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While We Were Away … Chpt. 2The continuing story of a man who got more than he bargained for …This is my first attempt at writing erotica. If you like the story, please take a moment to vote for it or leave a comment, so I can get a sense of whether I should continue it or not. Thanks for reading.For two days after the wife had walked in on Tanya pulling her strap-on out my ass and me with my jizz all over my face, it had been absolute silence in our house – a cold front of epic proportion. I buried myself in my work, even though it was kind of slow for me right now, and tried not to think about the Day of Reckoning that was surely coming.I didn’t think she’d divorce me, after 13 years of marriage, but I couldn’t be sure. The wife is a strong woman; she doesn’t suffer fools kindly, and I had certainly been a fool.On the third day, from my home office up in the attic, I heard the doorbell ring. It was the UPS guy. I signed for the package and shut the door. Walking back into the kitchen, I looked at the mailing label and saw that it was for the wife.That’s strange, I thought … what could this be? I shook the box, but whatever was inside was packed so well that nothing moved. Shit! Is it her birthday? My mind raced … did I miss her fucking birthday?I was all but certain that I hadn’t, but I checked the calendar on my iPhone anyway, just to make sure I was right. I was.I put the box down on the counter and went back upstairs to the office.Truthfully, though, there was not much to do. I’d finished that day’s work for my clients in the morning, so without even really thinking about it, I started reading through the news on the web … at least, that’s what I told myself I’d be doing when I opened the browser.The fact is, within ten minutes, I had one of my favorite porn sites up, my pants around my ankles and my cock firmly in hand.I was watching this beefy blonde with round, curvy hips and stunningly huge tits service four guys. She was standing up, legs apart and bent over at the waist with her skirt hiked up over her massive ass while one of the guys fucked her from behind, with a cock in each of her hands and one in her mouth … Jesus, God and Baby Jesus, she looked good, a magnificent whore … I was utterly hypnotized by the lascivious sway of her jugs as she worked those four hard cocks.Lost in my burgeoning lust, I spit on my hand and jacked my cock with greater urgency, watching this glorious, fat blonde take those four dicks one after the other in each of her holes. As she leered into the camera I could feel my balls tightening in anticipation … yes, yes, fuck yes, I was almost there … when the door opened.It was the wife.Jesus Christ, I thought, can’t catch a fucking break, can I?She took in the scene for a second before asking in her most sarcastic voice – “What the fuck are you doing?”As if she couldn’t tell.“Umm, nothing,” I said. My cock quickly went limp as I stood up and started to button my pants. “What are you doing home this early in the day anyway? Aren’t you supposed to be at the office?”“I left a bit early. I thought we could spend some time together, but it looks like you’re busy,” she said, nodding at my now-flaccid member.What? This, from the woman who caught our housesitter corn-holing me three days ago? I thought she was gonna cut my balls off when she walked in that day and now, all of a sudden, she catches me jacking off when I’m supposed to be working and she says she wants to spend some time together? Nope … something’s up.“What are you watching?” she asked, shooting a look at my monitor, where the plump blonde was anadolu yakası escort now getting double-teamed while the other two guys jacked off. “That,” she said, in a low and husky voice, “looks absolutely filthy.”She stepped forward, pushed me back into the chair and dropped to her knees. Her eyes full of lust, she unbuttoned my pants and took my cock deep into her warm, wonderfully wet mouth.I buried my hands in the thick mane of dirty blonde hair that framed her soft, round face as my cock grew fat and hard in her mouth. It occurred to me, as my wife looked up at me with my dick in her mouth, that she bore more than a faint resemblance to the blonde getting worked over on the screen: she could really fill out a skirtAs the four dudes in the clip began to paint the blonde’s face with jizz, my wife unbuttoned her shirt and pulled her huge tits out of her bra. I grabbed them at the greedily with both hand as she swallowed my cock.After a few minutes, she stood up and said, “Why don’t we take this downstairs to the bedroom where we can get a little more adventurous?”By now, whatever misgivings I might have had about her motivations had vanished. All I could think about was how good it would feel to bury my shaft in her wet pussy and shoot my load on her fat tits – maybe even her face, if she’d let me.She grabbed me by the dick and led me down the stairs to our bedroom.The package I had signed for about an hour ago was open on our bed and next to it, laid out neatly like a surgeon’s tools, were the contents: some leather cuffs, a pair of nipple clamps, a rather realistic-looking dildo of enormous girth, a fresh tube of lube and something I thought looked like a cockring, although it had these two pins protruding from the top … probably to help hold it in a harness, I thought.“Get undressed and get on the bed,” the wife said. “I’ll be right back. I’ve got a surprise for you.”I kicked off my shoes, dropped my pants, doffed my shirt and did as she asked.A few minutes later, she was back. I couldn’t believe my eyes.When she left the room, she had been dressed in the uniform of her downtown, financial-district trade – a conservative, but well-tailored, skirt suit; a white blouse and black pumps. When she returned, she was a different woman.The business suit and sensible shoes were gone. In their place, she was wearing a cupless corset of black leather; fingerless, black lace gloves that extended nearly to her elbow and a pair of shiny, thigh-high boots with four-inch heels.I’m sure I could not conceal the fountain of lust that was building inside me. My cock grew hard enough to cut diamonds just looking at her. Holy shit, this wanton slut – this was my wife?“Like it?” she purred. Her massive, unrestrained tits bobbed seductively as she strode over to the bed in her heels, her thick, meaty nipples hard and erect.“Hell, yes,” I croaked. I couldn’t believe my eyes.“I thought I told you to lay down,” she said, pushing me back on the bed.“Yes ma’am,” I said.“Mistress,” she said firmly, reaching for the cuffs. “From now on, you shall call me Mistress, or you will feel the sting of my crop.”She whacked my stiff cock with the business end of a black riding crop … where the fuck did that come from, I thought, as she closed the cuffs around my wrists and secured them to the bed posts.“Yes, Mistress.”She bent over and took my meat back into her mouth, working up and down my veiny shaft with one well-manicured hand while she squeezed my balls with the other. I groaned with pleasure and strained against ataşehir escort the cuffs.“Don’t you dare cum yet,” she whispered into my ear, her warm breath pushing me even closer to the edge. “I’ve got plans for you.”“Yes, Mistress.”“Let’s try this on for size,” she said, fingering the clear, plastic cockring in front of my face. “What do you think?”“Whatever you say, Mistress.”“Excellent answer,” she said, slapping my rigid cock gently with the back of her hand. I could feel the stone in her wedding ring sc**** the head. “You’re exactly right. Whatever I say. You’d do well not to forget it, either.”I couldn’t tell for sure because I couldn’t crane my neck far enough to see what she was doing down there, but the cockring seemed to be some sort of two-piece mechanism. She placed the ring at the base of my shaft, behind my sac, and fitted the top into place. I heard it snap shut with a soft click.“There,” she said. “All done. How does that feel?”“Fine,” I said.The riding crop stung the tip of my hard-on. The flash of pain was exquisite, but was gone as quickly as it came.“What?” she hissed.“Fine, MISTRESS,” I said, through clenched jaw.“That’s more like it,” she said. “Next time I won’t be so gentle in my correction.”“Yes, Mistress.”She strode around the bed, looking down at me so thoroughly restrained, my erect cock pointing straight up at the ceiling. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her pendulous tits, swaying gently as she moved around our bedroom.She joined me on the bed, sitting back on her haunches in between my legs. As she leaned over to kiss me, I felt her hangers brush over my nipples. I moaned again.“Hmmm, you like that, eh?” she whispered as she licked my ear …“Yes, Mistress, I do,” I whispered.“Well, maybe you’ll like this, too,” she said, reaching for the dildo. “After all, you seemed to like it the other day when Tanya had something similar up your ass.”Tanya. So that’s where this was going, I thought. I looked at the dildo as she licked the tip of it. It was huge compared to the latex cock Tanya had fucked me with, but I knew there was no way I was getting out of this.“Umm, it looks kinda big,” I said.I let out a yelp as she whacked my cock again with her riding crop, this time much harder. Before the stinging pain had ebbed she had my balls in her hand.“What?” she barked, squeezing my sac like she was testing an avocado at the grocery. “What did you say?”“Nothing! Nothing, Mistress!”“That’s better, but let’s get this straight, so to speak, right now,” she said firmly. “If I say this fat cock is going up your ass, it’s going up your ass. You better just pray that I lube it up first, because I forget to order some and I don’t think we have any in the house.”We did, of course, and she knew damn well that we did. I kept the tube that I used to jack off with in the nightstand on my side of the bed. Quickly it dawned on me that I either tell her about it, or she really would shove that thing up my ass with nothing but spit – probably my spit – to grease the way.“I think there’s some in that drawer there,” Mistress, I said, nodding my head at the nightstand.She opened the drawer and held up the lube.“Is this what you use when you jack off thinking about Tanya?” she asked. “You grease up your pathetic cock and beat it like it owes you money, thinking about her sweet, young pussy?”I said nothing.“Well, lucky for you, I think this will work just fine.”She flipped open the tube and poured a steady stream of the viscous, gooey liquid up and down the shaft of the dildo, rubbing it all over the thick, ümraniye escort latex cock. Watching her stroke it and knowing what she meant to do with it, I could feel my pole twitch with anticipation.She didn’t miss my reaction, either.“Looks like you’re looking forward to this … but not as much as I am,” she said, fitting the dildo into her harness. “I am going to fuck you so hard you won’t be able to sit down for a week.”Forcing my legs apart, she pushed the tip of big cock up against my asshole. I closed my eyes, relaxed and felt the head of that massive dick slip past my sphincter, groaning in ecstasy as she shoved the rest of her thick toy into me as hard as she could.She started a slow and steady rhythm, burying her cock in my ass up to the balls with each thrust. Without even realizing it, I began pushing back against her, taking as much of it in my hole as I could. Jesus Christ, it felt good to have her cock up my ass.My hard-on bounced with each thrust of her dick, slapping against my belly each time she pushed her fat, greasy cock up my ass.I opened my eyes to watch her tits bounce as she fucked me. God, she has amazing tits, I thought, and the look in her eye as she worked her cock was like nothing I’d ever seen from her before: a mixture of pure sexual abandon and the growing realization that I was absolutely helpless in front of her, quite literally at this moment a slave to her desire.Thrusting hard, she pushed the dildo in to the hilt and pinched both my nipples. Twisting them in her nimble fingers, she started fucking my ass again, pulling the cock in and out, harder and faster now, drilling my ass with her greased-up tool.I groaned again.“Yeah, you like that, don’t you?” she said as she drove her cock up my ass again and again. “You’re a little fucking slut, aren’t you? But I guess I knew that when I saw Tanya fucking you in the ass, didn’t I. Well, you’re my bitch now. You’ve always been my bitch and you always will be my bitch. Your ass is mine. Not hers. Mine.”She reached down and took my aching cock in her hand. That was enough to set me off. I spurted jet after jet of hot jizz all over my stomach.She pulled her cock from my ass.“I told you not to come,” she said firmly. “Now we’ll have to clean this up.”She gathered my cum in her hand, leaned in and wiped it all over my face, making sure that a lot of my hot, salty load went into my mouth.“There,” she said, pulling her fingers from my mouth, as my spent cock went limp.“Now we can add the last piece to that new cock ring of yours. “Have you seen this?” she said, laughing and holding up what looked like a clear, plastic, cock-shaped sleeve.“What the fuck is that?” I asked nervously, although I knew good and well exactly what it was.“This,” my wife said, “is how I’m going to make sure you don’t pull anything like what you did a couple of days ago ever again – unless you either have my permission or I’m in on it. You think I was k**ding just now when I said your ass is mine? I wasn’t. And so is your cock. It’s mine … and by the way, I hope you enjoyed that orgasm you had just now, because it’s the last one you’re going to have for quite a while, unless I say so.”And with that, she slipped the plastic sleeve over my cock, fit it over the pins and produced a tiny lock and key from inside her bra.The lock clicked shut and my wife put the key around her neck, where it rested in the valley between her luscious breasts, suspended from the fine gold chain I’d bought her as a gift on the birth of our third – and final – c***d.It dawned on me that my cock was now safely locked away in some sort of male chastity device – and she had the only key.“I, on the other hand, am going to use you as my own personal sex toy,” she said, moving up from between my legs to position her hot, wet pussy over my face. “Now, eat my cunt, bitch. Fucking you up the ass made me horny.”I did as she said.To be continued …

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