and wanted to treat myself. She told me, very sternly, that she wasn’t the kind of girl, and that was that.A month or two later…I was struggling with a new client. I recruit high salaried IT people and was on my last nerve over a couple of salary negotiations. The US approach is balls to the wall and the Europeans and Brits don’t appreciate it. Both candidates lost interest in the process. One felt messed about and the other practically dropped dead, with ill health, but got such a bad impression of his new employer that he dropped it like a hot potato. I dropped the client and decided to have a weekend away.I checked AirBnB and train times and managed to find an apartment in York which looked pretty good. The train was so cheap for 1st class and the only thing lacking was somewhere to put my cock. Then I remembered Rebecca…I texted to see if she could take a call. She could and we chatted. I told her that I’d booked weekend accommodation and asked what was she up to. The only question she asked was, “Are you paying?” The dirty slag said yes based purely on that. The weekend went as planned and she demonstrated that she really is a dirty slag. Mouth, pussy, and ass. Job done…. But this wasn’t my favourite encounter with her.Shortly after, she met a nice guy and settled with him. Moved in fast but the relationship wasn’t without its issues. I’d offer advice via video chat and she’d pay me by fingerbanging her dirty pussy on cam while I wanked. She obviously felt bad about this and the advice I gave her was working… The problem was, that her guy was too nice. He didn’t pull her hair or spank her and all the sex was slow and loving. Nice, right? But not all the time.I signed myself a new client in Manchester and while I was booked in to see them, I decided to arrange a little meet for coffee. I booked a hotel and asked if she could find a way to make it along. She made a little meal out of the conversation but eventually said yes on the proviso that she didn’t come to my hotel and there were no shenanigans. I told her that this was all fine and she wouldn’t be made to feel uncomfortable in any way. Lol, yeah right. She kept saying, “No more shenanigans…” every time she’d get her tits and pussy out online. Once a slag…The day came. I took a train to my client and booked one car in at the hotel. It made sense at a city centre hotel. She’d have somewhere free to park. I messaged her to let her know and she said thanks. My meeting was early, and it gave me time to get back to my hotel and get out of my suit. She was blagging that she had a meeting to convince her partner that she wasn’t meeting me. We only had a couple of hours as it was…She arrived on time and once parked, she called me from the lobby of my hotel.“Hi Rebecca, come on up… my meeting overran so I’m a little behind schedule.”“I told you, I’m not coming up.”“Oh for fuck’s sake Rebecca, don’t you trust yourself?” “I’m in room 203, right next to the bloody lift.”“Okay, but no shenanigans, got it?”I agreed and 90 seconds later there was a gentle knock on my door.“Hello you,” I said and hugged her, “You look great!”“Yes I do, and what are you wearing?”“I told you my meeting overran and that I was running late, hence wearing a bath towel…. nothing sinister.”“You better not, mister.” She said with a warning tone.She sat in one of those uncomfortable chairs and looked me up and down.“Get dressed bakırköy escort then!” she barked at me.“What’s the rush?” “I haven’t seen you for over a year, can’t I have a look at your outfit without the nagging?”She blushed a little bit. “What outfit?”“The skirt, which isn’t really short enough, the top with a zip down to your belly button, but you need to stand up and lose the jacket.”Oh, God, really?” she blustered. She then stood up and removed the jacket and sat back down.“Seriously!” “How am I supposed to appreciate your weight loss when you’re sitting on the best part!?”“I told you, no shenanigans, mister!”“Okay, well you do this stuff on webcam and you know it.” “What’s the diff if you’re letting me see your figure here and now?” “I’m not even telling you to take off your clothes… just stand up,”She stood up and shook her head in a disapproving way, then turned on the spot, said “there” and was about to sit down when I grabbed her arm and pulled her away from the chair before she could sit.“Let me have a proper look!” I was looking down into her eyes and she was standing quite close.“Well hurry up, I didn’t come here for this.”Without letting go of her upper arm I turned her around and put my hand in the small of her back.“Hey, you don’t look with your hands, mister.”“I do and think yourself lucky… if you keep fighting me on this I may just end up with a stiffy.”She tried to pull her elbow away and muttered, “Not looking at me with those hands.”As she pulled, I pulled back and pressed her back into my chest. She really got angry this time so I let her go.“Hey, calm down, you know me.” “Like I say though, you’re happy to show me the goods on webcam, and you playing with your dirty pussy for me.” “I don’t see why you can’t give me a little show right now.”“You know why… I’m not single anymore.”“You’re not single online either and it doesn’t stop you…. Look, just lift up your skirt a little and let me have a look; how often will we have an opportunity like this?”“Okay, but just a little.” She stepped away from me and I perched on the edge of the bed. She took a step closer to the full length hotel mirror and eyed me suspiciously as she parted her feet and bent slightly to reach the hem of her skirt. My hand slid inside my towel and grasped my cock.“You keep it in your pants mister,” she said as she slowly lifted the skirt to the top of her legs, “and you look with your eyes.”My cock was almost instantly hard. I started wanking, slowly.“Show me higher, let me see what colour knickers you’re wearing.”It was like slipping in to the online routine.“Bend forwards a little,” I said, and she did, very slowly and still watching me for anything inappropriate. I moved the towel and she immediately stopped.“I told you to keep it in your towel.”“Well, I don’t usually wear pants for our online meetings, I always sit like this.” “Don’t ruin it, it was working really well.” “I’m loving the weight loss by the way, you look hot.”She feigned frustration and turned back to the mirror.“Can you lose the bra?” “You’ll still be wearing a top, so you’ll still be decent.”“Okay, but that’s it.”“That’s all I’m asking for.” I said, innocently.“You always find a way to get more.”“Let me help.” I said and reached out and one handedly unclipped her bra through her vest.She slipped it off, from under her vest.“Turn and face me, pull your top down tight…” She complied, all the while looking at her top and the stiff nipples she could see through it.“You’re a little turned on then… it’s actually roasting in here.”She dismissed my comments non-verbally with a wave of one hand. I was now sporting a bone that’d scare the dog.“Good girl, Rebecca, good girl… put your hands under that vest and play with those titties for me.”She, wordlessly, did as she was told and was concentrating on what she was doing while beşiktaş escort I slowly wanked.She was still wearing her skirt. She’d gathered it up previously to show me her knickers but it had fallen back to above knee length.“Rebecca, take one hand and slide it inside the waist band of your skirt…”“Fine,” she blurted, “but you stay where you are and keep your hands to yourself.”I gestured, with my other hand, that it was fine, and she should carry on. She did. Her hand slid inside her waistband and then inside her panties. She started concentrating on what she was doing. Playing with her tits and pussy, while I watched and wanked. A minute passed and she’d stopped looking at her top now, she was looking at me. Only standing three feet away and looking at me, then down at my cock. The look in her eye was one of someone performing and not getting any pleasure from what they were doing.“Rebecca, what are you doing?”“Why?”“Gawd, just tell me.”“I’m playing with my tits and pussy and you’re watching, okay?”“Yeah, that’s about right.. are your panties in the way and making it difficult?”“No, they’re not, I can find my way, fine.”“Okay, well, it’ll move things along quickly if you’re not wearing them, ya know, I’ll cum faster.”“Oh, God,” she mumbled and stopped what she was doing, then pulled up her skirt and pulled down her panties. Before she could put them down I took them out of her hand, and before she could say anything, I said, “Go back to what you were doing before.” She did so but looked very disapprovingly at me. Her panties were still warm to the touch and wet….“These panties are wet!” “Have you pissed yourself?”“No, I have not.”“Well how are they wet?!”“Cos I’m playing with my pussy, it gets wet when I do that.” She complained.“Okay, you’re playing with your pussy in front of a man you’re not seeing, what would Trevor say if he found out?“You wouldn’t dare, it’d destroy him, you know his wife cheated.”“I might, unless you’re a very good girl.”“What’s that supposed to mean?”“It means, do as you’re told and he’ll remain in the dark about your very slutty behaviour.”“I should’ve known you’d do this.” She looked upset.“We both know why you’re here you dirty slag, don’t we?” “You’re here cos you’re not getting treated right at home.” “You’re here because you miss being mistreated and you’ve got a good loving man at home…. Slag!”She’d stopped what she was doing.“Look at me, Rebecca.” She scowled at me. “…and don’t give me THAT look, you came here to get treated right but if you want to convince yourself you’re not to blame you go ahead.” “Are you going to take that look off your face?”She didn’t say anything and for a second I thought she’d spit at me.“I said, take that look off your face.” She looked sullen. I reached out and grabbed her hair. A handful on the side of her head. I spun around and propelled her towards the bed. She was bent over the bed now with her face in the covers. I swapped hands and entwined my fingers in to the hair at the base of her skull and pressed her face harder in to the bed. With my other hand I started pulling up her skirt. She was struggling with me and I leaned in and in as menacing tone as I could muster, said, “You’ll be a good girl or I’ll send you home with bruises on your arse that you can’t explain to poor old Trevor.” By now I’d lifted her skirt all the way up. I moved around, letting some pressure off her head and licked my fingers. She had cocked her head to one side and was looking at me with eyes of pure hatred. I began to work my fingers in to her pussy. It’d have been easier if she’d stayed still but she didn’t. I smacked her hard on her arse and she stopped. I could sense her shock and panic. What if I left a mark.“Are you feeling more sensible now?” I said in the most condescending tone I could.“Arsehole.”“You want fingers beylikdüzü escort in there too, do you?”I resumed my exploration of her pussy. It was wetter than a haddock’s handbag. There was a round coffee table in the room. I stood her up straight, still with my fingers in her hair and slapped her face. Not hard enough to bruise or cause serious pain, just enough to let her know I was in charge. I changed my grip and took hold of her throat.“Take off your clothes you dirty slag.. and don’t backchat me or I’ll tear off that vest top and I bet you’ve got nothing else to wear home.” She complied, wordlessly. I watched as she revealed the rest of her body to me. I grabbed roughly at her tits and spun her round to look at her ass. Not bad at all for her age. She glared and said, “Don’t leave any marks.”I stuck my tongue, crudely, in her mouth, then I walked her to the knee height coffee table and got her on it on all fours. “Tell me what you are, Rebecca.”“I’m a dirty slag.” She said in a sing song tone. I make her say it all the time, online.“…and what do dirty slags do, Rebecca?”“They suck cock.”“Good girl.”I moved to her head and put my hard cock in her mouth and started to gently fuck it. As she sorted out her rhythm I reached over her back and put my fingers back in her pussy, then changed it to my thumb. I started to massage her g-spot while rubbing her little clit.“Ooooh, Rebecca, you little slag, I’d forgotten how good you are at that.” “Just so you know, I’m going straight up your arse.” I smiled in advance of her protest.She stopped sucking and tried to look up at me, “No, you’re not.”“I’m gonna smash in your back door and you are gonna keep sucking my cock until I’m ready.” I smacked her ass as I said it and grabbed a handful of hair so I could guide her mouth to my cock. My cock couldn’t get any harder and her arse looked so good in doggy position, even from this angle.“It’s time to get you ready, slag.” I licked my thumb and started to massage her arsehole. I could feel her hesitancy and she stopped sucking my cock.“Keep sucking, slag or I’ll stop loosening you up and just force it.”I could feel her panic and desperation but also that she was fully engaged in what she was doing. I worked my thumb in to her arse and then stopped and squatted in front of her face.“I’m gonna fuck your arse now and you’re going to get what you came for… to be abused and get an arse full of my dirty cum.”“No, I did not! She hissed.I laughed and stood up, briefly waving my hardon in her face. Then I walked around to the back and took position to fuck her. She looked over her shoulder at me, still seething. I smiled a smile of pure joy and started to rub her arsehole with my cock.“Loosen up for me, slag.” I started to push, then slapped her arse. She drew a sharp inward breath. Once I’d gotten the helmet in, I leaned over her back and grabbed a couple of handfuls of hair. I whispered, as close to her ear as I could get, “Play with your pussy slag.”She put one elbow down and reached back to play with her pussy and I started to thrust.“Tell me what you are, Rebecca.”She was panting and grunting, “I’m a dirty slag.”“…and what do dirty slags like?”“Sucking cocks.”“Do they like cum in their dirty little arseholes?”She didn’t answer and I could feel her shame.“Tell me you love it, Rebecca.”She didn’t answer so I pulled her upwards and sunk my cock as far up her arse as I could. My head was close to hers and I was holding her upper body weight up with her hair.“Tell me you love it and tell me what it makes you.”“I love your cock in my arse and it makes me a slag.”“…and what are you going to be so I don’t send you home bruised on your buttocks?”“A good girl.”I lowered her body and fucked her as a****listically as I could until I came in her arse.“Good job slag, I’m gonna wash my cock.” And I went straight to the bathroom.“What about me?” “I haven’t cum.”“Oh, that’s why I’m washing my cock.”“You’re gonna fuck me some more?”“No, but you can suck it while you wank yourself off.” Then I closed the bathroom door and washed my cock.I came back out and Rebecca was completely dressed.“What you doing?” “Get your clothes off, I’m not done with you yet…”

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