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Younger for OlderI had been fantasizing about older men for a long, long time but couldn’t seem to summon the courage to just go ahead and do something about! I considered myself mostly straight, but with a fetish for older (55+) white men. At the time I was only 26, and even to this day I would not want my friends and family to know, so that explains my hesitancy in taking that first step in fulfilling these sexual fantasies. One day while surfing the internet for porn, I stumbled upon a website that catered exclusively to my particular tastes. This site’s mission was to connect older men with boys like myself who desired them. I decided to take the plunge and made a profile describing my wish to be seduced by an older man and attached a cock pic to boost my chances of getting a response. I remember how excited I was taking those pictures in the bathroom, trying to pose my cock in such a way that made it look like a piece of meat art! My heart was thumping as I uploaded it from my camera to my profile.This site has a chatroom feature where “sons” and “daddies” can get talking. It was here that I met John. He was in his mid sixties and was just what I was looking for: a top oriented guy, masculine like myself and experienced in teaching younger men. I got to trusting him and finally we cammed. He was just as handsome as his picture suggested and he flattered me greatly telling me how good looking I am.It took a number of online sessions where we just chatted and cammed with each other before I agreed to meet him. I was so nervous leaving my flat and taking the subway over. When I arrived at his station and walked up from the platform, he was there at the entrance leaning against the wall reading the paper. As I approached him a wide smile crossed his face which I was happy to return. We shook hands as agreed and started walking back to his place, making idle chitchat along the way. It only took a couple of minutes to get to his front door and he ushered me inside. I took off my shoes and he lead me in to the living room and we sat down on the sofa. John spoke in gentle tones, reassuring me that everything was alright. He started his seduction by taking my left hand in both of his, massaging my palm and kurtköy escort stroking the back. I leaned in towards him with my head back and chin up. He planted a kiss right on my lips! I could feel his mustache tickling my upper lip as he opened his mouth and his tongue found mine. Our tongues passionately wrestled each other for a while as John’s hand went exploring up my thigh. As his hand got up to near the hip, he gave me a strong squeeze that sent blood racing back up my leg and straight to the tip of my dick! I let out an excited gasp as I thought he was about to make me cum right there in my pants. He realized that I was ready for more. John stood up and took my hand to lead me to his room where we continued to kiss at the foot of his bed. My body was pressed hard up against his as I was grinding my erection against his crotch, trying to find relief through my jeans. I started unbuttoning his shirt as he undid my belt, opened my jeans and pulled them to the floor. I had put on a sexy pair of grey boxer briefs for just this moment. I took a step back and pulled my hoodie over my head and stepped out of my jeans and pulled off my socks. John didn’t take his eyes off me the whole time.While I had his full and undivided attention, I teased him a little by slowly sliding my thumbs underneath the elastic band of my underwear and inching them down until finally my dick popped right out! The look on John’s face was one of pure lust as I stood there in front of him completely naked, offering up my young body to this old aged pensioner. He closed the distance between us and our lips and tongues found each other once more. My hands were busy stripping John of his clothes and our naked bodies were now skin against skin. We laid down on the bed together, mutually masturbating each other. My cock is very, very hard in the shaft with a big bulbous head standing straight up with a curve, about 6.5″ in length. John’s was an uncut specimen, thick and juicy. I noticed he had shaved himself for the occasion whereas I had not. We would kiss and then break to make eye contact and smile at each other while stroking the other’s cock. John asked me politely if I would take him in my mouth. I nodded maltepe escort my head and with that he let go of my penis and I worked my way down his body, smothering it wish kissed. John was lying flat on his back with his head propped up on two pillows. His stomach was quite large and round…a typical old guy belly and I found it very sexy. I knelt between is outstretched legs, one hand on his thigh, the other gripping the base of his penis pointing it straight up towards my face. I looked at him and then I looked down at the first cock I would ever suck. I hesitated a moment. I was feeling scared, but at the same time, hugely aroused. I licked my lips, pulled his foreskin down and took John’s cock into my mouth.He let slip a huge long sigh when I closed my lips around his shaft about halfway down his 7inch member and let my tongue try to swirl around it. I was trying to recreate what a couple of girls had done to me on occasion in the past and what I had seen in porn as my cocksucking skills were at this point non-existent. I paid particular attention to the head, licked up and down his shaft, and tried to get it all the way into my mouth. I think I got about three quarters of the way there, but my gag reflex wouldn’t let me go further. John put his hands on my head and ran his fingers through my hair, whispering encouragement the entire time.He pulled me by my armpits back up towards him and put me on my back. He repositioned himself on top of me, aggressively tongue kissing my mouth and giving me love bites down my neck as he took my penis in his hands once again. I hadn’t lost even the slightest bit of my hard-on this entire time. John was getting close to making me cum with his forceful kisses and handjob to match, but as I was approaching climax he would back off just in time. I was going absolutely wild, just dying inside in shoot my load. John swung his leg over my body, straddling my chest with the palms of his hands pressed firmly against the wall. I knew exactly what he wanted so I opened wide as he pushed his hips forward and his cock slid into my waiting mouth. I closed my lips around the shaft and he started to slowly fuck my face. My arms were pinned under kartal escort his legs and I felt so vulnerable, especially when he drove his dick deep and caused me to gag on his cock. This only happened the one time as we had discussed where we would draw the line earlier. To be honest though, I was really liking it and I think it was at this point when I was the most aroused.With my lips still around the head of his cock, he leaned over to the bedside table and pulled out a bottle of lube. I had told him I wasn’t interested in anal so I gave him an inquisitive look. He explained that he had a particular liking for fucking thighs. Since this didn’t involve my asshole, I was happy to oblige him. He told me to hold out my hands, which I did, and he poured a healthy dollop of lube into them. He put the bottle back in the drawer and stood over me as I slathered the lube all over his cock. He took my ankles in his hands and crossed them one over the other and brought my legs up against his body as he knelt down at my bum. I was told to flex my thighs and keep them tightly together. With a delightful push, John began to fuck my legs. In time with the rhythm of his thrusts, he would stroke my cock in time. This old geezer was really getting into it now. He pumped and pumped faster and didn’t even notice when I shot a gigantic load all over my chest and stomach and still continued to pump away. His eyes were tightly closed and his beautiful wrinkled face was all crunched up in concentration as with one last effort his cock stuck through my thighs, my knees pressed up against my chest, and he shot his load onto my body and neck before collapsing on top of me.He began to cover my face with kisses, thanking me between exhausted breaths. He used his finger to wipe his cum off my neck and rub it into the skin on my stomach. We kept on kissing, but slower and more gentle at this point as our collective cum began to cool and stick to our skin. After a few minutes of spooning together he got up and went to the bathroom for a wetted wash cloth. On his return he wiped me down, including particular attention for my pubic region. We smiled at each other and exchanged pecking kisses. It was getting late into the afternoon and dark outside so I began to dress myself and he followed all my movements with satisfied eyes. As I left I gave him a nice kiss of thanks and was on my way. I just want to say again, thank you John for a lovely afternoon. I will never forget you.xhamster name: jaywoolf

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