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What we Wanted and moreI watched Frank’s long moist cock ram repeatedly into my wife’s willing cunt. I was propped up on my left elbow pulling and tweaking her aroused nipples. She panted and moaned as her head lolled from side to side abandoning herself to her lust. I could not tear my eyes from the vision of his thrusting cock with its cream covered shaft. Gillian’s frothing cunt had coated them both in fuck juice. I ached to lick them clean, to taste, smell, devour her cunt and his cock. I hungered for both. I despised how she revelled in fucking him. I loved how she revelled in fucking him. The familiar admixture or jealousy and desire churned within my mind and testes. I wanted to punch him and I wanted to suck his cock. I wanted to slap my wife for her cuckolding and I wanted to feed more and more cock in her twat, down her throat, up her ass hole.“Do you love it Sarah? Do you love the way he fucks istanbul escort you?” “Mmmm, I can’t get enough of his long thick cock. Fuck me Frank. Fuck me harder. Make me scream. Make me cum.” She wrapped her legs round his waist and lifted her sopping cunt high off the mattress. “Yes, yes, give it to me.” She ground her pussy into his groin taking his prick inside her up to his thick mat of pubic hair. Her wanton acrobatics forced his stiff cock to slip out of her sucking cunt. She whimpered at its loss. I reached down between them and grasped Frank’s trembling prick in my hand. I knelt up and with my free hand splayed Gillian’s cunt lips. I took the opportunity to wank on his splendid cock before inserting it in my wife.A mounted camera filmed the entire fucking and our three naked bodies as we writhed about on the bed. Still, I sprang avcılar escort up to fetch the hand-held camcorder and nosed my way in and behind the fuckers. Frank’s nuts swung and slapped against Gillian’s humping ass. The sloshing and sluicing sounds stiffened my own cock and I ground it into the mattress, thrilled by my darlings filthy demands and her eager fuck hole.“Kiss me Frank. Kiss me while I cum.” I found this intimacy even more intolerable than her fucking his cock. “I love you Frank. I love your cock. I love your hands, your mouth. I need you in my ass. I want you everywhere. I will follow you anywhere. Fill me with your cum. Tommy get up here and stuff your cock in my mouth. I want to suck cock while he cums inside me. Hurry. Hurry.”I scooted around to kneel beside her head, popping my erection into her mouth. Soon Gillian was cumming like a hurricane and Frank kept şirinevler escort his steady long fuck stroke going till she was limp from exhaustion. The pair had been fucking, sucking and fingering each other since Frank first arrived for dinner. No food was consumed. They were too keen to go at each other. Gillian had stared into my eyes throughout her flirtation, her cocksucking and her fucking. We both knew how to play the game and there were but a few things left to do in order to complete our ritual.I sucked Frank’s cock clean and lapped up the mess in Gillian’s cunt. I then fed the lovers. Eventually, Gillian kissed Frank goodbye in the hallway, blatantly running the palm of her hand over his cock. She grinned at me throughout the charade. His headlights swept across the vestibule as he pulled away. Gillian turned and pressed her back against the door. She hung her head and glanced down at her shoes. I stared at her flatly void of emotion. “Get yourself up and onto the bed.” I unbuckled my belt and followed as she scurried up the stairs. “I’m sorry Tommy. I’m sorry.” She called back over her shoulder.“You soon will be I called. Naked and in posititon. Do not disappoint me.” My cock tented out my trousers….

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