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Where there’s a will . . . .Gail looked in the mirror at her naked body. ” not bad for 46 ” she said out loud. Her breasts were slightly droopy but nothing drastic. Her pussy was not shaved but had been trimmed regularly. Her hair was a luscious brown, and thanks to the dye she used, her roots were the same colour. She’d always been proud of her figure and looks, even after her husband left her for a 20 something secretary that worked in his office. Her left hand moved down between her legs and her middle finger stroked her pussy lips. She often played with herself while looking in the mirror, either standing up, or laying on her bed. She imagined it was somebody else’s fingers making her wet. As her finger pushed slowly inside she heard her phone ring. “Shit” she said, walking over to her dressing table and picking it up. It was the will-writing company that she’d contacted a few days ago to make an appointment. Their rep would be over to see her at 2:30 as agreed.At 2:35 the doorbell rang and Gail opened the door to see a tall well dressed woman standing there. Blonde, in her 50s, good figure and a nice two piece suit. “Hi she said, “I’m Jerry Dale, you were expecting me”. ” Oh …… er…… hello…..” halkalı escort Gail said. “I’m er sorry, I just, er…”. ” Let me guess, said the woman “you were expecting a man”. “Yes, I suppose I was” said Gail, come in”. The will writing took just over an hour, and for a lot of that time Gail couldn’t help glancing at the woman’s long legs, gorgeous hair, and attractive face. “Well” she thought to herself “she certainly makes me look plain”. Jerry turned to her and said, “that’s it all done, so, on the questionaire you said you were divorced. So no current man in your life at the moment ?” “No” said Gail, ” no man for lots and lots of moments “. “Do you want one” said Jerry, putting her hand on Gail’s shoulder, “because some people think a woman can be better”. Gail didn’t know how to answer, and before she could think what to say, she felt the other woman’s hand move to the back of her neck and start to caress it. “How does that feel, Gail” said Jerry softly, ” I want you to tell me”. ” er.. er.. nice” Gail replied, her voice shaking a little. After a few minutes of stroking Gail’s neck and hair Jerry noticed taksim escort that Gail’s eyes were closed. ” If you want me to kiss you, all you have to do is ask” she whispered. Gail thought for a second and said “please will you kiss me Jerry”. The older woman leaned forward and smiled, as she saw Gail’s lips slowly part. Their mouths met and Jerry slipped her tongue into Gail’s open mouth. Gail moved her hand behind Jerry’s head and pulled it towards her own, experiencing feelings that she’d not had for years. “Please Jerry” she said, “please let me have more. The older woman slowly moved Gail onto the floor and laid beside her, still kissing her deeply, but with her hand caressing her breast. Gail undid the buttons on her blouse and opened it up so that her lover had better access to her body. Jerry lifted Gail’s bra over her breasts, and moved her fingers onto the nipples, squeezing one and then the other, still with their tongues dancing together.By now Gail’s mind was in turmoil, she’d not done anything like this with another female since her schooldays, but she decided to do something to Jerry and move her hand to the other woman’s breast, squeezing it through şişli escort the blouse. Jerry immediately moved her hand away saying,”not yet darling, just let me do you”. Her hand moved between Gail’s legs, a job made easier, as Gail’s skirt had ridden up almost to her waist. In a matter of seconds she had pulled Gail’s lacy panties off and had her hand between the ever widening legs, and her finger was rubbing a very wet clitoris. Gail was continuously moaning into Jerry’s mouth, as she felt her excitement mounting, and her moans became a long cry of joy as she felt two fingers enter her, closely followed by a third. Her hips started to gyrate up and down, in time with the older woman’s fingers going in and out of her soaking wet hole. Their lips were still clamped together as Gail was tipped over the edge into the most powerful orgasm she could remember. Her cries and screams were lost in the depths of the other woman’s mouth. As she came down from her shuddering climax, and Jerry’s fingers slowly came out of her, their lips parted. Gail felt suddenly alone. “Oh my God” she said, ” Wow……. that was soooooo good. My mouth is going to be sore now “. As she looked on, Jerry stood up, unzipped her skirt to reveal hold up stockings and a red thong. She took the thong off, stood astride Gail’s head, and said, ” not as sore as it will be in about 20 minutes time darling”. As Gail saw the smoothly shaved cunt descending towards her face, she wondered how soon she could phone up and make an appointment to change her will . . . . . . . .

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